Best Tree Felling Wedge Pouch and Holster

Have you been losing your tools and wedges in the woods every time you go for logging? You need to get a tree felling wedge pouch and forget all your worries.

A felling wedge pouch and pouch helps you to carry your wedges safely throughout the day. You do not have to keep remembering where you dropped your essential tools in the forest. The Weaver Arborist Leather wedge pouch for tree cutting is the best pouch among the hundreds available in the market.

A tree felling wedge is a safety tool for all loggers as it helps in guiding the log to the most preferable direction. It is a small plastic or wooden tool and it is easy to displace especially when working in a dense forest. We found some excellent options to help you get a great experience when logging and to avoid such mishaps.

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Best Tree Felling Wedge Pouch and Holster Expert Reviews

Weaver Arborist Leather Burgundy Felding Wedge Pouch for Tree Cutting (08500-06)

We highly recommend this pouch to anyone who wants to get real value for money. It is a very practical pouch for a professional in logging. It fits four wedges perfectly and has an extra pocket that fits a chainsaw file and a saw wrench.

The design and material used on this pouch makes it very light and very durable. At its price, it’s a great pick for avid loggers and beginners too.

What will you get with this pouch and Holster?

  1. Sturdy construction of leather pouch with a loop to attach to your tool belt.
  2. Wide enough pockets to hold 4 wedges
  3. Has extra pockets for more tools
  4. Has a Dee on the front that you can use for the logger’s tape
  5. Withstands abuse in the forest and lasts forever.

Woodland PRO Leather Wedge Pouch & Belt Combo Set

This is our bet for the best wedge pouch that you can get in the market today. It is a premium build quality that is made of real leather.

If you had a leather pouch on your wish list, then this is a perfect match for you. The pouch is big enough to hold four wedges and some other tools.

You get a nice experience pulling out the wedges and putting them back in without looking.

The belt loop is also highly secure and is very durable.

What we liked

  • Premium leather finish giving it an executive look.
  • Holds up to 4 wedges.
  • Very sturdy with long lasting rivets and high grade sewing.

What we Dislike

  • The nylon belt should be leather as well.


Yardmaris felling wedge pouch

This is a highly professional wedge pouch. It is made of 1050D encryption nylon making it highly durable as it is water proof and wear resistant.

This pouch is easy to clean after a long day of logging. You can scrub the material with a cloth and water without having to worry.

This logging pouch has 3 pockets giving you enough space for wedges that come in different sizes. It has small pockets too to accommodate sharp tools like the vise flat file, screws nuts and other small accessories.

This wedge pouch acts like an excellent organizer for any logger. It is a perfect fit for any kind of tool belt. It is easy to wear too.

The design used to make this pouch is open pockets that makes it very easy to stash or retrieve wedges as you do your logging business.

What we liked

  • The wedge belt pouch is adjustable to a range of 2-3 inches making it compatible with most tool belts.
  • It is light.
  • Open pockets makes it very easy to access the wedges.
  • Its long lasting


Bucket Boss Leather Utility Pouch

This is trusted pouch over the years. May loggers approve it because it is light weight and has numerous spaces to allow you carry different tools in your logging journey.

You can carry wedges, screws, files among other tools with this pouch.

What we Liked

  • The pouch is light weight and you can carry it anywhere
  • Very spacious and can hold wedges, files and other tools
  • Fits perfectly on the tool belt
  • Can last for years
  • Great choice for professionals.


Trailhead Gear Black Durable Tree Felling Bucking Wedge Belt Pouch Holdster Kit

Well we may be looking for a quality wedge pouch but these guys decided to give us the wedges too. This is a great combo with two wedges and a pouch to keep them safe. The price is also amazing considering that you are getting two decent sized wedges and a kit.

The pouch is simple and light. It attaches perfectly to the belt though not very hardy. It does the job and keeps the wedges close at hand when you are cutting or felling.

What we Liked

  • Pretty nice construction
  • Decent wedges that you can use to fell small trees
  • No more chain saw damages


What we disliked

  • Too small for serious wood workers


DEWALT DG5139 Heavy-duty Hammer Holder

Dewalt is known for great quality and great reputation with all the tools they make and this pouch is not an exception. You get high quality pouch and very easy to use holster.

It fits perfectly on belts that are 2-3/4 inch wide and has extra padding that keeps the handle away from your body.

What we liked

  • Great value for money
  • Durable steel hammer loop
  • Fits in a variety of belts
  • Made from reliable ballistic poly
  • Has padded sides and feels smooth on the body.
  • It’s a perfect gift idea for any man.


WoodlandPRO Leather Wedge Pouch

This is a perfect pouch for a novice. It is made of soft leather and feels so nice on the touch.

This is a sizable pouch that can hold at least 2 wedges and other small tools. If you are starting off your logging journey this will be a great addition for you.

What we liked

  • Perfect pouch for a novice
  • Excellent choice for small scale users
  • The pouch fits the bill and very functional.

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Final Word.

When picking a pouch, you will consider one that feels and looks fine and executive but also comfortable. It is also important to look for one that has enough compartments to hold all your tools and wedges.  It is also important to look out for the belt size and the rigidity not to mention the functionality of the pouch that you will pick. We highly recommend the Weaver Arborist Leather wedge pouch for tree cutting as the best bet from our use experience over the years.