Snake Proof Boots

Snake Proof Boots are simply boots that extend beyond the height of normal boots, typically about 17 inches. Even though that seems high compared to most boots at 8 inches, the height is less noticeable than you would think, as long as it is not too warm outside.

 Best Snake Proof Boots

Rated # 1 Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots

These are the most comfortable snake boots I have ever worn. They are stemmed from the original version of the very popular Danner Pronghorn Boots that are made to be light, durable, and waterproof. Throw in another 9 inches of boot and you have a snake proof boot that will feel like a regular boot.

Danner has been known for making some of the most comfortable “true” boots for many years. I have owned several pairs including the Snake Proof Boots and have never been disappointment in any aspect.

Even if you decide to go with the snake proof gaiters, I suggest Danner Boots to be the foot wear you use, as a real boot will be better than tennis shoes or hiking boots. To check out the full line up of Danner Boots click here:

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#2 Rocky 16″ Prolight Snake Boots

These are reliable boots made by a brand that has a long time reputation of outdoor quality foot gear. They are light and comfortable, and substantialy cheaper than the Danner Snake Boot, but one thing you have always got to remember is thatt you get what you pay for.

There are a couple reasons why this boot falls behind the Danner Snake Boot. For one, it is 16 inches whereas the Danner is 18 inches. The gap between most venomus snake fangs is less than one inch, so that extra two inches gives me that extra bit of confidence. Also, I think they over did it on the Camo.

I don’t mind a little camo on my boots, but not so much. But still, these are very reliable snake proof boots and are comfortable and light. Like the Danner Sanke Boot, they do not feel much different than regular boots.

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Here is the link to the Women’s Rocky Snake Boot:Women’s Rocky Snake Boots


#3 LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Razor Snake-Proof Hunting Boot

This is a good looking boot and are affordable and said to be comfortable. I have never used this particular boot, but have read that it is well liked.Lacrosse snake boots I like the look that it has going, but what drove me away is the amount of time it looks like you will spend lacing them up.

The reviews are mostly good except one that I saw where the guy claims they are not waterproof like they say there are to be. That is enough to scare me away, but what can you expect from a pair of 18 inch boots not much over $100.

Chances are if it is not Gortex, then it will leak sooner or later (ofcourse Gortex will leak eventualy too, but it lasts quite a long time). LaCrosse makes well made products and I would be confident that this one is made with similar features as their other boots.

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Other Noteworthy Snakeboots to Consider

These snake proof boots are typically not my style, but of course that doesn’t mean they are not good boots. They are a little too dressy or western style for myself, but they do have a good look to them and are said to be well made and comfortable. Much snake country is Cowboy Country, so if you are a cowboy or like that style, then these might be of your liking.

Factors to Consider When Buying Snake Proof Boots

Prevention is the best cure.  Enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking or hunting can be more than just fun but the worst can happen, it is pretty crucial to always protect yourself especially in the snake territories and other poisonous creatures, hunting trips may take you to many places, so watch your back. It doesn’t have to be forests only…snakes can be found in most places, forests, swampy areas, grassy areas and other snake territories. You should acquire the best high quality snake proof boots for that matter. Below are some facts to consider when purchasing snake proof boots.

  • Material

When it comes to choosing the best material, you do have to go for the best and high quality, after all, your life depends on it. Choose good snake proof boots that can keep you safe from snake bites.

Variety of many combinations of materials is used to make the best snake proof boots, which provide 100% protection. This materials include leather, denim, synthetic weave, cordura nylon, Kevlar and many other. One of this or more materials are tightly formed together to make snake proof boots, which makes it harder for the snake to penetrate in.

  • Coverage

This is one of the vital facts to consider when purchasing snake proof boots. Snakes lie down but they can also climb, unlike snails, millipede and other piercing objects. They can climb, move smoothly and strike on their way to your feet. You do agree with me that the longer are your snake proof boots are, the safer you are. Research shows that most snake strikes are between the ankle and the knee. For your safety, don’t go for lower as ankle height, 16 to 18 inches are best for reliable protection.

  • Comfort

 Comfort should be the key. Ensure to choose a pair that comfortably fits you, you do not want to go out there on hunting with a pair of rigid, it can be pretty uncomfortable, it will be impossible to run leave alone to walk comfortably, to avoid this look for the best boot proof snake that can fit you perfectly.

  • Air circulation

People often forget this factor, however, it as important as the other factors. High knee snake boot proof can cause your legs to sweat bringing up foot odor, ensure you ask for boots with breathable fabrics. Don’t settle for more waterproof qualities for more breathability, you are still out there in the forest remember.

  • Closures

This are the tiniest aspects that are not looked into. Actually the way your boot closes has a huge outcome on the comfort and protection. The type of closure used on the boot can cause discomfort, zippers are commonly used because it is quite easy and comfortable to remove and put them on.

  • Purpose

 There are different snake proof boots for every occasion. It is important to know the land that you walk in, you don’t want to go hiking with hip length snake proof boots, it can be weird.

  • Traction

 A good snake proof boots is light weight and provide support. It should also be water proof. Ventilation is a must, you don’t want to have a bad stinking smell when you remove your boots.

  • Price/quality

You can compare prices from different companies and settle where the great deal lies, great deal in this cause means good quality and a good price too, remember quality is the key here.

  • Customers reviews

 To come to a decision on the best deal, you can always read customers reviews on either blogs, amazon, journals too. This will give a number of ideas of different brands from different companies and their performance and finally you can pick your heart desires.

Bottom line

 Spending some time outdoors can be more than fun, but this happens when you are 100% sure you are protected. You ought to Invest in high quality snake proof boots, they are foot friendly,

also,  with this you’re sure of your safety. A Snake bite can end your life, saving some few coins to get yourself good snake proof boots is worth it and so much more. Don’t gamble with your life, so choose your battles wisely.

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