5 Best Metal Engraving Machines

Are you looking for a way to add a personal touch to your business or gifts? Then why not use a metal engraving machine? Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, the metal engraving machine is a handy tool that you should have. It comes with endless possibilities to make unique products. Besides, with the flexibility the device provides, it is the easy way to customize any precious item you own. Humans have come a long way with their abilities and engraving techniques to put a mark on their objects for decoration purposes or for sending messages.

However, With the improved technology, the metal engraving machines have replaced the previous hand tools. The modern machines offer ease of work, accuracy, and precision with less fatigue. Today, anyone can own an entry-level machine at an affordable price. However, it may be challenging to choose one that is suitable for your needs if you don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, here is where we come in. With so many metal engraving machines on the market, you may not know how much to spend or what the factors that you need to consider. So, depending on your needs and budget, let’s get to it.

Top 5 Metal Engravers Machine

BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit with the Router Included

Do you want to get serious with cutting and engraving? Then this machine is for you. With a dimension of 25*19*25 inches and a weight of 26 pounds, the tool uses 115 volts in its operation. It is not the usual desktop engraving setup, but rather, the system uses a full rail system. This involves using a belt drive that uses the X and Y-axis.

You will appreciate that the machine operates with a java based application. This means that you can connect it to Linux, Windows, macOS, and even Raspberry Pi system. With this feature, you don’t need a full computer on hand for its operation. Furthermore, BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit is excellent for engraving harder materials and thicker woods. Not only does it cut full images from wood, but it also provides varying depths aside from outline. This machine will turn your designs into reality.

On the downside, when choosing this machine, you have to consider space because it takes up to a full table. Although it is an affordable option, it is best to use it in a woodworking garage but not vinyl or stickers. Furthermore, the machine lacks a slight learning curve that you can connect to a computer. This means that you need to have extra wood to test out your work before making the actual cuts.


  • Works with Linux, Windows, macOS and Raspberry Pi
  • It comes with Dewalt DW660 Router
  • Weighs 26 pounds
  • Woodcutter and engraver
  • Has a rigid laser cut frame
  • SG20U supported rail system
  • GT2 belt drive on X and Y-axis.
  • Simple and easy to follow online manuals.


  • Some users experience difficulty in assembling the machine.
  • It’s hardware configuration lacks a learning curve connected to a computer.

Orion Motor Tech 50W Co2 Laser Cutter Engraver

Do you want to make your designs into reality? Orion Motor Tech 50W Co2 Laser Cutter Engraver does that right. With its red and black design, the machine has an attractive look. It also features a 12* 20 work area and a power of 50W. Its large work surface allows you to handle a variety of materials. Furthermore, the machine boasts a cutting speed of 15.7 inches/sec and an engraving speed of up to 23.6inch/sec. You will find it applicable to several materials such as rubber, fabric, marble, ceramics, acrylic, wood, leather, cork, cardboard, and other non-metal surfaces.

Not only does it have a high precision stepper motor, but it also features a high-resolution standard optic. This feature provides for precision and accuracy in cutting and engraving. Besides, it also contains a cylinder rotary attachment to allow you to work on cylindrical items. And just like other brands, it features its own design software; therefore, you can use various software titles such as CAD.

Orion Motor Tech 50W Co2 Laser Cutter Engraver is made with safety in mind with its built-in air compressor. This feature provides a constant flow of air, thereby removing all combustible toxic gases and heat. With its 500 pounds weight, it is meant for an industrial site.


  • It has an advanced system that allows smooth operation.
  • It meets FDA standards.
  • Large work surface.
  • Has a red dot pointer.
  • It contains a rotary device.
  • You can upgrade it up to 60W by changing the power supply and laser engraver.
  • The device comes with a built-in air compressor.
  • It has a high cutting and engraving speed.
  • It has perfect accuracy and precision.


  • It does not work with Ios nor apple macOS platforms.
  • The machine is heavy hence not easy to move.
  • It is quite pricey.
  • Not suitable for metal items.

Mophorn Laser Cutting Machine 50W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Mophorn is a reputable brand in high-speed cutting machines. The Mophorn Laser Cutting Machine 50W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine is a powerful tool that boasts an air-assisted engraving feature. This feature removes the combustible gases and heat. It also has a substantial reinforced thick construction body that makes it durable and sturdy.

Furthermore, it also works with CorelDraw and AutoCAD programs. The CorelDraw allows fun learning and easy input of your designs

Although you cannot use it on metal, the machine works on any other material such as crystal, plexiglass, bamboo, and wood, among others. Besides, you can connect the device to a computer system by using a USB 2.0 Cable connection. Thanks to its CO2 glass tube with control panel, set speed, and power controls, you can efficiently operate the machine. The CO2 laser ensures the cooling of the device hence providing security. More so, it comes with a cylinder rotary attachment for engraving cylindrical objects.


  • It has a laser power of 50W.
  • It has a water cooling and protection system.
  • The machine comes with a cylinder rotary attachment.
  • Has an air-assisted engraving feature.
  • The machine has a thick reinforced body construction.
  • It is USB disk supported.
  • It is also compatible with other programs such as CorelDraw.


  • It lacks Z-axis lifting and focusing functions.
  • It is cumbersome.

VEVOR Laser Engraver 50W CO2 Laser Cutter

With a power of 50W and a working area of 300mm*500 mm, VEVOR Laser Engraver 50W CO2 Laser Cutter moves at a speed of 500 mm/sec. It has a dimension of 1020*650*630mm and weighs 65 kg. The machine is suitable for wood, plastics, rubber, textile, aerospace, specialty advertising, picture framing, industrial working, and sign making, among others. Although it has extensive use, it cannot cut nor engrave metals.

You will appreciate its ability to remove combustible gases and heat while working. This feature will prevent your material from burning during the engraving process. Furthermore, it features an inbuilt cooling fan that ventilates its system. With its CO2 glass laser tube, integrated framework design, and international standard power supply, the machine is of premium quality. The laser tube has a lifetime of up to 2000-4000hours.

Although this laser machine is on the high price side, it offers value for your money. Its system allows it to support USB port. This provides you with a choice to work without using a PC. It also works with programs such as CorelDraw, AutoCAD, and Photoshop to offer high-quality results. Besides, the laser machine comes with a visible red dot pointer and vector color mapping for maximum guidance.


  • The machine is of premium quality with its durable parts.
  • It offers powerful performance with specialized features.
  • It also comes with high protection, such as a built-in cooling fan and air assist engraving system.
  • The laser machine is versatile in its use.
  • It offers a work area of 300mm* 500mm with a speed of 500mm/s.
  • It is compatible with other advance software and supports many graphic formats.
  • The machine features a cylinder rotary attachment.


  • It is very pricey
  • It does not engrave nor cut metals.

TEN-HIGH Upgraded Version CO2 400x600mm 50W 120V Laser Engraving Cutting Machine with USB Port

When it comes to TEN-HIGH products, you can expect them to offer precisely what you want. This machine provides smooth operation by removing all that may get inside. With a work area of 400 * 600mm, it works perfectly on most non-metal materials such as leather, wood, bamboo, paper, glass, durable color plate, plywood, and acrylic, among others.

With the machine’s compatibility with window systems and advanced software like CorelLASER and laserDRW, it is easy to work with. It also comes with a USB port; therefore, you don’t need a full computer for its operation. Furthermore, the laser machine is equipped with an effective ventilation system to remove smoke, heat, and combustible gases.

This machine is built for your convenience, safety, and accuracy thanks to its specialized features like one-button control, red light system, built-in electric lift platform. When engraving, the system uses air-assist and water valves to prevent burning. The laser machine has a dimension of 1020*740*110mm and weighs 120kg.


  • It has a high quality, reliable laser tube.
  • With its electric automatic lifting system, the machine offers convenience and efficiency.
  • It works with windows and other advance software
  • It features a cover with laser suspension protection system for safer operation of the machine
  • The laser machine is made of industrial-grade metal laser head that is wear and heat resistant.
  • The red laser light system gives you visibility, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • It is worth the price with its low noise, excellent suction effect, high speed, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation treatment.
  • It has an easy setup and excellent customer support.


  • The machine is very pricey.
  • Cannot engrave metals
  • It is quite heavy

Benefits of Using a Metal Engraving Machine

Even though there are many ways to engrave materials, laser metal engraving machines have become the most reliable and cost-effective method. Its capability to produce high-quality results within a short time has made it popular in many industries. Therefore, for you to understand the importance of a laser engraving machine, you should know its benefits. Although the tools are expensive, their advantages outweigh the costs.

Non-contact method

This is one of the most significant benefits of laser engraving machines. The laser beans do not touch your material physically; instead, it relies on the heat to make the desired result. The non-contact method prevents any possible abrasion damage to the material you are applying to the machine. Instead, it only vaporizes the area you are targeting and leaving the other areas untouched.

Quality products

The devices are not only efficient, but they focus on quality too. It may be challenging to get methods that are both efficient and with a desirable outcome. However, with the laser engraving machines, expect it to surpass your expectations with high-quality results. The engravings that it makes are precise and permanent. Furthermore, the markings can be read by both machines and humans, thereby making them suitable for various applications.

The laser engravers offer customized solutions with its programmable settings. These features provide you with accuracy for repeat work orders, thereby saving time and ensuring smooth production flow. You can produce eye-catching products within the shortest time possible.


The laser engraving machine is an excellent safe option. It focuses on the protection of both workers and consumers. Unlike the traditional methods that use harmful chemicals, the laser system prevents such a dangerous work environment. Since it works with computers, you can operate the machine from a distance. Furthermore, some devices come with an electric automatic lifting system that prevents any possible accidents.

Works on a range of depths

When you are engraving, the aim is to remove some portions of the material you are working with. The laser system provides you with more control and a range of depths that you desire.

Can be used on various materials

Another added advantage is its capability to work with different materials. These materials include metals, glass, ceramic. Plastic, leather, wood, bamboo, cloths, among others. This ability is essential because most industries use more than one material for manufacturing purposes, thereby making it a cost-effective solution. This is further advantageous because you can use it in many industries for various applications.

Highly efficient

The laser engraving process is incredibly valuable. You can switch the range of depths and materials while providing you with multiple outcomes. Besides, it is efficient with its lifelong service and low maintenance costs. Some laser systems can do more than one process at a go. A single engraving setup can do both marking and engraving.

Environment friendly

The laser engraving machines are safer than the traditional methods that use harmful chemicals. It does not leave many waste products after the process; instead, it leaves only dust since most of it is vaporized. The dust particles are less harmful to the environment than the other methods.

Care and Maintenance Of The Metal Engraving Machines

Just like any other equipment, the laser metal engravers need care and maintenance routine. Proper maintenance ensures the device works as new, besides extending its life. Preventive maintenance is vital to the machine’s efficiency and productivity. It may help you to catch a problem in time, thereby cutting the repair costs. Here are a few tips on the maintenance of your laser engraver to improve its productivity and performance. Remember to consult with the owner’s manual.

Keep the machine clean

Although this is obvious, I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your equipment clean. Failing to care for the delicate machine parts might shorten its lifespan. You should routinely clean the scrap drawers, processing areas, pallet ways, slugs, and support slats, among others. Be sure to remove the grease, dust, or debris that might affect the consistency and productivity of the machine.

Clean the air sources

Most laser engravers use assist gases like shop air, oxygen, or nitrogen for cutting various metals. When using air assist gas, the compressed air should be pure and moisture-free. Therefore, you need to keep the lines clean while maintaining air pressure and filtration properly. Without proper maintenance of the lines and air source, the machine’s performance and productivity may be affected.

Reviewing chiller performance

Inconsistency in machine temperature may affect its performance, therefore making it a habit to check the temperature gauge. Be sure to clean the filters and condenser coils frequently. Since the chillers need chemicals and additives, do so with proper intervals.

Proper gas delivery

Sometimes leaks go unnoticed and affect the machine’s operation. Take a precaution and look for any leaks by applying soapy water to resonator each time you change it. It shows you if you have any leaks, thereby preventing gas wastage and machine’s performance.

Machine optics

Machine optics are essential for accuracy and precision during the process. To prevent adverse effects on the beam quality and optic life, ensure the optics are returned to OEM specifications after any kind of maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I engrave artwork?

A: Yes, you can engrave almost any type of artwork.

Q2: What is a laser engraving?

A: This is a method of engraving objects by using lasers. The lasers use a beam of light that reflects through mirrors. By changing the intensity of light, you can engrave using different depths.

Q3: Which metals can I engrave and cut with a laser?

A: With laser machines, you can work with various materials, including metal. You can engrave and cut alloys such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and copper, among others.

Q4: What other materials can I engrave?

A: The possibilities are endless. Some of the materials are; cardboards, cloths, ceramic, glass, paper, rubber, acrylics, plastic, and wood.

Q5: Can I use a laser to engrave images and photos?

A: The short answer is yes. By using a fiber laser, you can add images to your gifts or jewelry. This method enables personalization and provides a security mark.

Final Word

There are many types of metal engraving machines with ranging prices available in the market. When choosing the perfect laser machine, be sure to pick right because the tools are expensive. It is wasteful to buy an expensive device that does not suit your needs. If you are interested in engraving vinyl stickers and leather, you should opt for an entry-level machine. You should consider the power and speed of your device when choosing.

My number one choice is the BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit. With its overall quality of wood engraving, it does a perfect job. Furthermore, with its affordable price, you will truly get value for your money.