The 5 Best Tree Felling Wedges

What do you do when it comes to controlling the timing and direction of a tree during felling? This is where the best felling wedges come in use. While ropes can also help in such situations, they are not designed for the task. Safety is always a priority, and felling wedges are necessary for safely eliminating trees. However, the wrong wedges do pretty much the opposite.

The wedges are also handy in preventing chainsaw from pinching when cutting trees. Furthermore, they facilitate the felling tree to fall in the direction of the notch. The different models and brands vary in quality, materials, size, and color. However, this makes it challenging to choose the best option.

Today, the most efficient felling wedge is made of hard plastic. Not only are they affordable and durable, but they also do little damage to the chain if it accidentally gets in contact with them. Besides, they come in different colors and can be easily replaced if one or two go missing.

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In this article, we have reviewed the five best tree felling wedges to help you out. With the comparison, essential features, and elaboration, you will properly understand each tool. More so, it allows you to customize the options for the ideal one.

Top 5 Felling Wedges

TIPU 4-Pack Felling Wedge

If you want a tool that induces professional satisfaction, then this four-piece set is a perfect choice. TIPU 4-Pack Felling Wedge is precisely designed for cutting and bucking trees but not for splitting wood.

The best feature is its construction.  It boasts of a lasting PQ6-GF30 type of plastic that promises durability. Meaning that it can withstand many adverse conditions without breaking.

Also, this model comes with two practical sides; one with barbs, and the other is smooth. This makes it easy to drive and stay into the kerf regardless of the situation. The smaller wedge is 5.5 inches while the bigger ones are 8 inches long. The size and design make it ideal for axe and chainsaw use.

The frame and its unparalleled quality can easily resist the destructive impact of the tremendous load. Furthermore, this tools prevents pinching as the tree falls in the desired direction. Thanks to its light yellow color, it still remains visible even in poor lighting.


  • The varying size is applicable in different use.
  • It facilitates safety while cutting trees.
  • The dense plastic material is very long-lasting.
  • With the barbs on one side, the tool remains inside the kerf.
  • It is affordable and offers value for money.
  • This tool is highly efficient and easy to carry.


  • It is unsuitable for large trees.
  • They are not for splitting logs.


New OEM Set of 3 8″ Husqvarna Felling Tree Wedges

Apart from coming from a reputable brand, this tool guides a falling tree with maximum efficiency. It actually lifts up a tree to help it fall towards the notch cut. You can further use the wedge to prevent the tree from leaning on the saw when making a back cut and bucking the tree. The tool comes in three sets of 8 inches each for additional value.

For one thing, the set is made with ABS durable plastic for long life. They are also highly visible in case you drop them. With its small and compact size, it is easy to handle and store. Being a single taper, it doesn’t offer a high lift, and the heel is about an inch thick. Moreover, one side is textured and the other smooth.


  • Perfect for bucking and felling.
  • Their lightweight makes them easy to lift and operate.
  • It is ideal for splitting wood.
  • Superb longevity with quality plastic.


  • Lifts lower compared to others available
  • It is pricier than similar ones on the market.


608201001 SET Husqvarna Felling Wedge Set of 3

This model is built for safety and longevity. Made of ABS heavy-duty material, these tools can split wood and withstand extreme abuse and weather. If you want to prevent the tree from pinching your chain and bar, make use of this wedge. Furthermore, it has a level of softness that prevents damage to the chain if it comes in contact with it.

With the three sets of different sizes, including 5.5, 8 and 10 inches, this model presents more value to its purchase. Regardless of the size of the trunk, you can take down anything with its enduring performance.

What is more, is the integrated spike that stabilizes and guides the tree in the intended direction. You simply place the wedge in the back cut, and it will cause a lifting force to push the tree away from you.

Another impressive feature is its lightweight that allows you to comfortably carry. Furthermore, the orange look enhances its visibility.


  • It comes in different sizes for different uses.
  • The construction material lasts longer.
  • This tool can take a beating without losing its efficiency.
  • The lightweight feature facilitates its easy carriage.
  • The comfortable grip provides full control.
  • It features integrated spikes for more force and pressure.


  • It lacks a holding pouch.


GEDORE OX 42-0550 Aluminum Massive Wedge

With a dimension of 1.4*8.5*1.8 inches, this tool weighs 1.2 is designed mainly for felling and splitting tasks. Just by looking at its molding and design, you can tell that Gedore wedge is of higher quality.

Unlike the other wedge discussed in this article, this safety model is forged with premium quality aluminum. Meaning that you can get safe and precise cuts under extreme weather and temperatures.

The construction material further ensures the extended life and high performance of the device. The manufacture has paid attention to details by adding more features to elevate the product to premium quality. For instance, the wedge features grooves on the front and back to prevent it from jerking back, which might cause accidents.

The GEDORE wedge is quite impressive with its versatility in all felling activities. You can easily use it in frozen wood due to its strength and little weight. Furthermore, the round striking surface enhances the striking effect.


  • The grooves hold the wedge in place.
  • It comes with ease of use
  • It is suitable for both felling and splitting.
  • This model is extremely durable and robust.
  • Its lightweight allows easy portability.
  • You can use it in frozen lumber.


  • It is quite pricey.
  • The tool may chip after continuous hitting with a hammer.


Parts 4 Outdoor Set of 15 Tree Felling wedge

This set of 15 felling wedges made in the USA neither crack nor break easily. It is a great deal with a good variety of uses. It will definitely equip you with for felling and bucking a range of tree diameters. They guide trees to fall on the intended area. Thereby ensuring your safety and that of the people around.

Made of ABS poly, the timber wedges can tolerate extreme weather and temperatures while remaining stable under heavy pressure. Furthermore, their yellow look makes them visible if you drop them in a forest. Add this pack to your chainsaw safety gear for lasting performance.

Another excellent feature is the spikes. They offer a better grip, thus creating more pressure and force to prevent it from sliding out. Their small size further allows you to even carry them in your pockets. Ensure that you always wear personal protective gear when felling.


  • It presents ease of use
  • The yellow color makes it highly visible
  • The pack contains 15 pieces for a wide range of tree diameters.
  • It is constructed of highly durable ABS poly.
  • It is spiked and built for safety.
  • This model effectively guides felling trees in the right direction.


  • They get deformed at the striking edge
  • It is expensive.


How to Use a Felling Wedge

The felling wedge controls the falling direction for both small and large trees. Additionally, it even provides full control on tree leaning in the wrong way. Although the working mechanism is rather simple, the process requires skills. By supporting the cut, this tool prevents the saw from bounding especially in the pressure zone. Here are some techniques to fell trees with felling wedges.

Make forward-facing notch

The first stage of changing the tree felling direction is to make a directional notch. It should be at least 1//3rd of the diameter of the tree facing the intended direction of the fall. With an opening of 70 degrees, you will have maximum control and minimal wedge compression.

Identify the needed wedge number

It is essential to identify wedge size and type for all logging tasks. The larger the tree diameter, the higher the wedge number. For this, you have to determine the tree height and the leaning height. Furthermore, you need to get the distance from the hinged face and leaned back. This is to avoid potential scarring of wood when dropping on hinge sides. Usually, two wedges work on small and medium trees while larger ones may take up to three or more wedges to tip over.

Tree segment number

The tree segment number typically comes from the calculations in the second step. Convert it to inches, and there you have your number. It is vital to idealize the probability of single wedge lifting.

It is advisable to avoid using more than two wedges for safety reasons. However, some trees that lean too much require more. Do not stack the pieces on each other in an attempt to fix unequal compression.

Making the cuts

After following the above steps, the rest is pretty simple and straightforward. Begin cutting towards the notch from the leaning part. Ensure that you align the cutting point with the groove. Once you have enough space to fit the wedge, stop cutting. Leave sufficient stump for the tree’s stability.

Hammer the wedge in position

For this next step, you can either use an axe or hammer to place the wedge in place. Insert the wedge in position with the wedge side facing the intended direction of fall. If the felling wedge gets flushed with the stump when the tree is still standing, make another cut. However, preserve the hinge and refrain from cutting the tree completely.

You can opt to alternate between cutting and pounding while overlapping with two or three wedges at 70 degrees apart. Soon the tree will fall.

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Why You Need Felling Wedges

The process of felling trees is very troublesome and dangerous and should never be taken lightly. However, with the help of the best felling wedges, the job is much simpler and safe. Here are a few benefits that come with using wedges in felling trees.

Ease of use

Felling trees can be a risky project if you are ill-equipped and lack the essential skills. However, using a wedge makes the process easier and safer. All you need is to simply insert the device into the back cut once the space is sufficient. Also, the wedges feature spikes which offer better grip thus preventing it from sliding out.

Another feature that facilitates the ease of use is that the plastic is soft enough to not damage the chain if it comes in contact with it. What is more, is the bright colors of the wedges that give them high visibility. Their lightweight and compact size also make them easy to handle and carry. You can simply keep them in your pockets.


The pack contains several wedges of different sizes hence allowing you to work on trees of varying sizes. Furthermore, felling wedges also have various applications. It promotes safety by creating a lifting pressure and force that pushes the gravity of the felling tree away from you. This gives you control over the process and keeps you and the people around safe. It further changes the felling direction to where you intend it. Another benefit is that the device prevents the tree from pinching the chainsaw accessories.


A tree felling wedge is a simple tool when you get it right. It is also very affordable, and you won’t end up spending a lot. While expensive products tend to be of high quality, the ones from Husqvarna are much affordable but with high durability and stability.


The felling wedges are pretty much durable due to their sturdy construction materials. they come in wood material that is relatively durable but expensive. The wood also gets damaged fast with continuous exposure to moisture. The plastic wedges are affordable, though not very long-lasting.

Finally, we have the metal construction. This is the most ideal for all extreme conditions. It can take a beating without losing its level of performance. It is the most durable and not very pricey. On the downside, it can damage your ax or saw if it comes in contact with it.

To get the best from your wedges, get a wedge pouch to help you store the wedges when not in use and when moving around your working area. This will ensure that you do not lose your tools in the forest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a felling wedge?

A: Just like a chainsaw, the wedge plays a vital role in tree felling and bucking. They differ in sizes and are inserted in the notch cut. Moreover, it guides the felling tree in the intended direction and prevents the tree from pinching the chainsaw.

Q2: what is the ideal wedge size?

A: This mostly depends on the size of the tree and leaning intensity. For instance, a tree with a diameter within 18 inches requires a 7.5-inch wedge. 5.5-inch for lower widths and 8 to 10-inch wedges for larger tree diameters.

Q3: What kinds of cuts can I use for tree felling?

A: There are three main types of notch; conventional, open and Humbolt. The open groove is more accurate in keeping the hinge in place. If further ensures safety by preventing sudden movement.

Q4: What are splitting, felling and bucking wedges?

A: The felling wedges determines the direction of the felling tree and prevents chainsaw pinching. Besides, they are the longest and thickest of all. While the bucking ones minimize binding with their short and thick size, the splitting wedge are the heaviest usually made of metal for splitting wood.

Q5: How do you fell a tree with a wedge?

A: First cut a regular notch facing the direction that you want the tree to fall. Once you have enough room to fit the wedge in the back cut, stop cutting. Position the wedge to point the felling direction.


Final Verdict

The general process of cutting trees with the help of felling wedges is all about accurate measurement and calculations of tree dynamics. Having the best felling wedges is also handy in fast and safe felling. It is a useful technique in logging, felling or splitting lumber. We have touched on a few aspects to consider to get the best felling wedges. However, it is equally crucial to understand how to correctly fell a tree and when to replace your tools.

Have you reached a decision yet? Perhaps the TIPU 4 Pack Wedge has spoken to you with its high-quality level. Or maybe you are looking for a budget-friendly potion. The Husqvarna wedges are our top choice of the felling wedges. Not only is it affordable, but it is also effective in carrying out the task safely.

All the mentioned products stand out with their excellent features in the saturated market. However, determine your needs to get your match per work. Keep in mind the length, material, strength and color of the felling wedge.