5 Best Cant Hooks for Logging

Wood working when young is fun. However, as we continue to work and age many things go beyond us. Suddenly our backs cannot bend any longer or it hurts so much to bend. Now imagine having to bend as you roll a log for an urgent project at hand.

This is not only a daunting task but also very stressing not to mention that almost every wood working activity has a consequence on your body. It is for this reason that tools like cant hooks, power saws, power drills among others are invented to alleviate the body pains, and make work easier.

A cant hook comes in handy when you want to grip, turn and roll logs around. The tool comes with a long handle with a movable hook also known as a dog. In the yester years, the handle was wooden. However, it has advanced to other materials and today you will find aluminum cant hooks handles dominating the market.

The aluminum cant hook handles are not only trendy but also hardy enough to resist breakages. If you prefer the traditional wooden hooks, you will still find one that fits your bill as many manufacturers still make them. They have switched to using selected hard woods to manufacture the handles hence no breakages are likely to happen.

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We took our time and researched to find the best among the many cant hooks available in the market and came up with these reviews. Read through and buy one that fits your bill.

Best Cant Hooks for Logging

LogRite 60’’ Cant Hook

This is arguably the wood workers best friend. The first impression of this tool tells you of its high quality. The paint job has been done professionally and the shoe and hook are perfectly finished to give it a rich even look.

If you want to move large logs, this cant is perfect for you as it is made from a thick pole that withstands weights. It the handle comes with a long rubber grip for perfect moving of large logs without sliding. It also has a hook that is big enough to accommodate large logs.

The hook coupled with the fixed sturdy rubber grip make this a perfect tool for any woodworker. For the best results, sharpen the hook for a better snug on the log.


  • Thick hardy pole that can accommodate 10-36 inch diameter logs.
  • Excellent paint job
  • Made of excellent materials
  • Comfortable Rubber grip handle doesn’t slip off
  • Can be easily seen in a woodlot as it has a bright blue powder coat


  • Blunt shoe and hook.


LogOX Hauler (Ergonomic Log Hauler and 21″ Cant Hook)

As the name suggests, this tool is an ideal ox. It does not only help you to roll the logs, it has a mechanical attribute that helps you to move the logs and load them.

The LogOX Hauler comes with 21inches long handle. This length works perfectly with those with strong arms.  You can use it to roll over a log after making a partial chainsaw cut. It is also very helpful when loading logs on portable sawmills or firewood processor decks.

This tool weighs 6.2 lbs and it is easy to carry around. It comes with a sharp hook for a firm grip on the log. This hook guarantees you that the log will not fall as you lift it around.

This hook is made of rugged hollow American steel frame. It also comes with a Hi-Vis orange finish that makes it stand out and highly visible even in bushes.

The hook gives the needed versatility as it allows you to lift logs from the ground without bending over. This is a great lifesaver especially for guys with back pains.

If you want to cut multiple branches without having to do many trips, you can gather them together with this cant hook. Though light, the hook is strong enough to hold the branches without tiring you up.

Honestly speaking you get value for every coin you pay for this cant hook.


  • Multifunctional – works as a cant hook and as a hauler.
  • Has an excellent grip on the wood as the clasp is steady and sharp
  • Comes with a lightweight aluminum blade.
  • Top quality and solid.


  • Not heavy duty
  • Short for some functions
  • Heavy for small jobs.


Woodchuck Dual Peavey Point and Cant Hook All in 1 Tool

As the name suggests, this tool comes with dual functions. It combines a cant hook and a peavey to ensure that you do your job smoothly.

It comes with a long sturdy handle that is made of aluminum. This makes it very strong and durable. The handle is 47 inches long adequate for most jobs. The aluminum material ensures that the handle does not bend when lifting the heavy logs.

Surprisingly this tool has a third function as it works as a log jack. It comes with a detachable jack foot which gives you an easy time when cutting. Kickbacks from your saw will be a thing of the past with this tool, neither will you drive your saw in the ground. For this reason, your saw remains sharp for long. You can easily attach and detach the log jack by yourself.


  • Hook bits well
  • Rolls upto 1000 lbs trunk sections
  • Three functions – cant hook, peavey and timber jack
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Versatile


  • Time consuming
  • Requires physical leverage to move as it is heavy duty


Peavey Manufacturing Company 30″ Wooden Handle Cant Hook

This is an awesome hook for huge logs. With this cant, you will have effortless moves on heavy big logs. You literally replace an extra hand that would be needed to do the job when you buy this cant hook.

This hook stands out among all the wooden cants that we laid our hands on. It is sturdy and extremely strong. The metal head may not be sleek buy it is very durable. Simply put that this is an awesome power log splitter accessory that you will use for ages.


  • Very sturdy.
  • Highly durable metal head.
  • Handles big and heavy logs perfectly.


  • Handle is very heavy but very sturdy


Wood-Mizer 48″ Cant Hook

If you are looking for an awesome metal construction, then this cant hook fits that bill. It is a robust tool that is also heavy duty. The 48” handle allows you to roll any log comfortably. The hook however allows for a 20 inch grip.

The design is awesome giving the tool an edge amongst its competitors. It can withstand wear and tear over the years. The soft rubber may look weak but it lasts long and maintains its grip as well. The bright color makes this cant very visible in the woods, you can hardly misplace it.

This is a very light tool hence very easy to work with. The rubber grip on the handle comes in handy as it alleviates all discomforts that come with long hours of work. You will enjoy working with this hook.


  • Top quality as it is made in the USA
  • Very comfortable handle
  • Very light weighs 9.5 pounds
  • Combines with a timber jack accessory



  • Cannot hold logs over 24” on diameter.
















What is the difference between a cant hook and a peavey?

The main difference between these two tools is at the end of the handle. The peavey comes with a sharp spike while a cant hook comes with a toe.

The second difference is dictated by the use of the tool. A cant hook provides more grip that helps in the movement of logs while a peavey comes in handy when separating two or more logs.

Does a wooden handle break easily?

Unlike many wooden tools and their parts, wooden cants rarely break. This is because they are made from hardwoods. Most manufacturers treat the wood to give it the much needed rigidness. You will however be advised on the maximum load for each cant. For better performance, always use your cant in the right environmental conditions and store it safely as soon as you are done.

Does the Cant come with a holster?

Unfortunately most cants and peaveys do not come with a carrying case or holster. The tools are made in a way that you can easily disassemble for ease of storage and transportation. However, you can easily find a holster or carrying case in a local store near you.


Aluminum verses wood, which handle for my cant?

Aluminum handles are better, actually most modern cants and peaveys come with aluminum handles. This however does not mean that wooden handles are useless. Wood has always been used in the past and most manufacturers have mastered the art of making long lasting wooden handles. With proper care, the hardwood handles can last a lifetime.

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Aluminum handles can withstand high pressure and they rarely break. They are sturdy built and can easily handle large logs without bending. With wood you ought to be sensitive with the length and weight of wood you are handling.

Long handle versus short handle?

When handling logs and moving them for one point to another, the length of your cant will determine the experience you will have. You get better control and minimal strain when working with a long handle.

Long levers are most preferred for tall people as they extend the reach. For short people it’s advisable to get a handle with a length that fits you as extra long ones will drain you.