What Makes a Boot Snake Proof?

Whether you are exploring the woods or working in a rural area, it is essential to have proper foot protection. Good boots do not only protect your feet from injuries but also from deadly threats such as snake bites. Snakes are a constant threat in natural areas, and depending on where you live, they might … Read more

Best Snake Boots For Hot Weather

Did you know that according to W.H.O though the exact number of snake bites is unknown, an estimated 5.4 million people are bitten each year with up to 2.7 million envenomings? Around 81 000 to 138 000 people lose their lives every year from snake bites, and more than three times as many amputations and … Read more

Best Waterproof Duck Hunting Jackets

Do you want to improve your hunting experience? A hunting jacket is no doubt an essential protective gear in the hunting world. As we all know, hunting weather conditions are harsh. This makes it dangerous and hard to tread. Therefore, you need maximum protection from heavy rains, snow, and bone-chilling winds. High-quality hunting jackets should … Read more

How to Dry Shoes Overnight: 7 Easy Hacks That Work.

How to dry shoes overnight is a common question asked by many. No one can deny that wearing wet shoes is unpleasant. Just the thought of it disgusts you, doesn’t it? While stepping in a muddy puddle or rain maybe a nightmare to you, wetness in the shoes may cause some adverse effects. The effects … Read more

Best Snake Boots 2021 Reviews

Always wear at least shoes when in venomous snake territory, preferably leather boots, and more preferably snake boots. The Best Snake boots are a very effective way to protect a person’s lower legs from the danger of snake bite.  While most leather boots will effectively stop fang penetration from most snakes, snake boots usually offer … Read more

Do Snakes Hibernate?

Snakes are reptiles. This category includes lizards, turtles and crocodiles. Reptiles are cold blooded. Snakes evolved from terrestrial lizards over 180 million years ago. The oldest snake fossil was known as, Eophis underwoodi. It was a small snake that lived in southern England. Snakes Habitat and Diet Snakes choose their habitat based on its species. … Read more

45 Amazing Snake Facts

The word snake is pretty frightening… right?  It is a phobia that is common which is okay considering the damage it can do to you, some snakes are poisonous and can kill you, fearing them is very much understandable. However, snakes are also amazing animals with amazing abilities. For example did you know that there … Read more

How to Treat a Rattlesnake Bite

Rattlesnakes account for more venomous snake bites in the USA than any other snakes combined. Rattlesnake bites account for an overwhelming amount of the venomous bites that occur in the Unites States, as they are the most prevalent venomous snakes and are found in all but three states in the USA (Maine, Alaska, and Hawaii). If … Read more