Best Snake Boots For Hot Weather

Did you know that according to W.H.O though the exact number of snake bites is unknown, an estimated 5.4 million people are bitten each year with up to 2.7 million envenomings? Around 81 000 to 138 000 people lose their lives every year from snake bites, and more than three times as many amputations and other permanent disabilities are caused by snakebites annually.

Why should you be part of these statistics when it’s possible not to? If you are engaged in an occupation such as hiking, climbing, and hunting where you are most likely to encounter venomous snakes. It will be prudent to invest in a pair of snake boots.

Now, these are the Best Snake Boots For Hot Weather in The Market Today;

  1. Lacrosse Men’s Venom 18″ Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot

  2. Muck boot’s Pursuit  – snake proof hunting boot

  3. Rocky Men’s Lynx – Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot

  4. Lacrosse Men’s 4X  – Alpha Snake Boot-M Best Seller

  5. Guide Gear Men’s  – Leather Waterproof Side-Zip Snake Boots

  6. Chippewa Men’s 17″  – Waterproof Pull On 25110 Snake Boot


The boots will secure your leg from being penetrated by fangs of an aggressive venomous snake. They will also protect you from getting injuries that arise from walking in rough terrain.

Some snakes camouflage and hide in plain sight. You won’t even notice that you were walking through a potentially dangerous area until the snake bites you, and pump venom into your system. Some snakes have such potent venom that will eat away your muscles as you watch.

Fortunately there exist many brands of snake proof boots in the market. All ready to serve your needs. It’s not easy to select which best suits you. However, we have simplified that task for you. We have reviewed 5 of the best snake proof boots for you. Here is our shortlist;

5 Best Snake Boots For Hot Weather

Lacrosse Men’s Venom 18″ Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot

Lacrosse Men’s Venom 18″ is a good, comfortable and durable snake boot. This boot is a full 18 inches giving you full coverage from the calf to the bottom of the knee. This high-quality boot from Lacrosse is made of leather and 1000 Denier nylon making it durable and easy to maintain.

This boot applies dry scent technology. An invention of Lacrosse. It’s a lining that wraps the entire boot, making it 100% waterproof. It also keeps the boot free of odors and bacteria and therefore snake can’t detect your presence by the smell of your feet sweat.


Another interesting feature of these boots is the utilization of Realtree Edge. They have warm grays and browns that allows you to blend perfectly with your hunting environment. Offering camouflage


With Lacrosse Men’s Venom 18″ you don’t walk around feeling like you might encounter a venomous snake. They have an inbuilt full 360-degree snake guard protection. It sandwiched between the nylon upper and the leather.

They also feature Low Country Outersole. This allows quiet, quick and sure movement through snake country


Lacrosse Men’s Venom 18″ has aside zipper. To allow easy and swift wearing and removal of these boots.


Finally, Lacrosse Men’s Venom 18” has Replaceable insoles. You can upgrade to the one that precisely fits your liking. Lacrosse makes the LaCrosse flex shield insoles from which you can have your pick.


  • High-quality materials
  • Replaceable insoles
  • Side Zipper
  • Extremely comfortable




  • Expensive
  • After some time they break-in. The leather wears out


Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot-M

Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot is designed to withstand rough and unfriendly terrains. They have high performance. Keeping you safe from the crawling reptiles.


They feature Fiberglass shanks that are rigid and do not conduct heat. They also have polyurethane removable footbeds that are flexible and durable.

With Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boots you don’t fear walking in the bush. They are equipped with 360° Snake Guard which flexible, safe and comfortable. Giving your feet complete snake protection.


4X Alpha Utilizes proven Alpha construction which combines hand-laid premium rubber with insulating neoprene. This makes the boots waterproof, durable and comfortable.

With Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha there is no worry about slippage during hunting they have a back gusset and a strap that is adjustable to fit comfortably around your calf.

They also have Shin guards as an additional protection feature and enhancing durability

Lacrosse Men’s 4X Alpha Snake Boot is designed with all aspects of a hunting environment in mind. Everything is well thought out. To keep your heels in place and avoid heel spillage. It has a Contoured Ankle-Fit design to take care of that.

Another interesting feature is Quad Core® technology which places four cushion layers under your feet for maximum comfort. This allows to you walk many miles with reduced foot fatigue.

They also feature self-cleaning 4XBurly outsole which will help you walk through mud, snow and lose terrain with ease


  •  Waterproof
  • Gives complete snake protection
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • They are durable


  • Uncomfortable
  • expensive


Muck boot’s Pursuit snake proof hunting boot

If you are an avid hunter, these are your types of boots. Muck Boot is a top brand and you can be sure it will deliver 100% protection. While hunting outdoors; it comes with so many invisible riks. Dangers lurking in the bush that can ruin your hunting trip, and life. The good news is that you can take precautions by using this hunting boot.

To begin with, these boots are fitted with snake resistant rubber material that has been puncture tested. With live 12+ diamondback rattlesnakes. They have been found credible and will keep you safe as you do outdoor hunting. The lower parts of your legs are fully protected from any snake bite.

Another important feature is the anti-friction sock lining. This prevents feet sore when going for long hikes in warm weather. They absorb impact shock effectively and keep your feet comfortable. This would be very favorable for you if using the boots more often.

They also have a rubber sole which gives your feet a firm grip while walking through the dry land or even mud

For your convenience muck boots come with the XpressCool fabric lining. This quickly evaporates sweat from your feet keeping you dry.


Full rubber construction ensures that muck boots are 100% waterproof. You have no worries while crossing rivers or pools of water during outdoor hunting

To cream it up, the manufacturer was also aesthetic conscious. The boots have a beautiful camouflage that makes them very ideal for deer or turkey hunting


  • 4 mm internal neoprene
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rubber upper
  • Padded insole
  • Antimicrobial lining


  • Doesn’t Come in half sizes
  • The color wears with time



Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot

Rocky has been producing work boots since 1932 with quality being their main focus. Their boots have been popular among ranchers, hunters, and outdoor adventurers. Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot is made of high-quality material to keep its users safe from the damage that can come with a snake bite.

They are made with safety and comfort in mind. Here some of its important features.

Rocky boots have a Cordura snake-proof upper. This is for your protection in deep waters. It also increases the durability of the boot for a lasting wear

You can easily wear or remove this boot from your feet, as they have a side zipper for this purpose

The manufacture had a well thought out plan on where your foot will be resting. These boots have Terra Suspension PU cushioning to offer maximum comfort at the footbed and absorbing shock.


With Rocky boots, you can comfortably walk through swamps or marshes during your hunting expeditions. They have been constructed with materials such as Thinsulate, Gore-Tex, and Polartec that repel water and offer high-performance insulation.

Another feature is the All-terrain Lynx outsole. This allows you to comfortably tackle rugged outdoor surfaces


  • Snake proof boot.
  • Made of Gore-Tex, Thinsulate, and Polartec.
  • Waterproof and insulated.
  • Easy pull-out laces.


  • Unsuitable for people with narrow feet.
  • Rubs on the ankle


Guide Gear Men’s Leather Waterproof Side-Zip Snake Boots

Guide Gear Men’s Leather Waterproof Side-Zip Snake Boots are a comfortable pair designed to keep you safe from the legless reptiles or any other creature that will be so happy to bite your feet. This boot will allow you to trek the extra mile in all kind of terrains. Let’s have look at some of its key features.

These boots have been constructed with rugged buffalo leather and 900-denier nylon for durability and strength

To offer protection from aggressive venomous snakes these boots have been fitted with a snake guard fabric. Therefore you can hunt with a peace of mind.

With these snake boots, you will not think twice when wading through a wet area during your hunting trip. They are 100% waterproof, the drying lining in them assures you 100% dryness.

They are also not insulated so that you can remain comfortable when the weather gets hot. They are also fitted with interior mesh lining to absorb away the sweat from your feet. This does better than ordinary cotton.

Wearing and removal of these boots from your feet is such a stress-free affair. They have YKK® side zipper for easy on/off

If you decide to walk many miles in search of your prey. These boots have Removable cushion insole to pamper your feet with comfort. Absorbing all the shock.



  • Snake proof boot.
  • They have YKK® side zipper for easy on/off
  • Waterproof.
  • They are durable.


  • They rub and hurt the outside of the ankle.
  • The zipper easily breaks off

Benefits of snake proof boots

Warmth on feet and legs

Apart from protecting you from aggressive venomous snakes. Snake proof boots have been constructed with multiple materials that will keep you warm even during winter. They also don’t allow water in an keep your feet warm and dry


Maximum Protection

Once you are out in the wild you are not just sure of what you will encounter. Apart from snakes there other dangerous creatures that will also be as happy to bite your feet. If you have invested in high-quality snake proof boots. There is no worry about what you will step on. You are certain to return with your feet intact.

Strength and Coziness

Besides protecting you from snake bites. Snake proof boots, as compared to any other type of boots would be more appropriate to walk within a rough terrain. They keep you comfortable even when walking through prickly thorns or slippery slopes. They have a very firm grip on all type of terrains

They Are Impenetrable

When heading out to the wild or spending prolonged time in an area infested with snakes. You will need protection from these legless animals. Here is where snake-proof boots come in handy. You will require some good quality snake proof boots to prevent snakes from sinking their fangs into your flesh. Standard leather boots are not good enough for they can easily be penetrated.

The material used in the manufacturing of Snake proof boots are heavy and impenetrable by the fangs.

Reduces Your Financial Risk

Snakebite treatments can cost as much as $20,000 for the whole session. A good of snake proof boots cost about $100 to $200.Therefore investing in snake-proof boots can save you such an expensive treatment bill in case of a snake bite.

They Are Waterproof

The materials that are used to make snake boots resistant to water. This is in contrast to regular boots that cant withstand a wet environment. With snake-proof boots, you have unrestricted movement across all terrains.

Having unlimited freedom to move through the wild is only you can make the most of your adventure. With no worry of water seeping into your feet or your boots tearing up.


They Are Free of Scents

This is a feature that is unique to snake-proof boots only. The technology used ensures that these boots are free of scent. Snakes use smell to detect the presence of an intruder or prey. With these boots, you can enhance your camouflage

They Have Good Breathability

Another advantage of snake proof boots is that they are breathable. They don’t trap and accumulate sweat which results in bad smell.

These boots keep you comfortable even if you are going to wear them for long in a warm environment


With all the features you might assume these boots are very heavy-but they are not. They might be lighter than some regular leather work boots. Designing them the manufactures ensures that ‘light’ and ‘strong’ appear in the same sentence. In case of danger, you can swiftly run in these boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy are snake boots?

They are heavy than traditional hiking boots. The snake-proof aspect is the one that makes these boots heavier. They use significantly weighty materials. For instance, those that are a combination of rubber and leather are quite heavy.

After you purchase your pair of snake proof boots. Walk around with the boots in familiar territory. So that you can get used to walking in the boots. This also the opportunity to break the boot so that it doesn’t hurt when you start walking in the wild.

Do snake boots repel Venom?

Venomous snakes inject their poisonous toxins through their fangs. In case you are bitten there is a possibility that some venom will be left behind. If your boots have waterproofing treat men the venom will just slide off.

In case your boots do not have waterproofing ability, the venom might be soaked in. However, worry not. Venom doesn’t harm human skin. It only reacts with the body when it enters your body. In case you have an open wound on your foot ensure you seek medical attention.

When Should Proof Boots be worn?

Snake proof boots should be worn whenever you are visiting an area that is infested with snakes. Bites can occur anywhere. Serpents have been known to attack people during hikes, in their backyards and around lakes.

Snakes attack whenever they feel threatened. Sometimes it is hard to see them due to their camouflage. They also prefer hiding that you least expect, and moving around tall grass, around rocks, and beneath fallen leaves.

 Are Snake Proof Boots for snakes infested environments with only?

These boots are quite versatile. You can use them in many environments that are hazardous to your feet. If you will be working outdoors, you can choose to wear these boots. They will offer protection when you walk through rough terrain with objects such as sharp rocks.

Are snake-proof boots 100% perfect?

Nothing man-made is perfect. Even the biggest brands have weak spots. The most vulnerable parts are the seams or zippers. Boots with zips have thinner fabrics around the teeth. However, these areas are considerably small. It’s very unlikely that snakes will bite you through this spot.


What is the difference between snake-proof boots and Standard Leather Boots?

Most of the materials used to manufacture snake proof boots are the same ones used to make traditional work boots. You might be misled to believe that the safety level is the same, but when you have them both side by side. You will notice the difference. The material used on snake proof boots is much thicker and impenetrable by fangs. On the other hand, the leather used on work boots is quite thinner and a snake can penetrate it if it bites hard enough.

Will you feel the impact of the strike when a snake tries to bite you?

This will depend on the strength and size of the snake. You might feel some impact through the material of the snake-proof boots. However, a strong snake might leave with a slight tenderness or a small bruise. Although the fangs will not reach your feet.

Why do most Snake Proof Boots make of Multiple Materials?

This is to make the boots flexible and easy to walk with for long treks. Using one thick material might be cumbersome and uncomfortable.


Bottom Line

Having reviewed all the 5 shortlisted boots, it’s now your turn to settle the one that best suits your feet-and pocket. The bottom line remains that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Snake bites would have far-reaching ramifications on both your health and finances. As you choose to ensure to pick a boot that is both snake and waterproof.

Also, pick a snake-proof shoe that you can take a long trek and still be comfortable in them. Pick a boot that is made of the most durable material. That’s the only way you will feel your money was respected.

From our review Lacrosse Men’s Venom 18″ Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot  was the clear winner. It is built with the latest technology. Lacrosse utilized both dry scent technology and therefore a snake cannot track or detect you by the smell of your sweat. They also utilize Realtree Edge so that you blend with your environment.

These two features offer a perfect camouflage for and you can freely roam in the wild without detection


If you are on budget Guide Gear Men’s Leather Waterproof Side-Zip Snake Boots  will be a good pick for you. They are made rugged buffalo leather and 900-denier nylon for durability and strength. They are also 100% waterproof assuring you of 100% dryness.