Best Snake Boots 2020 Reviews

Always wear at least shoes when in venomous snake territory, preferably leather boots, and more preferably snake boots.

The Best Snake boots are a very effective way to protect a person’s lower legs from the danger of snake bite.  While most leather boots will effectively stop fang penetration from most snakes, snake boots usually offer more protection in that they consist of puncture proof fabric and extend far higher up the leg than the average boot; just below the knee in most cases.

There are many manufactures of snake boots that produce different styles for different activities.  The key is to find the snake proof shoes  for your own situation. Here we will discuss the best snake boots for several different activities.


Snake Boots : Are They Necessary?

Are serpent Boots worth the hassle? We could have used some very gruesome photos.

This is a question that only you can answer.  Fact is that in the USA alone, 47 out of 50 states are home to venomous snakes.  The same ratio stands true for the rest of the world; most parts of the earth are home to some type of venomous snake with Antarctica being the only snake free continent on the planet. Some areas such as Australia, Africa, and parts of Asia are home to a plethora of the most dangerous snakes in the world, with several deadly species’ habitat overlapping and many living within close proximity of humans.

So, venomous snakes are almost everywhere and most can inflict not only an incredibly painful bite, but also possibly life changing or even fatal. A high percentage of snake bites occur on the lower half of the leg, so if you are at risk of snake bite and would like the safety and peace of mind of snake protective clothing, then snake boots are the best place to start.

Best Snake Boots for Hiking:

Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots

While hiking, a person is very vulnerable to snake bites.  The more ground covered, the higher the likely hood of a venomous snake encounter.  Trails are often very narrow or overgrown, putting your legs right where they are vulnerable to snake bites.  Hiking is also very strenuous on the legs and feet , so a high quality, good fitting boot is needed.  There are several snake boot companies that make lace up, comfortable, walking style boots.  Be sure they fit snug and are somewhat light weight, as even the best snake boots are likely to get warm.

Your Best Bet for snake proof hiking boots is undoubtedly Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots.  They are 18″ high, extremely comfortable, and very effective in stopping snake fangs.

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Danner Pronghorn Snake Proof Boots  


Best Snake Boots for Casual Wear:

Chippewa Snake Boots:

Snake boots can be bought in just about any style.  Among the most popular is the western style boots that extent up to the knee.  Most of these stylish snake boots are made of high quality leather and will be rather expensive, but they are very effective, comfortable, and look very nice.Chippewa Snake Boots

Your best bet at the most comfortable, nice looking snakes boots, you should take a look at any of the boots made by Chippewa.  These are the most popular best snake boots that you will seen worn in any of the rattlesnake round ups in the southern US.  This is  because they effective, built extremely well and comfortable, and are very stylish.

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Chippewa Snake Boots


Best Snake Boots for Yard Work:

For gardening and other hand work around the yard, you might want to think about Snake Gloves. Click on this picture to go to our Snake Glove page.

If you are outdoors, there is a good possibility you are running the risk of getting snake bit.  Add being outdoors with yard work or other activities outside of the house, and you chances of getting bit increase by a lot.  In fact, yards and close to homes are often where a good amount of snake bites occur as snakes are sometimes drawn to human establishments as this is often where food and cover can be found.

For these reasons, snake protective clothing, such as snake boots, are often worn.  The best snake boots for doing yard work and other activities around the house are the ones that you are most likely to wear.  The problem with most snake boots is that many of them take a long time to get on and off.  This may cause someone to neglect the need for them, thus they put on shoes and leave the snake boots behind.

So, for around the house, it is suggested to go with a very comfortable pair of snake boots that are easy to get on.  If you plan on getting quite physical, then you might want to consider lace ups that are harder to put on, but will offer more support.

To buy the best snake boots for yard work, check out the boots in the other section and decide which will be best for your situation


Best Snake Boots for Hunting:

There are many different types of hunting that a person can do; therefore you must decide on the best snake boot for your situation.

While hunting, venomous snakes are encountered often.  That is why there are many boots to choose from that can be the best snake boots for hunting.  There are also several different methods of hunting, so hunting snake boots will vary depending on the area, the animal being hunted, and the level of activity that is expected throughout the day.

Hunting on Foot:

For hunts that require a lot of hiking, you will benefit mostly from a full lace up boot much like the best snake boots for hiking described earlier in this article, the Danner Pronghorn Snake Boot.
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Danner Pronghorn Snake Proof Boots @

Tree Stand Hunting:

If you are planning on hunting out of a tree stand and scent control Woody Armor Premium Hunting Bootis an issue, then rubber snake proof boots may be your best bet.  Muck Boots make the Woody Armor Premium Hunting Boot, which is 17 inches tall and puncture proof.
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Blind Hunting:

If you are planning on hunting out of a blind, then the comfortable slip on western style snake boots or the muck boots will be your best bet.  It really depends on your style and what else you plan to use snake boots for.

Best Overall Snake Boots:

Do not be this guy! Be sure to wear some type of snake protective clothing.

Snake boots are only effective if they are on when they are needed.  Any of the boots mentioned above will offer snake fang protection below the knee, but the best snake boots for you will be determined by your own needs and situation.  The best spot to begin your search for the best snake boots is here:  There you will also be able to check out other snake protective clothing such as snake gaiters, which might be a better option for what you need snake protection for.