5 Best Cant Hooks for Logging

Wood working when young is fun. However, as we continue to work and age many things go beyond us. Suddenly our backs cannot bend any longer or it hurts so much to bend. Now imagine having to bend as you roll a log for an urgent project at hand. This is not only a daunting … Read more

The 5 Best Tree Felling Wedges

What do you do when it comes to controlling the timing and direction of a tree during felling? This is where the best felling wedges come in use. While ropes can also help in such situations, they are not designed for the task. Safety is always a priority, and felling wedges are necessary for safely … Read more

Best Hybrid Table Saws Review

What is the best hybrid table saw? This is a legitimate question for any wood worker. A hybrid table saw is now a popular tool among woodworkers. The need for a hybrid table saw cannot be overemphasized.  It can easily handle work in the field as well as large projects in your shop. With the … Read more

Why Is a Carpenter Pencil Flat?

When  working, you don’t have time to waste fumbling and searching for items. Time efficiency and convenience are essential for high-quality work. As a carpenter, you need a pencil for marking on surfaces. However, not any regular pen is suitable for the job. This particular one, known as a carpenter pencil, is the right one … Read more

The Best Machinist Squares for Woodworking

So which is the best Machinist Square in the Market Today? A machinist square or an engineer’s square is a very vital tool in the workshop. It has numerous uses making it very important to choose the best machinist square for the job you have at hand. Unlike other squares, the engineer square gives you … Read more

The Best Machinist Squares for Woodworking

If you are a metalworker, then you should be aware that getting the best machinist squares is the key to producing better results from your work. Although there are a variety of tools that can see you through, getting those proper tools could be hectic; especially with the many advertisements that may sound too good … Read more

Best Brake Flaring Tool To Buy

best brake flaring tools

Piping is the backbone of any assembling project. It holds parts together and provides a stable foundation for a more massive structure. Without a concrete foundation, the entire construction is likely to crumble. Therefore, the pipes need to fit together. Using certain tools such as flaring tools help to adjust and make the tubes more … Read more

Single Bevel Vs. Double Bevel Miter Saw: Which Is the Best Pick

The common goal of both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts is to achieve efficiency and accuracy of cuts. A bevel miter saw is the best way to achieve consistent angled cuts. With a miter saw, you can make cuts such as bevel cut, cross-cut, miter cut, and compound cut. Besides, it is applicable in detail … Read more

5 Best Digital Calipers for Machinists

As a machinist, you already know that the accuracy of your cuts depends on the precision of the tools that you use. Inaccuracies may result in parts not fitting or working correctly. It may also compromise the safety of the project on which you are working. So what is the best way to attain accuracy … Read more