Things That Come In Fours

Things That Come in Fours

The things that come in fours are known as quadruplets. When we think of exceptional things rarely do we think of how important their numbers are? When we think of the cardinal points for example, we only say them as North, East, South and West and not the four points. We dived in and tried … Read more

Good Things That Come in Threes Explained

things that come in Threes

One, Two, Three, Go! Is what comes in mind when things that come in threes are mentioned. However there are many other things that come in threes and they come power packed and they have they kind of swag. Think of the traffic lights, the three places on the podium or even the three little … Read more

How to Dry Shoes Overnight: 7 Easy Hacks That Work.

how to dry shoes

How to dry shoes overnight is a common question asked by many. No one can deny that wearing wet shoes is unpleasant. Just the thought of it disgusts you, doesn’t it? While stepping in a muddy puddle or rain maybe a nightmare to you, wetness in the shoes may cause some adverse effects. The effects … Read more

45 Amazing Snake Facts

The word snake is pretty frightening… right?  It is a phobia that is common which is okay considering the damage it can do to you, some snakes are poisonous and can kill you, fearing them is very much understandable. However, snakes are also amazing animals with amazing abilities. For example did you know that there … Read more