Best Concrete Saw Reviews and Buyers Guide

Concrete saws come in handy for workmen working in the construction industry. They give higher performances and are tough hence it’s a priority when targeting accuracy. They equally are versatile. This makes it easy to cut through different materials of construction at the shortest time possible. The best concrete saws can work on bricks, tiles, paving and other concrete materials.

Purchasing a concrete saw should come with a lot of considerations based on the size, shape, price, purpose and performance. It is advisable to buy a very costly saw for a minor task, similarly it would not be recommendable to buy a smaller concrete saw for a heavy duty purpose. Therefore, putting your money where it is worth is essential in this case.

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If you are not sure what will work for you, it is wise to ask the experts for a better option or recommendations on stores to get what suits you at an affordable price. Check the package that the saw is delivered in. It should be having all the necessities you paid for to prevent you from going through too much hassle trying to gather parts to assemble. Some concrete saws come with heavy-duty wheel for added efficiency.

5 Best Concrete Saws Review

Makita EK6101 14-Inch 61 cc Power Cutter

The Makita EK6101 14-inch 61cc Power Cutter comes with a start capacitator with a recoil spring that can store the electrical energy which results in minimal starting force when pulling. It has an Air Scavenging mode of recovering 75% of the fuel left unburned and equally fuel consumption is reduced by at least 20%.Makita-EK6101-14-Inch-61-cc-Power-Cutter During cutting, the pressure applied causes vibration. The front engine mounts assist in absorbing this vibration through a detaching method. The filter has a greater durability due to the larger surface inverted intake system and intervals of services. More air is delivered through the cyclonic intake hence increasing the life of the air filter. The package includes a universal wrench, torx wrench, screwdriver and an adapter ring.


  • This saw offers accuracy in cutting and can be easily repaired incase a new filter is needed. The repair businesses are available in various places.
  • The Makita EK6101 power cutter comes fully packaged making it easier to have the unit rebuilt. The repair businesses in most towns can offer assistance with small engine problems.
  • It is a 2 cycle saw and additionally can make horizontal cuts. It is easier to carry because it is lighter compared to other brands. It can be equally used for slabs that are concrete and pavers.
  • It is compact and efficiently powered by a 61cc engine for tough cutting applications on concrete.


  • The package is equipped with everything else apart from the blade. This may be tiresome to search for the suitable blade that fits the saw if you do not know places to buy.
  • For users who would prefer a 4 cycle kind, this saw may not be a good option for them to opt for.
  • The package does not include batteries.

Evolution DISCCUT1 12” Disc Cutter, Orange

The Evolution DISCCUT1 12” comes with a supplied 12” diamond blade that cuts through stones, concrete or bricks and easily achieves a cutting depth of 4 inches when in use. The blade can be replaced in a simple way due to the mechanism of the spindle lock. Additionally, the safety guard can be adjusted in the process. Aside from being easy to use, the front, mid-position and rear handles are designed to support and give accuracy during cutting in either vertical or horizontal modes. On top of this, it is environment friendly as it does not release harmful fumes hence can be used in areas that are enclosed.

Evolution DISCCUT1 12" Disc Cutter, Orange


  • The Evolution Disc Cutter makes it easier to cut the most known robust materials, concrete or the toughly reinforced concrete materials.
  • It is easier to use and can work effectively in enclosed areas due to its ideal electric motor that does not emit harmful fumes.
  • It offers a soft-grip and come with handles that support it hence helps a great deal in cutting accurately and equally carrying it without difficulty.
  • Offers a higher cutting capacity with a depth of about 4” at maximum. This way, the lock mechanism makes it easier and quicker to replace the blade.


  • It is not recommended to put a blade of 14” in the saw. However, once the guard is removed, using the same blade can have slight chances of working.
  • The saw cannot be used for wet cutting since the tool itself is an electric kind. It lacks a water port that can be effective when there is need to mist the blade.
  • The saw does not have adjustment on the cutting depth. Its guards can be easily loosened or locked but the cuts cannot be adjusted.


MK Diamond 161195 MK-2001SV Electric Masonry Saw

The MK Diamond 161195 MK-2001SV is a high quality masonry saw that comes at a price worth its services. The Masonry saw is designed with an innovative and unique open back to allow easy cutting of larger materials.

MK Diamond 161195 MK-2001SV Electric Masonry Saw

On top of all this, the MK Diamond has a blade shaft built with heavy-duty bearings that are lubricated permanently for longer maintenance. The aluminum blade guards has water tubes made of stainless steel which prevents rusting or bending. Additionally, for easy transportation, it comes equipped with fork lift brackets. All these features make this saw an outstanding fit and choice for carrying out heavy- duty activities at a wider range.


  • The MK-2001SV is designed in a powerful way that allows cutting of materials up to 16” long and has a water supply that is adjustable to keep the blade protected.
  • The package comes equipped with one MK-2001SV electric saw, a rip guide, electric water pump and a 14-inch diamond blade.
  • It is easier to use since it has an on and off switch to control the level of the user safety.
  • It is easier to transport the saw in the needed sites because of its lift brackets.
  • It does not require batteries to perform its duties.


  • The water pump needs its own power source to work effectively.
  • Cannot be used in enclosed areas because of the dust material.
  • The packaging is not impressive despite being well built. It comes in a make shift box and can be easily damaged before reaching the buyer.
  • There could be a few glitches following the manual in regards to the requirements hence contradicting how the saw works actually.
  • The MK-2001SV does not come with a receipt which should be a concern as a business write-off.


SKILSAW SPT79A-10 7” Walk Behind Worm Drive for Concrete

The SKILSAW Walk Behind is a highly durable concrete saw that offers an entire system of cutting through a worm drive power. It comes with a folding handle which can be extended to greater heights and still be easily stored and transported. Its housing is made of aluminum die-cast and has brackets that prevent rusting on the guard and foot. Additionally, the fasteners are corrosive-resistant hence increases durability. SKILSAW SPT79A-10 7” Walk Behind Worm Drive for ConcreteTo improve stability, the SKILSAW has oversized wheels and foot. Equally, the tool’s life is extended through increased cooling of the field motor. It also offers a wet or dry system of managing dust.


  • Comes with a hose fitting suitable for wet cutting.
  • Works perfectly when cutting the joints in a concrete.
  • The saw is lighter in weight and well -built making it easy to handle.
  • Cuts straight lines as described in the manual without using much effort.
  • The parts are easy to assemble when intending to put it to work.
  • With a better blade, the saw works effectively and cuts a depth of about 2-inches.
  • Enables to improve control and reduce fatigue through the two-finger trigger mode.
  • The cleaner cuts dust can be managed easily through the system control.
  • Does not require batteries as an alternative to function.


  • The SKILSAW has to be adjusted to increase its cutting depth.
  • The package does not come with a blade. You will need to buy one from best recommended stores.
  • Compared to a saw that is gas powered, using this saw is a bit slower.
  • Use of water connection is advised to prevent dust from spreading.


Makita 4100KB 5” Dry Masonry Saw, with Dust Extraction

TheMakita 5” saw is effective and powerful for dry-cutting purposes. It can be used to cut concrete materials, tiles or masonry. It comes with a 13 amp motor and a port of dust extraction to extract dust. Its cutting depth goes up to 16” on a 90 degree angle cutting applications. Makita 4100KB 5” Dry Masonry Saw, with Dust ExtractionThe saw is attached to a guide rail adapter that is optional but convenient to increase the cutting accuracy. The extraction port swivels up to 360 degrees during its applications. For greater visibility, the Makita 5” saw comes with a transparent dust cover for the upper guard.


  • The saw is designed with a top handle to increase comfort while in use.
  • The dust protected trigger enhances its durability by preventing contamination of dust on the tool.
  • Has an adjustable depth gauge lever responsible for adjusting to the depth choice of the user.
  • Comes with a guide rail that is optional to use if there is need to make straight cutting or accurate one.
  • Has a 1-year-30 day warranty.
  • Can be used with water in limits since it does not work like a wet saw.


  • Does not work like a wet saw hence cannot be submerged in water to keep it wet.
  • The depth can be adjusted but the angle cuts cannot.
  • The saw cannot support 220 voltage.
  • The saw does not work with a wooden blade.
  • The saw cuts a depth of 2” hence for additional depth cuts, it will take several passes.
  • The dust collection system is ineffective.


Benefits of Using The Best Concrete Saw

  1. Choosing the right product for your activity will yield you good results. The best concrete saw is highly effective in getting the job done. Having the preference of selecting the saws that use discs will determine the versatility and performance during application. This is however, limited when it comes to depth adjustment.
  2. On the other hand, selecting concrete saws that use chain options increases the depth advantage as it can be easily adjusted to fit the intended purpose. This also comes with a disadvantage whereby the tools are less easy to use.
  3. The concrete saws come in another preference of either wet or dry cuts. Dry cuts tend to generate a lot of dust compared to wet cut hence the wet cut kind of saws are ideal for indoor cutting purposes. Where water is not applicable, the dry cuts can consume a lot of time but they still come in handy.
  4. Choosing the right concrete saw ensures you have it easy to use hence not using too much effort. This will help save on time and effort. This type of concrete saw that offers this will be more costly but effective to get your job done on time.
  5. Concrete saws with ergonomic handles have grips and are designed to be light in weight and compact. They also come with heavy duty wheels, minimum vibration, low noise and dust collection. All these make it easier to use and are features to look out for.
  6. If you have a wider range of materials to be cut in any site, it is advisable to go for a corded concrete type of saw. If you are working away from a reliable power source, consider carrying a battery as an alternative counterpart.
  7. When working on heavy duty tasks, it is recommended to use the gas powered sources though it could be a little messy due to the mixing of gases and oils.
  8. For individuals working on a budget, it is essential to consider the cost. However, there is a far relation between quality and cost. To get the best performance, you will have to spend more to reduce future troubling performance of buying a cheaper product.


     Frequently Asked Questions On Concrete Saws

 Q: What is the proper maintenance of a concrete saw?

When properly taken care of, a concrete saw can last for the longest time possible and still maintain its usefulness and cutting prowess. It is advisable to check on the concrete saw regularly to ensure its pats are working properly.


Q: How safe is it to use a concrete saw?

It is very dangerous to operate with a concrete saw without wearing protective clothing. Ensure you put on the right gear for safety before and during the use of a saw. The protective gears include goggles, gloves, breathing mask, hard hat and the necessary clothing.

Q: Will I be able to use my right-handed concrete saw if I’m left handed?

Yes. It is highly possible as most left-handed tools work well for right-handed people and vice versa.

Q: Is it necessary to mix oil and fuel prior to putting in the machine?

Mixing the oil with fuel ensures smooth running of the machine and provide lubrication to reduce resistance.

Q: what is the effect of the concrete saw heating up?

Overworking the saw without the application of a coolant can result to the machine overheating whereby the wires can easily catch fire being a problem to both the user and the machine.

Q: what is the difference between two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines and which one is better?

When looking for a fast tool, the two-stroke engine is the best but when looking to effectively use your tool for many years ahead without the hassle of replacing, then the four-stroke engine is the way to go.

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There are many available choices on the market but choosing an ideal concrete saw for your intended purpose can be quite a task. You need to purchase a concrete saw that comes with an outstanding engine and a blade of great strength. Many of the concrete saws in the market are equally versatile but that does not mean they can both work efficiently. Consider taking some time to inquire or research to find the best concrete saw for your needs.

This will make it easier to narrow down to a conclusion on your preferred option. The mentioned above are some of the best concrete saws the market has to offer. The information can help you pick your choice of product or give you details on what to look for through checking the entire products listed. If you seek a concrete saw that is cost effective, check on the features and equally match your needs. Otherwise, consider usability, the package, versatility and durability. A good concrete saw can help you break down neat lines as it is one of the toughest tools in the industry of construction. Getting sharp blades for the purchased concrete saws is a task to consider for better results.