5 Best Cant Hooks for Logging

Wood working when young is fun. However, as we continue to work and age many things go beyond us. Suddenly our backs cannot bend any longer or it hurts so much to bend. Now imagine having to bend as you roll a log for an urgent project at hand. This is not only a daunting … Read more

The 5 Best Tree Felling Wedges

What do you do when it comes to controlling the timing and direction of a tree during felling? This is where the best felling wedges come in use. While ropes can also help in such situations, they are not designed for the task. Safety is always a priority, and felling wedges are necessary for safely … Read more

Why Are My Soft Close Hinges Not Working?

Why Are My Soft Close Hinges Not Working?

Soft Close Hinge Stopped Working You will find soft close hinges in almost all modern kitchens. You may realize that these small mechanisms are failing after some use. Say your soft close hinges are not working, what do you do? You have several options ranging from calling a carpenter, getting professionals or even doing it … Read more

Best Hybrid Table Saws Review

What is the best hybrid table saw? This is a legitimate question for any wood worker. A hybrid table saw is now a popular tool among woodworkers. The need for a hybrid table saw cannot be overemphasized.  It can easily handle work in the field as well as large projects in your shop. With the … Read more

Things That Come In Fours

Things That Come in Fours

The things that come in fours are known as quadruplets. When we think of exceptional things rarely do we think of how important their numbers are? When we think of the cardinal points for example, we only say them as North, East, South and West and not the four points. We dived in and tried … Read more

Good Things That Come in Threes Explained

things that come in Threes

One, Two, Three, Go! Is what comes in mind when things that come in threes are mentioned. However there are many other things that come in threes and they come power packed and they have they kind of swag. Think of the traffic lights, the three places on the podium or even the three little … Read more

Why Is a Carpenter Pencil Flat?

When  working, you don’t have time to waste fumbling and searching for items. Time efficiency and convenience are essential for high-quality work. As a carpenter, you need a pencil for marking on surfaces. However, not any regular pen is suitable for the job. This particular one, known as a carpenter pencil, is the right one … Read more

Best Tree Felling Wedge Pouch and Holster

Have you been losing your tools and wedges in the woods every time you go for logging? You need to get a tree felling wedge pouch and forget all your worries. A felling wedge pouch and pouch helps you to carry your wedges safely throughout the day. You do not have to keep remembering where … Read more

The Best Machinist Squares for Woodworking

So which is the best Machinist Square in the Market Today? A machinist square or an engineer’s square is a very vital tool in the workshop. It has numerous uses making it very important to choose the best machinist square for the job you have at hand. Unlike other squares, the engineer square gives you … Read more