Best Machinist Tool Box

Are you tired of always getting your workplace messy? Whether a welder, a handyman, a mechanic, or a DIYer, you all need one item in common, a toolbox. This is the long-lasting solution to your storage problem. It allows you to organize and store your tools in an accessible way. Besides, having a toolbox enhances mobility when working in different places. However, choosing the right toolkit can be confusing if you do not know what to keep in mind. Some of the factors to consider are; Security, space, organization, and durability, among others. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive review of the best machinist tool boxes, just for you. So let’s dive into it.

6 Best Machinist Tool Box

Trinity TWM-3501 Wood Toolbox

Do you need a toolbox to keep and organize your small tools and parts? Then trinity toolbox is your best option. It has eight pull out drawers for storage purposes. It stores tools separately in an organized manner and within reach. With a dimension of 20.75” W*10.5” D *13.5” H, the toolbox weighs 23.6 pounds. Its inner lining gives protection to your tools hence providing their durability.Trinity TWM-3501Toolbox

You will appreciate its stylish and neat look. Its rich mahogany color finish enhances its refined and sophisticated look. Furthermore, the trinity toolbox also features nickel-plated corners, hardware, and handles that give it modern look and durability. Besides, you can also easily fold and store away the front cover when using the toolbox. Another great benefit is security. The front lid gives protection by concealing every drawer.

Are you afraid of causing damage to your work surface? Worry no more. The toolbox has silicone feet. Therefore, you can place it on any surface without causing scratches or damages. It is also versatile, which is an added advantage. The versatility means that you can use the toolbox for other purposes, such as storing jewelry, crafts, and art supplies.


  • It is one of the best toolboxes for your money.
  • It has a beautiful vintage appearance.
  • Tools are easy to reach.
  • The toolbox keeps small tools separate and well organized.
  • The green felt lining protects your stored tools.
  • It has a silicone stand that protects your surfaces from scratches.
  • It is also versatile and durable.


  • It only comes in a brown color.

Kennedy Manufacturing 52611B 11-Drawer Machinist’s Tool Box Chest

Its dimension of 8.5” *26.8” *18 inches and 69 pounds’ weight, makes it durable and spacious for keeping your tools and hardware. Furthermore, the toolbox comes with 11 drawers. It also features six drawer dividers that you can adjust for the organization of a different variety of tools.

With 22-gauge industrial-grade metal in each drawer and 60 pound-rated friction drawer slides, the toolbox is designed for precision tools. Although it lacks a cloth lining in its construction, its felt-lined drawers keep the precision tools safely aligned in place.

You will appreciate that you can fully conceal all the drawers by dropping the front panel. You can also store it at the bottom when using the chest. Furthermore, the panel is designed with a tubular locking system that prevents anyone from assessing your tools without you letting them.


  • The brand is a respected name when it comes to precision tool storage.
  • The toolbox makes a great gift since it has been used as a rite of passage for machinists.
  • Its smaller size allows it to fit in small places that large size could not.
  • It comes with a secure locking system.
  • The toolbox has a high storage capacity with its many drawers and dividers.
  • The heavy-duty friction drawer slides can hold up to 90 pounds.
  • Its wool-lined drawers offer protection to precision tools.


  • The lack of ball bearings slides is disappointing to some users.
  • 22-gauge steel construction causes shipping issues.
  • Some users have received dented products due to poor handling.

Husky H52CH6TR9HD Industrial 52-inch Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

The husky brand is known for its durable products. The toolbox is constructed using high-grade 18-gauge steel construction. It is further painted by a black powder coat for its industrial finishing. The cabinet has practical handles with several 5” *2inch castors. You will appreciate the bottle opener on the side when you need a drink.

Since this is a combination, the top box can be removed when you have work outside your garage. How thoughtful is that? Furthermore, both chests have an internal locking system to secure your tools. With its ball-bearing slides, it allows smooth and easy movement of the nine drawers. Do you tend to bang your drawers when you are working? The chest features a soft-close retention system to enable you to close the drawers in a quiet and secure way

The heavy-duty drawers have liners and can support up to 120 pounds. The manufacturer cares for your safety, and hence the aluminum edge guards protect you against injuries when you bump into the box. Besides, it adds to the smooth, stylish look of the unit.

The back of the unit has a large magnetic plate to store your favorite items. Also, it offers convenience with its built-in power strip and two USB ports.


  • It is spacious with fresh designs.
  • The unit is easy to assemble and organize.
  • Due to its construction material, the toolbox is durable and will last for many years.
  • It also comes with extra accessories.


  • There have been complaints about shipping. Some people have reported damage to the products.
  • The cabinet is hefty.
  • It is also a bit pricey.

 Harbor Freight US General Series 2 #64281 44-Inch Tool Cabinet

The company has earned a reputable image among mechanics when it comes to making useful tools for storage units. With a size of 44-inches, the roller cabinet has 14,000 cubic inches of overall storage space. Besides, it is constructed with welded 18-gauge steel and finished using an industrial powder coat paint. Furthermore, you will love the locking swivel feature and the heavy-duty casters. This makes the unit stable and easy to move around when you are working.

The 13 full capacity drawers rock a complete extension of ball bearing slides. The slides are double for the larger drawers. This is to ensure that it can support the weight of the heavy tools and also facilitates its smooth performance. Furthermore, the unit features non-slip drawer liners, barrel lock, and secure detents to keep your items safe and secure. It is not only sturdy, but it is also efficient and practical. It is perfect for any workspace.


  • The two optional side cabinets provide extra storage.
  • It has specialized features that are practical.
  • The drawers function correctly.
  • The unit is robust and secure.
  • The inner linings of the drawers protect the tools from getting damaged.
  • The organization is easy thanks to its double bank configuration design.
  • The drawers have a depth of almost 19.5 inches.
  • Moving the unit is easy, and it will not roll anywhere because of its swiveling and locking wheels.


  • There have been rare issues with the locking system.
  • Complaints regarding the drawer layout.

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox

Would you like to maintain an organized workshop? Craftsman 3-drawer toolbox does not disappoint. It is sturdy and reliable in its use. Even though it is not as big as the other units we have mentioned, it still protects and store tools that you are likely to use. It features a lid activated locking system that allows you to access the tools easily.

With its comfortable top handle, you can easily carry your toolbox wherever you need it. It further ensures your safety thanks to its heavy-duty draw bolt that latches and keeps the lid closed. Besides, the staple and hasp design provide for padlock use, thus enhancing the security of your property.

However, if you prefer the ball bearing mechanism, you will be disappointed. The drawers slide smoothly, giving you easy access through an ingenious compound action. It is also convenient due to its ability to lock automatically when the lid is closed. The toolbox is durable and will serve you for many years to come because of its heavy-duty construction material.


  • Built-in hasp and staple system enhances security.
  • It has premium-grade drawbolt latches.
  • The drawers slide smoothly with compound action.
  • The hinged lid gives easy access to the tray.
  • It is durable hence a wise investment.
  • The toolbox features a portable 3- drawer design.
  • The design is practical and reliable.


  • It lacks a ball-bearing mechanism.

Thor Kitchen HTC7215W 72-Inch Tool Chest with Work

With a dimension of 72” L*18” W*37.5” H and a weight of 326 lbs, this stainless steel toolbox is a heavy-duty piece of work. It further comes with 15 drawers, which provide lots of space for storage and organization of tools. With its anti-fingerprint design, it is truly a beauty to have in any workspace. Furthermore, the design makes the unit easy to clean in case of spillage.

It also has four 4*6 inch swiveling castors and stainless handles that make it easy to move around. The ball bearing slides can hold up to 100 pounds. Besides, it allows the smooth opening and closing of the drawers. You will appreciate its rubber drawer linings that prevent your tools from moving around, thereby keeping them safe and secure.

The tool chest features a rubberwood on its top surface. This allows you to use it as a work surface while guaranteeing safety. More so, the stainless steel material makes the unit durable and operational for many years.


  • It contains multiple storage drawers hence helping in tool organization.
  • The rubber top surface can be used as a work table with easy access to your tools.
  • With its locking system, the drawers are secured.
  • It features an anti-fingerprint design that makes it easy to clean.
  • The aluminum handles ensure the durability of the unit.
  • The swiveling heavy-duty wheels allow easy mobility of the toolbox


  • The toolbox is mostly sold through third-party thereby, resulting in issues with shipping and customer service.


Why You Should Use a Machinist Toolbox


When you own numerous tools and pieces, it is only convenient that you find an excellent place to keep them. Therefore, the toolkit provides a perfect place for the storage of your tools. It also makes it easy for you to access them.


Do you find it difficult to access the tools that you need? There is a need for an organization system when you own numerous tools. Having a toolbox will enable you to achieve some form of organization hence making your life easy. It allows you to separate your items by using drawer dividers. Therefore, you could store your tools into different categories, such as screwdrivers, bolts, hammers, saws, among others.


Buying tools is expensive. Having damaged tools can only mean buying another. You don’t want that, do you? Therefore, you need to protect your tools from getting damaged. The toolbox is perfect for this purpose. With the felt-lined drawers, your devices are protected from sliding and hitting each other, which could result in dents. It also prevents scratches.


When you are working, you will definitely move from one area to another. Therefore, for convenience, you will need to take your tools with you. And what better way than a toolbox! Some lightweight tool boxes are easily portable. Furthermore, features such as high duty wheels and individual removable drawers enhance ease of movement with the tools.


Do you want to stop losing your tools? Then get yourself a toolbox. It secures all your items in one place, therefore, ensuring that you do not misplace them. Some of the toolkits have an exclusive lock mechanism that makes it impossible for any outsider to access your tools. This prevents any theft of your items. The front panel also conceals the drawers from elements. Besides, the toolbox has a secure latch to prevent the drawers and tools from sliding out.


It is exhausting to buy a new storage unit every time you increase your tools. Therefore, it is wise to get a toolbox for your expanding needs. A tool cabinet is appropriate for its high capacity and ability to be stacked and expanded. With your growing business, you will need more tools, and therefore, you need an expandable tool storage system.


The toolbox is a durable product thanks to its heavy-duty construction materials. This makes it last longer and provide the best performance. Therefore, a toolbox is a wise investment when you consider its benefits against its price. Furthermore, with its organization and easy accessibility, the toolbox saves you time and improves your productivity.


You can also use the toolbox for various due to its high-quality features. The specialized designs and stylish looks make it an excellent option for other uses. Apart from keeping your tools, you can also use it as a jewelry box or for storing art supplies and crafting. Do not limit the use of a toolbox, instead, get creative and consider other options.

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Features to Look For When Choosing A Toolbox

Although many toolboxes may have the same look with pretty much the same drawers and locking systems. There are specific factors that you have to consider to suit your needs.

Storage capacity

When considering storage capacity, you should have in mind the type and number of tools that you have. You should also know how you want to organize the tools. An ordinary toolbox is enough for a small number of items. However, if you have an extensive collection of tools or planning to expand, it is in your best interest to go for the tool cabinet.

Durable frame

There is no doubt that tools are heavy. Although the volume capacity is an essential factor, weight capacity is more crucial when selecting a toolbox. You need a toolkit that will not crumble underweight. Therefore, you need one made from heavy-duty materials and have a double-wall construction for more durability.


Your drawers should be spacious enough to allow the storage and functional organization of your tools. The edges of the drawer should also be rolled to add rigidity. Furthermore, you should go for a stamped drawer bottom for more strength and durability, especially when storing heavy tools. A flush design may also go a long way in saving space.

Locking system

One of the purposes of a toolbox is to secure your items. For this, you need a reliable locking system. Most tool chests have tubular lock mechanism which locks or unlocks single or all drawers. Others have traditional padlock options. Whatever your choice is, be sure to get the best security for your tools.


With this, there are two types in toolboxes. The friction slides that are more immune to failure and only needs frequent lubrication. It is also easy to reassemble. The second type is the ball bearing slides that are faster, quiet, and efficient in performance. You should, however, consider the weight capacity of the roller bearings. Besides, look for a fully extendable slide.


Tool chests with casters or wheels improve mobility to other places. They should be heavy duty with rubber coating for grip and to dampen the rolling noise. Furthermore, a locking and swiveling system allow stability and security when moving the tool storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I clean my toolbox?

A: Maintaining a toolbox is pretty straightforward. If it has wheels, lubricate them frequently with grease. Also, lubricate the slides at least twice a year. When cleaning the drawers and other surfaces, use clean water and a gentle detergent. You can also preserve your tool chest shine by applying car wax. In case of any grease, grime, or oil, use a degreasing solution to clean.

Q2: What should I consider when choosing a toolbox

A: First, consider space. Your toolbox should have enough space to store and organize all your items. It should also have extra space in case you add more tools. Second, look for durable construction material, preferably steel. Also, consider ball bearing slides for smooth sliding drawers. Next, consider the weight of the toolbox. Besides, stable wheels and durable handle enhances mobility.

Q3: What are the types of machinist toolboxes?

A: There are three types available; a tool cabinet, tool chest, and mobile workbench. A tool chest does not have ample storage drawers hence making them easily portable. They can be used beneath a workbench or on a tool cabinet to maximize storage. A tool cabinet is a heavy-duty with a lot of storage space. You can use it best used in a permanent location. A mobile workbench is the same as a tool cabinet though lighter and easy to move around. Its finished top surface can also be used for work.

Final thoughts

Choosing a tool chest that meets your specific needs is complicated than an average toolbox. However, we hope that this article has provided you with valuable information on how to choose a suitable machinist toolbox for your needs. A useful toolbox should allow you to keep, organize, and reach your tools efficiently. It should also provide excellent operation for many years to come without breaking the bank.