Are Portable Wheelchair Ramps Safe?

Portable wheelchair ramps make it easy for wheelchair and scooter users to move from one inclined place to the next.  People using wheelchairs and scooters need help accessing raised places like buildings or cars. Most of these ramps are strong enough to handle heavyweight and durable enough to stay in one place for a while. … Read more

Different Types Of Ramps and Their Uses

A wheelchair ramp is basically meant for people who are either disabled or too old to walk. Due to their limitation to walk, such people are forced to use a wheelchair for their movement needs.  A wheelchair is however very useful to such people as it makes them independent of other people. They are able … Read more

Wheel Chair Ramp Construction Requirements

Do not continue using the bizarre methods that you have been using in the past when moving a wheelchair to the required place. Such methods as getting some strong men to pick up the chair are so risky. Others which include one using a couple of boards and strategically placing the plank in a way … Read more