Best Hybrid Table Saws Review

What is the best hybrid table saw? This is a legitimate question for any wood worker. A hybrid table saw is now a popular tool among woodworkers. The need for a hybrid table saw cannot be overemphasized.  It can easily handle work in the field as well as large projects in your shop. With the durability and power of a cabinet saw and the portability of a contractor saw, a hybrid table saw is the perfect choice for professional use. Its ability to make a range of cuts from rips to crosscuts makes it a must have for any woodworker.

Having to choose a hybrid table saw can be challenging when you lack enough knowledge about them. Therefore, in order to choose the best hybrid table saw for your needs, there are numerous factors you have to consider. First is the motor power and blade speed.

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This is important as it determines what you will be able to cut using the saw. The rip capacity determines the size of the materials to be used and also the depth of cuts. It is also important to look into their wide range of specifications. It is crucial for you to find the right choice as they are expensive. With that said, let’s get into it.

Top 5 Affordable Hybrid Table Saws Reviews

Grizzly Industrial G0690

Talk of quality and performance. It comes with a dimension of 24*30*43 inches and weighs 530 lbs. With its triple belt drive, a 3HP motor and heavy cast iron trunnions this machine is a beast. It is truly a sight to behold. Furthermore, it has cast iron table and massive wings which makes it more sturdy.

Moreover, its features include a riving knife, a camlock T-fence, a quality magnetic switch and a T-slot miter gauge. The guard blade keeps you safe while working with the machine. Not only does the fence system glide easily but also it can be adjusted using the knurled knobs. The precision of this machine will make you love it.


  • Its installation process is pretty easy.
  • With its long cord, you can work to a longer distance.
  • It is a safe machine to work with.
  • Its construction material makes it durable.
  • It is versatile and functional.
  • With a 4 inches’ dust collecting port, it ensures high performance and efficiency.
  • The fence is as smooth as it can get.
  • It has a comfortable height.


  • It is heavy and hence lacks mobility.
  • It is suitable for smaller work spaces.

Shop Fox W1837

It is no doubt the perfect option for woodworkers on a tight budget who value high quality. The Shop Fox W1837 is a great example of what a hybrid saw could be. It provides a dimension of 58 *38*36 inches and a blade size of 10 inches. With a power of 2 HP, its speed is 3450 RPM. It has an excellent riving knife that allows it to function smoothly. Furthermore, its dust resistant quality makes working neat and dust free. The good news is that it has a 2-year warranty. It is compact and sturdy, yet it is relatively mobile. It stands out with its built-in mobile base.


  • It works quietly and powerfully.
  • Its rip capacity enables you achieve high precision and accuracy.
  • It has anti- dust quality.
  • The maintenance of the machine is easy.
  • With a weight of 260 pounds, it is easy to move or transport.
  • It has an inbuilt kickstand.
  • Its dimension provides for a large table which can handle a wide range of work.
  • It has an interchangeable riving knife which provides protection when you remove the blade guard.
  • The construction materials make it durable.


  • Some of the pieces such as handles are fragile.
  • The pieces may not align without adjustment due to shipping issues.
  • The table may have an uneven face.
  • Before making cuts, you may have to double check the fence lock.

Dewalt DWE7491RS;

With a dimension of 31*24.5*31, it has a rip capacity of 32.5 inch that allows it to handle large materials. It weighs 110 pounds with a power of 4 HP. The rack and pinion system ensures fast and accurate adjustments on the fence. While the rolling stand design results to an easy setup and ensures stability, the heavy duty wheels give effective transport system. the fence rails can also extend and retract easily thereby creating a small package.

You will appreciate its dust port that connects to a vacuum hence efficient dust removal. Although it is one of the lightest hybrid saws, it can still handle tough cuts. The numerous additional features ensure that it is the best saw.


  • The machine keeps the work place clean thanks to its dust collecting port.
  • It is a great option for homeowners due to its relatively low cost.
  • With its light weight, it is easily portable.
  • Its great design makes it durable.
  • Making narrow rip cuts is possible due to the flip over ripping fence.
  • It has an in-built storage system hence providing easy access to other components.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • It has a 3-year warranty.
  • Its good power enables it to cut through hardwood.
  • It prevents any skin contact with the blade which makes it safe.


  • It has a plastic fence.
  • You need to assemble the rolling stand.

Laguna Tools Fusion;

The table provides dimension of 35*20*27 inches and a weighs 240 lbs. it is suitable for small spaces. the machine has a power of 1.75HP. Although Laguna tools fusion is not as popular as other brands, it is full of features. It is a good hybrid table saw due to its solid construction and high quality production. It is safe to use as r result of anti-kickback system. one thing you cannot fail to notice is the inbuilt wheels. In addition, it has a dust collecting port, a riving knife and a blade cover.

You may know that the miter gauge is normally the weak part of most table saws. However, its miter gauge is made up of reliable and sturdy elements. With a 110v grid, it tends to break down often. You can rectify the problem by modifying it to 220v. It can be accurate and precise provided that you know how it works.  It keeps vibration low during cutting as a result of trunnions mounts.


  • It makes consistent and precise cuts.
  • The safety features make it safe to work with.
  • With a 4-inch dust port, you are able to work in a dust free environment.
  • It is easily portable due to its wheels
  • Its ability to change blades makes it durable.
  • Not only does it have a dustless cabinet design but it also offers micro adjustment feature.
  • It gives you value for your money.
  • It is easy to adjust and it contains a fence storage.
  • The clear instructions make installation easy.
  • Gives a perfect alignment of the fence, miter gauge and blade thereby, cutting any wood easily.


  • It’s a little bit expensive.
  • The dust collector is of poor quality.
  • It gives beginners a hard time getting accurate and precise cuts.
  • It is recommended for a homeowner or a DIY-er as it can only handle small projects.

Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

It is suitable for any woodwork. The saw offers a dimension of 36*27.5*63.8 and a weight of 418 lbs. with a 50-inch Accu-fence system, it provides you with stability and the desired space for your projects. It has 1.75 HP and uses 115V.

More so, its 5-year warranty provides value for your money and long use. With its power switch conveniently placed, it enables you to react fast. Its poly-v belt feature helps to increase relative motor efficiency by reducing the vibration levels.

The saw allows easy adjustment with the ability of the miter gauge to pivot 60 degrees to both sides. Not to forget its superior level of dust collection. It brings out the gold standard as it redefines innovation and design limits.


  • Its 5-year warranty ensure that you get the best service possible from the saw.
  • It has a superior dust collecting feature.
  • It comes with a fair price.
  • The machine is easy to use and its practical.
  • It also increases your production speed and accuracy.
  • The table saw is easy to set-up.
  • Has excellent customer service.
  • It is leveled on the work surface.
  • The T-square fence design allows you to get a wide range of cuts.
  • With the quick release riving knife design, it is easy to change the blade.


  • It is heavy as compared to other hybrid table saws.
  • It is also beefy in size.
  • The machine requires some assembly.


Why Use A Hybrid Table Saw?

Accuracy and smoothness

The main reason to use a hybrid table saw is to get accurate and smooth results. You should be able to make different cuts such as rip cuts and cross cuts when using the table saw. It should make cuts without any hitch. The table saws also provides an accurate miter gauge, thereby, making your work easier. Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable blade which you can lock securely hence providing straight cuts.


This determines how the table saw will work. The hybrid table saw has enough horsepower that allows it to cut through hard and bulky materials such as wood. It also helps have good control of the machine hence making precise cuts. However, a table saw with much horsepower consumes a lot of energy which could cause a kickback.

Large tabletop

The hybrid table saw is large and powerful with a more durable frame. With its large rip capacity, it can handle large projects within the shortest time possible. It provides you with the much needed space to efficiently work fast. The large table top also provides stability which is needed to make precise and accurate cuts.


The hybrid table saw is a combination of the best qualities from cabinet saw and a contractor saw. Therefore, the hybrid saw is lighter in weight and less bulky in comparison to cabinet saw. This makes it easy to transport and use in job sites. Some hybrid saws also comes with inbuilt wheels. Therefore, this makes it usable in small spaces as you can easily move it around.


Having a hybrid table saw means having best features from two different types of saws, at a fair price. Although the hybrid saw is cheaper as compared to the cabinet saw, it produces efficient results. The price of the hybrid saw depends on the design and brand you chose. The lower prices make it easy for homeowners and hobbyists to afford it.


Its solid construction does not only make it strong and stable but also safe. The saws have larger inbuilt motors and more safety features. The translucent blade guards protect your fingers from the spinning blade. It safeguards you by enabling you to see where the saw is cutting. While the kickback may be harmful to the quality of the cuts, it can be dangerous to yourself as well as others. Therefore, riving knife helps to lessen the kickbacks.

The advanced belt systems also reduce vibration hence making precise cuts. Also, it comes with a dust port feature that controls dust hence preventing health issues. In addition, some table saws have flesh sensors. The feature enables the machine to shut down immediately they are about to contact human skin.


Their durability makes them a worthy investment. Aside from the body construction, the hybrid is also made with moving parts which makes it more durable. Ability to change some the parts improves its longevity.


With the modern features and powerful motor, the machine operates at a high speed. This provides you with efficient and professional results. The speed allows you to work with precision and efficiency.

How to Use a Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid table saw being the most powerful saw gives high level of performance. With its power and smoothness, it makes fast and accurate cuts. However, it is important to know the basics on how it works. The good news is that it is quite simple to use.

Caution is everything. The first thing to do is to take all the safety measures needed. You need to take time to set the blade at a proper height. This enables it to cut the wood without standing far above. It also protects you from losing a finger. Another important safety measure apart from safety glasses is using push stick. Keep in mind that wearing gloves is dangerous as they may get sucked in the blade.

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Next, you need to make measurements and mark your material. This is to ensure that you get the accurate and precise cuts that you desire. With the ability to make adjustments and provide stability, you are assured of efficient production. Talk about professional quality!

You should also align the saw before working. This prevents kickbacks which could cause you injury or mess with your cuts.

The next step is simple, clamp your wood in place and cut through the markings you made to get your desired cuts. Keep a good body position and focus on the task at hand once the saw starts running. In case you are using a very long or wide materials, use additional table or stand to support the weight. Keeping the material against the fence helps you to get precise and accurate cuts.

Finally, you should always remember to check out your materials for anything that can get caught on the blade like nails. Remove any metals before the cutting process. It is also critical that you unplug the saw in case you want to change the blade.

All You  Need To Know About Hybrid Table Saws

Q What is a hybrid table saw?

A: A hybrid table saw is a combination of the best features from both the cabinet saws and contractor saws.

Q2: Can I use an extension cord with a hybrid table saw?

A: Yes, you can. However, you have to ensure the cord is in good condition as well as good quality. Furthermore, you need to follow the owners’ instructions when choosing the right cord. It is safe to use a short extension cord.

Q3: What makes the motor of the table saw to slow down?

A: The motor could slow down due to several reasons.

  • A wrong extension cord may not be able to provide the needed power hence slowing the motor.
  • There may be a problem with the electrical-circuit setup in your workshop.
  • The motor may be defective hence resulting to reduced performance.
  • The speed can also decrease as a result of gum residue binding the saw blade.

Q4: How can I maintain my table saw?

  • Use the gum remover and pitch to clean the blades regularly.
  • Replace the damaged and worn out power cord.
  • Unplug the table saw then remove out all the saw dust in the motor and saw cabinet.
  • Use soapy water to wash the plastic parts. Dry them completely.
  • Polishing the table saw using automotive wax ensures the materials slide easily during cutting.

Final verdict;

When it is all said and done, it is your budget and workload that determines what is the best hybrid table saw for you. However, it is important to not compromise the quality of the table saw. With the wide range of models with different set of features at hand, it is a challenge to choose the perfect one. Since the hybrid saw table comes with many qualities from both the contractor saw and cabinet saw, it is only right that you pick the best one. A good table saw should be powerful enough to handle a big load of work and improve productivity.

As you may have noticed, Grizzly G0690 cabinet table saw is our favorite in the list. From its body construction to its performance, it was definitely made for greatness. Having this beast in your workshop is what dreams are made of. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it meets all your needs providing great performance and quality. The second choice is Shop Fox W1837. This table saw has a high efficiency and professional performance at a budget friendly price. Therefore, we truly hope that our review sums up all the information you need on how to choose the best hybrid table saw for your needs.