How to Dry Shoes Overnight: 7 Easy Hacks That Work.

How to dry shoes overnight is a common question asked by many. No one can deny that wearing wet shoes is unpleasant. Just the thought of it disgusts you, doesn’t it? While stepping in a muddy puddle or rain maybe a nightmare to you, wetness in the shoes may cause some adverse effects. The effects ranges from getting blisters to getting bacteria in and outside the shoes.

Some people own a few pairs of shoes which prompts them to use them day after day. If you are such a person, then you need to clean your shoes quite often. You may rest easy knowing that there are fast ways of drying your shoes without damage as you are going to find out below.

7 Home Hacks To Quickly Dry Shoes

  1. Use a fan;

It is easy and does not use heat. Use a large fan that is steady enough to hold shoes.

  • First remove the inner soles from the shoes.
  • Next take two hooks that can hold shoes or make them using a wire.
  • Then you loosen and hook the shoes in front of the fan.
  • Finally, you air dry them until they dry to your liking.
  1. Use towels or clothes;

The fluffier and softer the material is, the faster the results as it soaks in more moisture. This is simple and good solution for sensitive materials. It is also cost free.

  • Untie the laces and loosen the shoes.
  • Stuff in your towel or cloths in the shoes and fasten the laces
  • Put the shoes against the wall and let it dry.
  1. Use paper;

Using newspaper is a hack that has been around for a long time. This is a good way to declutter your home of paper. It is gentle and reduces shrinkage risks. It also absorbs odor.

  • You untie the laces and loosen the shoes.
  • Crumple up several papers into balls and stuff them inside the shoes until full.
  • Wrap more papers around the shoes.
  • Use a rubber or a string to secure papers.
  • Put the shoes in a dry open space.
  • Replace the paper every now and then when soggy.
  1. Use a shoe dryer;

This is a specialized tool for drying footwear of all sizes. Although it needs power source to work, it is a fast and easy way to dry shoes. It also deodorizes shoes and removes bad smells. However, it is not advisable to use it often as it can easily destroy footwear.

  • First, take out the shoe laces and insoles completely.
  • Next, place the shoes on the drying tubes and ensure the heels of the shoes are lower than the toes for them to dry to dry shoes
  • Leave a space of 6 inches between the shoes and the base.
  • Lastly, plug in your dryer and let it work as instructed.
  1. Use rice;

Apart from being a common food, rice has some other practical applications. Even though rice is a good drying agent that inhibits growth of bacteria and removes odors, it is not a fast way to dry shoes. Still, it can be used to remove moisture from shoes and dry them through the following steps.

  • Find a box big enough for your shoes and fill it with rice.
  • Put your shoes on top of the rice and then tightly close the box and leave it until dry.
  • Clean the shoes from rice residue if there is any.
  • In another rice method, you put rice in a pair of socks and tie with a rubber.
  • Remove the insoles and place the rice socks inside the wet shoes.
  • Leave it for hours depending on the wetness of the shoes.
  1. Use your refrigerator;

Although warm air from refrigerator may damage leather shoes, you can use the technique for shoes made from cloth materials and canvas. You can use its vent on the outside to dry your shoes as it blows out dry and warm air during the cooling process. The fan works by drawing out the moisture from your shoes. The steps involved are as follows.

  • Remove the laces and the insoles of the shoes (if any).
  • Place your shoes in front of the vent depending whether the vent is in front or at the back of the refrigerator, with the opening facing the vent fan.
  • Let them to dry as long as needed.
  1. Get a cloth-dryer;

This method needs little effort and saves you time. Though it proves to be the fastest way to dry shoes, you should consider other options when it comes to drying leather shoes or shoes with gel core inserts. This is because it is not suitable for all types of shoes as it can result in damaged shoes. This hack involves the following steps.

  • Check the shoes label if its dryer safe to avoid damaging shoes.
  • loosen the laces to allow the shoes dry properly.
  • Use the laces to tie the shoes together.
  • Hang the shoes against the dryer door from inside with laces hanging outside and close the door.
  • Turn on the dryer and set on low heat to avoid damage on the shoes. Leave it for a full cycle until dry.

Final thought;

Even though all the methods answer the question on how to dry shoes overnight, they all have their cons and pros. It therefore upon you to gauge and decide on your best option by considering various factors such as the shoe material, cost, time, convenience effectiveness, level of wetness of the shoes, shrinkage risk and heat amount to be used.

It is easy to destroy your foot wear through simple mistakes that you did not see coming. As a precaution, avoid direct sources of heat. These include heaters, stoves which can melt the glue holding your shoes hence destroying them. The most common way through which people destroy their shoes is by leaving them near the campfires.

Another mistake is drying dirty shoes or boots. You may not realize a great deal about it but cleaning your shoes before drying means a lot. Dirt and mud can leave a permanent stain if the shoes are dried without cleaning first. Dirt can also destroy your dryer.

Lastly, avoid keeping your shoes outside in extreme cold or in areas with no heat. it is important to keep shoes at a room temperature in an open space.