Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17’ Hunting Boot Review

While as walking outdoors gives you a therapeutic treatment, it is important to ensure that you are safe especially when strolling in snake prone areas. Anytime you think of strolling in the forest or bushy areas it is advisable to arm yourself with protective boots that will keep you safe.

The Irish Setter Men’s hunting boot is a perfect fit for you. It is made using the latest RPM technology that gives it a light weight to help you walk easily not to mention that it is made of a 17 inch full grain waterproof leather. With this boot you get ultimate durability as it is made to endure tough terrains and give maximum comfort at the same time.

Many people dislike high boots because of the odor that comes from their feet once they wear them. This has been taken care of by this boot through ScentBan that kills all the bacteria that causes odors. The Irish setter comes with a moisture management lining that rhymes with the waterproof components to ensure that your feet remain dry at all times.

With this boot you are safe from all fang threats, thorns and your feet remain dry. Buy this light protective boot and enjoy your strolls and hunting outings. Enjoy maximum flexibility even as you squat through your nature walks.

Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17’ Hunting Boot Review

 Judging from most reviews online Irish setter men’s 2875 vaprtrek waterproof 17” hunting boots takes the lead on the best snake proof boots with some pretty awesome snake proof hunting boots I committed my time to accumulating reviews in order to ensure that if you ever have to get a pair of the snake proof boots, you will pick something that is worth it both quality and quantity. This product keeps you protected if hunting is your calling.


    1. It is super light and you can walk with them all day in case you decide to prolong the period of wearing it.
    2. This boots are very dry, you can hike all day or ramble in a swamp and come out with dry socks.
    3. They have a great fitting, they are also well made with perfect interior which makes it more comfortable when they are on. I can bet you they are more comfortable than my normal outgoing boots. They are also warm.
    4. Top quality.  They are wrapped with leather around the leg, with good quality mesh…you can walk around and feel safe because nothing can get in through this boots, this boots are of best quality and are worth every penny you use.
  1. If your budget is somehow tight but you would still consider good quality… then I would recommend this product.



  1. Lace up. It is much more of labor when removing them than putting them on.
  2. They are not a great insulator and sometime it allows heat but it is definitely a windproof.


Bottom line

The positive feedback irish setter men’s vaprtrek waterproof 17” exceed the negative reviews, this goes to show that the product is of quality and it is reliable in case of protection while on outdoor activities.



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