Best Wooden Ceiling Fan

You are probably aware that a ceiling fan can be a life savior during the summer period. The fans are usually made from various materials such as plastic, iron, and aluminum, among others. However, wood is the best material for a ceiling fan. What makes wood a better material is its ability to perform quietly, thereby making them ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

So, do you love the look of wood on ceiling fans? Well, you are not alone on this. The wooden ceiling fan provides a natural smooth look in a space. Whether you are upgrading your area or replacing a damaged fan, the wooden ceiling fan is the way to go. It not only provides you comfort during different weather conditions, but it also offers an aesthetic look to your home. The fans come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, thereby providing you with vast options to choose from. Here is our review of the ten best wooden ceiling fans in the market.

Top 10 Wooden Ceiling Fan Reviews

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BS Maverick Ceiling Fan

Are you living in a damp and patio location? Then this fan is for you. With a dimension of 60″ in diameter and 13.7″ in height, the Maverick outdoor ceiling weighs 8.1 lbs. With its sleek modern silhouette and handcrafted balsa wood blades, the fan provides an elegant look for any room. It features 3-blade design, and the blade can cover 60″ area to offer the best airflow in your area. This transitional ceiling fan also comes with an extra-long cord.

You will appreciate the wobble-free operation that enables it to work quietly and efficiently. Besides, its balanced motor provides more power and uses 70% less energy. Meaning that it saves up to 50% energy. ┬áThe maverick fan makes an excellent art ideal for a large or covered area, and its 60″ blade provides the best speed to maximize airflow.

Furthermore, the ceiling fan is suitable for 350-400 sq FT. Meaning that the rooms should be 20″*20″ or more. Also, it’s handheld remote control features a reversing function and six speeds for smooth operation. You will have various options to choose from, thanks to its different finish options such as; Koa, quicksilver, grey, rubberized white, and dark walnut blades.


  • The balsa wood makes it look elegant and beautiful
  • The fan comes with a damp rating.
  • The handheld remote boosts its efficiency.
  • It comes with an energy-efficient DC motor.
  • You can make use of it in covered outdoor areas.
  • It comes in 3 blade sweeps.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The fan provides maximum airflow in a space.
  • It works quietly and efficiently.


  • The fan is made of wood.

Casa Vieja Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is designed explicitly for damp covered locations. If you are a lover of oil rubbed bronze finish, then this model is your best option. Not only does the solid wood blade and the oil rubbed bronze finish make a cohesive look, but it further makes it smooth and beautiful.

The fan has a canopy size of 6″ wide, 21/2″ high and motor size of 188*25mm. In order to provide the best service, the fan comes with a 60″ blade span, 6″ down rod, and a 22-degree blade pitch. Furthermore, it comes with three speeds; low, medium, and high. It provides efficient airflow of 103 cubics per minute and uses 62 watts of energy.

However, the fan is not suitable for places with humid climates and saltwater exposure. Be sure to mount it at least 10 feet from your floor for safety. This modern ceiling fan also features a handheld remote control. The remote has a manual reverse airflow function. Also, there are six types of oil brushed bronze finish available in the market. Casa Vieja presents stylish and innovative fan designs for different preferences.


  • It provides efficient airflow with its speed.
  • It comes with handheld remote control.
  • The ceiling fan works quietly at all speeds.
  • It is both functional and stylish.
  • It comes in different varieties of finishes.
  • The industrial looking ceiling is easy to install


  • The fan is not suitable for humid climates and exposure to saltwater.

Matthews IR3H-TB-WA-42 Irene 42″ Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan

Made from cast aluminum and heavy steel, this textured bronze finish ceiling fan is probably one of the best ceiling fans in the market. Not only is it rustic, but it is also strikingly modern with its neatly joined solid walnut wooden blades. This is a cutting figure that makes it completely unique from any other fans available. You will find it incredibly stylish with an elegant appeal.

The Matthews outdoor ceiling fan has a natural and warm appeal even though it has been streamlined. With a dimension of 42″ diameter,10″ height, and a flush mount base of 7″ diameter, the fan weighs 11 lbs. Furthermore, it comes with a 10″ down rod, which allows flexibility during installation.

The three walnut wood blades measure 42″, 52″ or 60″ in diameter. The 42″ span has a 15-degree blade pitch while the DC motor CFM is 3742.69 on high speed. With its reversible DC Motor and six speeds, the fan offers high torque at a low rate. This provides your home with maximum airflow with low energy consumption.

The fan is extremely quiet, thanks to its new reliable technology on the reversible motor and energy-efficient features. It is recommended for use on ceiling heights of 7″ 10″ or more and is suitable for damp locations. Besides, the fan comes with a handheld remote control for more efficiency in its operation. Aside from the remote control, the inclusion of in-wall wireless control is a pleasant surprise.


  • It is well balanced and smooth in its operation.
  • It features a handheld remote control.
  • The fan is energy efficient.
  • It offers maximum airflow quietly.
  • The ceiling fan is lightweight and, therefore, easy to install.
  • It comes in a variety of wood finishes.
  • The fan is absolutely stunning with its rustic, yet modern look.


  • It is costly compared to others available in the market.

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

Are you looking to upgrade your space with a unique design ceiling fan? Minka-Aire fan is all you need to make a style statement. It is one of the best indoor fans with its distressed Koa body. It measures 13.5″ from its bottom to the ceiling.

Furthermore, it features a blade sweep diameter of 52″ with a 48-degree blade pitch. With its 6″ downrod. It is easy to install. With its sleek look and versatility, the fan adds style and flair, thereby defining your room. Not only is it stylish with its design, but you will also be impressed with the fan’s convenience and functionality.

The three-speed remote feature gives you power in your hands. Meaning, that you can control the level of speed, whether it is cooling or heating, based on your preference. The remote further improves efficiency with its ability to control the full range of light dimming.

You can also use the fan for larger rooms, thanks to the customizable downrod design. The downrods are available in 60, 48, 36, 24, 12, and 3.5 inches configurations. It gives consistent comfort with maximum airflow even while you are sleeping any time of the year. With its dimmable LED lights, you don’t need to keep replacing bulbs.


  • It makes a unique centerpiece in any space
  • The DC motor is energy efficient.
  • With its handheld remote, you have power in your hands.
  • It features a dimmable LED light
  • It operates full speed with minimum noise
  • The fan is easy to install
  • it provides high airflow in any space.
  • You can customize the downrod for larger rooms or areas.


  • It is of poor quality
  • It wobbles slightly at high speed.
  • The fan is more on the artistic side than functionality.

Rivet Modern Cylindrical Base Remote Control Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

If you want to bring a futuristic look into your space, then this brushed nickel ceiling fan is your best option. With four wooden blades, LED centered lighting and a steel housing, this modern ceiling fan is unique and stylish in design. The fan has a dimension of 72*72*9.8 inches and a weight of 19.95 lbs. It is only suitable for indoors.

With a DC motor, 6-speed function control, and 18 watts LE light, the system is efficient in its operation. The reverse feature on the remote control allows you to have better speed control. Because it may take time to balance the fan, you should hire a professional for installation to avoid any potential; problems. You should not worry about the delay on the speed that you might encounter. It picks up speed with time and works just fine.

As an indoor-only fan, you should use it in large or medium rooms because of their excellent energy efficiency. The presence of remote control means easy control of temperatures for maximum comfort. Besides, the fan moves air well, and it is generally efficient.


  • It moves more air.
  • The fan is lightweight and easy to install.
  • It works smoothly and quietly.
  • It is energy efficient.


  • Its led lights still glow even when switched off.
  • The sensor is pretty big.
  • The blades are made of light wood material.

Royal Pacific Lighting 1072OB Scrapper 3 Modern Ceiling Fan

This model is suitable for larger rooms. It comes with a unique wood blade design that will improve the look of your space. With a measurement of 60*60*11.4 inches, the Royal Pacific ceiling fan weighs 17 lbs. It will definitely catch your eyes with its stunning style. Furthermore, it features a handheld remote controller for more efficiency.

It also offers a 3-speed reversible motor and 60″ blade sweep. You will be impressed with its quietness even at high speed. Furthermore, the broad blade sweep moves air efficiently trough out any time of the year. You can also further extend the blade sweep to 36″ by using the remote control. Generally, it is one of the best wood ceiling fans in the market if you refer to wood blades.

The fan also contains a manual that provides information on how to use the fan properly. You will also find it easy to install the fan if you are familiar with the installation process. With your remote control at hand, you can control the airflow speed at your own convenience. It also comes in oil rubbed bronze finish.


  • It comes with three-speed levels
  • A handheld remote control is a fantastic feature of this fan.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • It provides consistent airflow for your comfort.
  • The modern ceiling fan has ABS blades
  • It provides a stylish look in a room.
  • It operates silently and does not wobble at high speed.
  • The box comes with clear instructions on how to use the remote control.


  • The remote is bulky and cheap looking.
  • It is a bit pricey for its quality

Minka-Aire F843-DK, Wave, 52″ Ceiling Fan

Are you looking for a functional energy-efficient fan without sacrificing style? Minka-Aire F843-DK is your solution. Boasting of a distressed Koa body and three Koa blades, this ceiling fan looks amazing. It includes a 17 watt dimmable LED light that is energy efficient.

The contemporary fan also features a handheld remote control. This allows you to set the airspeed that you like and the level of brightness of your lights. The 3-speed remote control and reversible switch offer efficient air circulation during the summer and winter seasons.

The ceiling fan includes a 6-inch downrod that is suitable for ceilings under 10 feet. You can also purchase larger downrods separately. It comes with a blade sweep of 52 inches and a 12-degree blade pitch. With its unique and modern design, the fan is a blend of functionality and style. It works quietly and is energy efficient.


  • It has aesthetic appeal.
  • It provides excellent value for your money
  • The ceiling fan is easy to install
  • It works smoothly and quietly.
  • The remote control allows you easy control of both the speed and level of light brightness.
  • It moves the air efficiently for your comfort at any time of the year.
  • It also features the in-wall control bundle.


  • The remote is rather big.

Prominence Home 41301 Bali Breeze Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Are you looking for a fan with customizable features? Then look no more. The Prominence Home Breeze Fan is a perfectly stylish and practical modern ceiling fan that takes your space to another level. This charming design has a bronze finish with handcrafted leaf blades for a touch of elegance and flair in any room.

The blades are not only made from basswood and lightweight, but they also look classy and rustic. With the Tuscan glass fixtures for the light bulbs, the fan provides an excellent focal point in any space. Another exciting feature is that you can connect it with Alexa and Google Home for easy control of the system. However, this requires a bond home smart hub that comes separately.

With a dimension of 52* 19.5 inches, the fan weighs 17 lbs. It also comes with five blades and a reversible motor that works quietly. By using the 3-speed remote control, you can choose your preferred speed of moving air and the level of brightness of the light bulbs. During the winter period, you can use the reverse feature to circulate the warm air evenly. Be sure to combine your air conditioning system to your fan for maximum comfort.

The ceiling fan is suitable for rooms about 350-450 square feet. It can be living rooms, bedrooms, or even kitchens. Being ideal for indoor spaces, it is energy efficient and adds tropical charm to your room. You will appreciate the three mounting positions; they include angled mount, close mount, and downrod. The different mounting locations allow you to be creative and create a customized look. Besides, the Bazi Breeze fan comes with installation instructions that are easy to follow.


  • It has three mounting options.
  • The remote control includes the batteries.
  • It is suitable for average rooms.
  • The bronze and handcrafted leaf blades provide a stylish look.
  • The installation process is fast and straightforward.
  • It provides high quality and quiet performance.
  • It is energy efficient in both winter and summer.
  • The remote feature adds comfort and convenience.
  • It further comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It has a quiet and reversible motor and guarantees 100% satisfaction.


  • It lacks pull cords
  • Produces a slight hum.
  • The remote is tiny and looks cheap.

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan

The hunter ceiling fan is built to impress. With the brushed nickel color, it provides a calm appearance that compliments any space. Besides, it comes with a 52-inch blade span that makes it suitable for large rooms about 485 square feet. Furthermore, it provides three mounting position options.

The hunter indoor ceiling fan features three 6.5W energy-efficient LED bulbs. This illuminates your space and offers you control of the room ambiance. Also, you can control the dimming using a handheld remote control or wall control. Besides, the fan includes pull chains for speed adjustments and quick switching on and off.

The reversible mahogany blades and 3-speed whisper wind motor makes the fan to perform efficiently and quietly. It comes with a downrods measuring 2 and 4 inches. With the 13-degree angle and blade span measuring 52 inches, it provides compact size for moving air smoothly in large areas. Thanks to its natural wood blades, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged from moisture.

Gone are the days that you had to change your setting to fit the weather conditions. With this fan, its motor changes the direction of airflow to match the weather. Through this design, it minimizes excessive heating during cold months. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about massive energy bills because it is energy efficient. Improve your airflow, light your room, and minimize energy bills by using this hunter fan.


  • It provides impressive airflow in a room.
  • The fan is energy efficient
  • It performs smoothly and quietly.
  • It is excellent for all seasons, whether cold or hot seasons.
  • The fan includes pull chains for quick speed adjustments.
  • The light fixtures have a marble glass that makes it look appealing.
  • It provides three mounting system options.


  • The pull chain is noisy
  • Installation process may be tiresome
  • It has a short lifespan

Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Looking for a stylish ceiling fan? The Honeywell palm fan is worth your time. This damp-rated fan features palm leaf blades design and a bronze finish. Although it lacks a remote control, it is compatible with universal remotes.

The fan includes the traditional pull chains for easy on and off adjustments. Furthermore, the motor is conveniently quiet and reversible. Meaning that it can work in reverse during winter to circulate warm air in a given space.

Besides, it comes with a 52-inch blade and a 13-degree blade pitch, which is suitable for medium to large rooms like bedrooms and living rooms. It can also be used on well covered outdoors. Thanks to its 4″ downrod, it can be mounted in three different designs. This tropical ceiling fan will improve the appeal of your home.

You will be impressed with the steel construction of the blade housing, which makes it durable. This feature also makes the fan to efficiently distribute the air in a room. The fan has a blade span of 52 “with a 12-degree blade pitch, which makes the airflow impressive. It is not only energy-efficient, but it is also heat and humidity resistant.


  • It looks stylish and elegant.
  • It performs quietly and is energy efficient.
  • The fan can be mounted in different positions.
  • It is durable and efficient in moving air


  • It has design flaws

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Benefits of Wooden Ceiling Fan

Wooden ceiling fans have numerous benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. Apart from air circulation, the fan provides light to a room, among others. Therefore, to have a clear picture of what to look for in a fan, you should understand its various benefits. Here are a few advantages that you will love.

Lowering Temperature During Hot Conditions

The main aim of a ceiling fan is to reduce the heat of a room when it is hot. It can lower room temperature by about four to five degrees despite any other circumstances. This provides you with comfort and relief during the summer period. You can also connect it to your air conditioning system for maximum performance.

For Warmth During Winter

Usually, to cool a space, the ceiling fans work by pushing air towards the ground, thereby creating a breeze that cools your skin. However, during the cold season, you can adjust the blades to work in reverse. Meaning that the fan will push the cold air upwards hence forcing the warm air downwards and distributing it evenly in a room. This warm air keeps you warm during the winter seasons.

Lowers Energy Bills

The wooden ceiling fans have specialized features such as the DC motor that enable them to provide maximum performance by using less energy. The air is also well circulated and maintained at a constant temperature. Therefore, the thermostat won’t work as hard. Through minimum energy consumption, the fan cuts down your energy bills.

Source of Light

Most ceiling fans have light features. The lights can be in-built or include a light kit that can be used to put up light at the center of the fan. You can use the LED lights for ambient lighting for a room. Therefore, there is no need to use regular bulbs. It is also another way of reducing energy costs. Not only is the light fixture functional, but it also adds value to your space.

Used for Outdoor Spaces

The great advantage of the wooden ceiling fan is the ability to cool the outside areas. They are one of the fantastic ways to reduce the temperature in well-covered spaces such as deck, porch, and patio. They work the same way they work indoors by circulating air to cool the skin. It also helps in driving away the insects.

Quiet and Efficient Working

The ceiling fan operates silently thanks to the whisper wind motor feature that allows it to supply airflow at high speed without wobbling nor producing noise. This ensures your comfort throughout all seasons.

Aesthetic Look

Most wooden ceiling fans are not only functional, but they are also stylish and elegant with their sleek finishes. They are also handcrafted into different shapes and customized in unique designs. These fantastic designs add flair and class to any room they are installed in to. You can make a style statement for your home with the various models in the market.

Final Remarks

So, which is the best wooden ceiling fan? Before choosing a suitable option, you should consider all your needs. The ceiling fans come with different performance levels and specialized features. These features make them energy efficient while providing the best airflow in your space. When you are picking a wooden ceiling fan, ensure that it is functional as well as its aesthetic appeal. Meaning, the ceiling fan is likely to be the focal point of any space, and so should be stylish and elegant.

Remember that the material of construction determines the durability, functionality, and beauty of the product. Enjoy all seasons throughout the year by installing a high-quality wooden ceiling fan for maximum comfort.