10 Best Padlocks That Cannot Be Cut with Bolt Cutters

Do you dread coming home only to find it vandalized and your privacy violated? Most times we feel safe in our homes…until we don’t. When it comes to the security of your property and family, you can never be too sure. Whether you are securing a gate, bike, or garage, having the best padlocks that cannot be cut with a bolt cutter is the way to go.

Padlocks do not have universal features. Therefore, there are several features to consider to find one suitable for your needs. They include versatility, pick resistance, forced entry resistance and value of goods. Keep in mind that unpickable locks do not exist. All these tools do is to provide you with more time. You can only hope that the lock gives the intruder difficult time and just give up trying to break it.

Locks That Cannot Be Cut with Bolt Cutters

While the market is saturated with all kind of padlocks, picking the right one might prove a hassle if you don’t know what a good lock entail. Read on our comprehensive review to find out the best bolt cutter proof padlocks with matching security measures.

ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Rekeyable Padlock

If you are looking for a trusted brand in the security technologies, then ABUS is the name. It has provided innovative security solutions since 1924 and ABUS 37/80 is no exception. It is the best when it comes to securing high value goods in warehouses, containers or any site location. Considered among the most secured padlocks in the world, this model has a tensile resistance of over six tons. Let’s just say that no sheer force or bolt cutter can get you through this bad boy.

The alloy lead construction together with disc cylinder makes this padlock pick and drill resistant. It will take an intruder immense amount of time in an attempt to pick the lock. These features make it ideal for locking doors, gates and other entrances. Additionally, the re-keyable padlock boasts of black anti-corrosion coating, making it weather resistant and suitable for outdoor settings.

Another special feature of this model is the security card. It gives the owner control of how many key duplicates are available. It is one of the few locks that insurance companies accept to insure valuables, thanks to its sophisticated security technology.


  • It is re-keyable making it easier to replace lost keys
  • Its black granit finishing offers corrosion resistance
  • The disc cylinder feature provides high protection against drilling and picking
  • It comes with a hardened alloy steel durable construction
  • It has over 6 tons tensile resistance
  • The model offers key copy protection


  • Pricey
  • It is bulky and not ideal for small latches


Commando Lock Total Guard Bolt Cutter Proof High Security iCHANGE Shrouded Padlock

Talk of uncuttable and impregnable lock. This American military padlock provides ultimate defense and safety that you will ever need.  It is packed with unremarkable features that not only make it uncuttable with bolt cutter, but also offers high security against any attack.

Commando Lock Total Guard padlock meets all security standards and construction of the US military. This makes it acceptable for all uses. Whether you want to secure your gate, locker, door or even toolbox, you can do it all with this multi functional lock.

Different locks come with varying degrees of shroud coverage. This lock boast of 4-sided shrouded guard that offers 25% more coverage of the shackle than any other model. More so, the shackle is made of steel-alloy durable material. These components make the Commando lock bolt cutter proof and even resistant to any other cutting tools. Still on durability, the lock rocks a recurved design plus interlocked riveted steel construction, thus making it resistant to hammer blows.

The anti-pick technology which features 10 security pins proves impenetrable to lock pickers. Besides, it is also weather resistant, thanks to the zinc-plated carbon steel that is both rust and corrosion free. It is suitable for outdoor use in areas that require high security. Also, you are guaranteed a long and excellent service with this lock for years to come.


  •  It has a shrouded shackle
  •  It is both rust and corrosion resistant
  • The padlock features 10 security pin making it almost impossible to pick
  •  The interchangeable design makes it a high security padlock
  •  This model comes with bulk buying options at an affordable price
  • The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for the product
  •  It comes with two keys per pack


  • It may be difficult to open


Stanley Hardware S828-228 CD8823 Shrouded Laminated Steel Padlock

If you are looking for a unique padlock with various innovative features, then search no more. At Stanley hardware, you are assured of professional line of locks with matching security standards. This model is made of laminated steel body that is further reinforced with recessed rivets and hardened steel end caps.  Thanks to these features, you can have piece of mind knowing that it offers maximum protection from attacks like cutting or sawing.

The padlock also holds up as an uncuttable lock due to the dual ball bearing locking system that is resistant to prying and hammer attacks. Besides, the six-pin brass cylinder is made for users’ convenience. It allows the rekey feature that provides you with options if you are locked outside your home. The removable cylinder also allows you to make a single key for all your locks thus eliminating the need of having multiple keys. Being a security grade 4 padlock, it comes with bottom cover that seals the lock from external elements. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.

Although Stanley Hardware laminated steel padlock is perfect in every way, there is still room for improvement. For instance, having a spare set of keys could be of great help because it saves one the process of rekeying it. The manufacture could also make the locks in varying sizes.


  • The laminated steel construction prevents attacks
  • The six-pin system together with steel ball-bearings offers protection against prying
  • It has a grade 4 security
  • It comes with engraved key codes on keys


  • It is bulky
  • It can’t withstand drilling from heavy machinery


ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed Different

Just like any other lock from ABUS, this model is made in Germany and guarantees high- quality performance. Its internal and external body is constructed with stainless-steel material, thus making it resistant to drilling and cutting attacks. The body material is also corrosion resistance for durability.

The vulnerability of a padlock lies on the size and accessibility of the shackle. With small or compact shackle comes difficulty in cutting the lock because most bolt cutters won’t fit. The ABUS Diskus 20/70 is designed with this feature to offer 360-degree protection.

Another impressive feature of this lock is the ABUS plus disk cylinder. You don’t have to worry about your padlock succumbing to any kind of manipulation. It is designed to withstand pulling and drilling attempts. Besides, it features anti cut plate for additional security. The package includes two keys for the padlock. However, one major drawback of this disk-shaped product is that making new keys is a hassle. It can only be done in Germany and takes up to two weeks to be delivered.


  • The circular design offers 360-degree protection
  • It is handcrafted in Germany
  • The pricing is affordable
  • It is made of corrosion-free stainless-steel material for long life.
  • The product is pull and drill resistant
  • It has maximum strength, thanks to the deep welding technology
  • The model is heavy duty and not pickable
  •  It has extreme high number of key variations


  • It might be jammed during winter
  •  Getting new keys is a challenge


Master Lock Padlock

Another padlock that has made it to the list is Titanium series Stainless steel lock. It is from Master Lock, a brand that has been in the market since 1921. Don’t be fooled with its fair price because this model comes with added advantages that you won’t find in any other locks. It captures the company’s principles of providing top-notch security, quality and innovative products.

Although the padlock looks heavy duty, the 2-5/16-inch lock fits through most lock holes just as advertised. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about how to handle it, thanks to its ease of use and installation.

You will also love that Master Lock padlock only lock with a key. This is good for forgetful users because it eliminates the possibility of locking yourself out. You can also have peace of mind knowing that your property is safe with this sturdy product. Besides, it is a worthy investment due to its durability and full warranty. The tool also features sliding key, which prevents accumulation of dirt and grimme that could jam the locking system.

Getting these amazing features at such affordable rates makes it stand out from the crowd. But what could be done better? Some users find the key too small thus can be easily misplaced. Besides, the lock can only deter casual theft but anyone with heavy machinery can easily break through.


  •  It offers good value for money
  • The hardened steel body prevents extreme prying and cutting
  • Its heavy-duty appearance is an excellent visual deterrent.
  • The padlock only locks with the key present
  • It cannot be cut with bolt cutters and crow bars
  • It fits most lock holes


  • The size of the key makes it easy to misplace
  • It is not safe from high-powered tools


Abloy Protec2 PL 362 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

Are you looking for the latest technology with superior security features and benefits? Abloy Protec2 PL 362 is one of the largest and toughest padlocks in the world that is bolt proof. The hardened boron steel shackle and top loading cylinder makes the lock resistant to cutting and drilling assault.

Having this fortress of a lock is truly being in the presence of greatness. The grade 6 body together with the raised shoulders make the product virtually impregnable. The body construction itself is stronger than most drill bits and is no doubt among the safest locks worldwide. Rest assured that no amount of prying, cutting, bashing, grinding or drilling could forcefully crack this baby. Additionally, the padlock is weather resistant, making it perfect for interior and open-air use.

Being among the safest and most advanced padlocks available in the industry, you have to be willing to dive deep in your pocket. Though it comes pricey, take it as investment insurance for your valuables. Besides, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for this product, so fear not.

Abloy Protec2 PL 362 is packed with bunker features for maximum security. The lock is pick proof, thanks to its patented security technology. You will further appreciate its lock-to-release feature if you are a forgetful person. This component ensures that you don’t lock your key inside the house.


  • It comes with multiple key variations
  • It is a grade 6 quality padlock
  • The hardened steel body is invincible
  • It is resistant to picking, drilling, pulling, and bashing ambush
  • The raised shoulders offer less exposure of the shackle
  • It is Abloy’s biggest and strongest padlock in the market
  • It can be ordered with extra keys


  • The padlock is on the pricey side


FJM Security Products SPSA80-CR-KD Padlock

FJM Security is among the top suitable padlocks for areas with unpredictable weather and high moisture content, thanks to the triple-chrome plated hardened steel. While this model is not in the traditional shape that you may be familiar with, its D shape is quite unique and also beneficial.

The shape also referred to as the anvil or shutter style offers minimal access to the hardened steel shackle, thus making it impossible to cut with bolt cutters. With this design, no cutting tool can easily cut through the lock. The shape also makes it more suitable for some applications than others. For instance, this padlock is ideal for a gate and shipping containers, but not a toolbox. Furthermore, it comes with versatility due to the free rotating technology. This means that you can use the lock in both horizontal and vertical positions.

FJM Security padlock is more than just its body shape. It is packed with various impressive features for users’ peace of mind. The locks are keyed different, thus ensuring impossible replication of keys for top-notch security. With this padlock, the keyway has to rotate a complete 90 degrees before linking with the disks. This feature makes the product pick proof for additional security. Furthermore, the key retaining concept only releases the key from the lock when it is fully locked.  All in all, the padlock is a good buy and sure to intimidate an intruder.


  • The D-shaped design makes it inaccessible to bolt cutters
  • It features two key styles-keyed different and keyed alike
  • It is suitable for marine and outdoor use
  • The lock comes with free rotating shackle and heel toe locking system
  • The lock-to-release feature is helpful to forgetful customers and ensures ultimate security
  • It comes with 4 hard to duplicate keys
  • The durable construction promises long lasting service
  • It is affordable


  • Once the keys get lost, they are irreplaceable
  • Keys might get stuck


Medeco M3 5/16″ Shrouded Boron Padlock

Medeco company is known for its high security locks. The name alone on a padlock is enough to deter thieves. This model is the ultimate protection against cutting and drilling attacks. Once you purchase it, you get an array of defense options.

The product comes in two body styles. An outdoor/indoor weatherproof design and the other with a shrouded shackle. Both designs feature boron alloy steel shackle offering resistance to cutting attacks. They also have high tensile strength, thus making them invincible to pulling. Still on durability, the cylinder contains hardened steel inserts, which provides strongest defense against drilling and other kinds of assault.

With this model comes a patented keying program that prevents unauthorized key duplication. Users are assured that no one but them can make copies of the keys. With that said, only Medeco sales outlets can duplicate the Medeco M3 keys. Besides, no other person or brand can make a similar design due to copyright laws.


  • The code card prevents unauthorized key copies
  •  The product comes in two different variants
  • It is weather resistant and ideal for outdoor application
  • The elevated rotating tumble pin makes it pick proof
  • The strong construction material resists cutting, pulling and cutting attacks


  • Key duplication is a hassle

Sargent & Greenleaf 951-009 951C High Security Padlock

This next product is probably the most impenetrable padlock you can find in open market. Thanks to their durability, you can use it for decades and even pass it down to your children. It is considered for military use due to its high level of security and easy maintenance.

This padlock is hands down unique from most padlocks in terms of its high standards. It is tested and approved to withstand any form of forced entry. Besides, it is designed and tested to resist liquid nitrogen, making it pretty much exclusive.

It is packed with amazing features for ultimate defense and safety. The interchangeable core allows you to replace the Medeco cylinder should the need arise or if you don’t like it. You can easily access the interior part of the lock because its body is designed into two puzzle pieces. This model is a dream come true. It is uncuttable, drill proof, shatter proof, hammer proof and so on. With a shackle opening of 5/8inches, it is undoubtedly the toughest bolt cutter proof lock you can find. Furthermore, it also consists of ceramic inserts and three hardened steel pins in the shield that deflects drill bits. You can never find such levels and layers of security from any other lock.

In its applications, it is designed for high security in both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for industrial and commercial grade uses. Protect your most expensive valuables with this indestructible padlock for your peace of mind. However, to enjoy the flawless performance and security of this exclusive piece, you must be ready to spend more.


  • It features upgraded anti-drill technology
  • It is widely known for military applications
  •  The lock is easy to dissemble for cleaning and servicing
  •  It consists of replaceable cylinder
  • The shackle is shielded making it impossible to access with cutting tools
  •  It is the most impenetrable lock
  •  It offers ultimate defense against physical attacks
  •  The keys are attached to a fastening plate and a steel chain


  •  It is highly expensive for most people



Sargent and Greenleaf Environmental Padlock 0881

The last but not least in our list is Sargent and Greenleaf Environmental padlock 0881. One amazing aspect of Sargent and Greenleaf products is the varying price range. This model is far more affordable than the previous one we discussed above. What is more is that you still get to enjoy all the impressive features that make it impenetrable.

It is mostly used by governments due to its strength and high security level. Aside from 7.62 NATO armor piercing cartridges, no shooting, degree of hammering or pulling can break this beast. It is heavy duty, weighing almost 2 pounds. Besides, you may also be surprised with its big size upon opening the package. It is sure to intimidate anyone thinking of messing with your secured valuables.

Made in the USA, this model boasts of highly dependable features. Although the shackle lacks a shield and is largely exposed, it has one of the largest diameters in the market. With a shackle diameter of 9/16 inches, it cannot be cut with a bolt cutter.

Another interesting feature is the lock’s innovative design. Its weather resistance ability allows you to use it outdoors all year round without any compromise to the padlock’s performance. Furthermore, it is designed with drain holes that prevents retention of water in the lock. With the self-cleaning cylinders, you don’t have to worry about the lock getting clogged and stuck.

This model sets the bar high for all security locks in the industry. You can never go wrong with Sargent and Greenleaf 0881 when it comes to protecting your property. It is no doubt among the best defense padlocks against forceful entry.


  • It is made in the USA
  • The product is nearly impenetrable
  •  It is a military grade padlock
  • It offers great value for money
  • This model is resistant to any physical attacks
  •  It features self-cleaning cylinder
  • It is weather poof


  • The shackle is exposed, though it is uncuttable


Buyers Guide to The Best Padlock That Cannot Be Cut with A Bolt Cutter

Knowing the best padlocks is the first step in attaining high security. However, picking the right one tailored for your specific needs could be quite exhausting and complex without adequate information. A padlock can prove to be a great investment or total waste of money. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a perfect padlock.

Security Level

Different models of padlocks come with varying security levels depending on where you want to use it. A security level of a lock is based on the key mechanism or lock material. You can understand this through ASTM ratings. It shows various security grades, thus helping with picking your ideal padlock security level. For expensive valuables, choose padlocks with higher levels of defense. It all comes down to the value of goods you want secured.

You should also consider the structure and component on which you are using the padlock. A high security lock on a flimsy chain is useless because the chain may break under pressure.


Size is crucial in picking the right lock. Consider the size of the latch and the lock hole. Check the weight and dimensions of the lock including the diameter of the shackle before buying. You don’t want to end up with a padlock that wont fit in a lock hole.

The Shackle and Body Construction Material

The material of construction and the degree of shackle exposure determines whether a padlock is ideal for indoor or outdoor application. Since both parts are open to physical attacks and elements of nature, locks for external use should be of studier material. Shrouded shoulders protect the shackle against cutting tools and hammering. Additionally, the material should be rust and corrosion resistant for durability and high performance.

Solid steel alloy material is the best though pricey. It is very robust, thus making it drill poof. More so, the material contains a special feature that is resistant to rusting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the ideal construction material for an uncuttable padlock?

High-quality padlocks come in various materials including laminated steel, presses steel, solid steel alloy, solid brass and hardened steel. For indoor applications, solid brass or pressed steel is an excellent choice. However, when it comes to external usage, corrosion resistant materials are best suited.

A lock with several alloys and ceramic inserts such as Sargent & Greenleaf 951C is also more invincible to any form of cutting.

Q2: Is there really an impenetrable padlock?

Although a high security level can prevent theft or even resist bolt cutter, no padlock is ever 100% impenetrable. All you get is time. Some locks prove more difficult to break than others. You can only hope that the intruder is impatient or not experienced in lock picking.

Q3: How does the number of pins present in a padlock translate to its security level?

The higher the number of pins in a lock mechanism, the higher its protection level. A great number of pins comes with a great number of key variations. While this does not necessarily mean that it is pick proof, five pins and above complicates the process.

Q4: Is it possible to make a padlock bolt cutter proof?

Yes, it is. Most high security locks are expensive and beyond reach of many people. However, there are other tricks that you can use to prevent bolt cutters from accessing the shackle. The first tip is to slide washers and nuts on the shackle when locking the padlock. This reduces the degree with which the shackle is exposed.

Q5: Can bolt cutters cut through hardened steel?

Other than diamond or TCT hacksaw, nothing can cut hardened steel. However, bolt cutters can cut normal chain links, braided or solid wire, hasps, and other mild-steel lock shackles.

Q6: How do I cut a hardened lock using a hacksaw and propane torch?

Most padlocks feature hardened steel shackle. However, hacksaw cannot handle it. You can heat the shackle to weaken the steel enough to cut it with a hacksaw.

Q7: What is the difference between keyed alike and keyed different?

Keyed alike means having a single key for several similar padlocks. It is practical for apartment doors, office shutter, all type drawers and cabinet doors. On the other hand, keyed different is a padlock with different keys.


Parting Shot

Even in the modern age of digitalization, padlocks still prove to be trusted traditional security option. Our comprehensive review provides some of the best padlocks that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. The list includes all budgets and various security levels. Hopefully, this guide will help you to make informed decisions concerning the perfect locks for your needs.

A high security padlock should be made of high-quality material both internally and externally. The lock system should also be complex enough to withstand physical manipulation. More so, there are also various factors to keep in mind like items you are guarding and where you are securing it. Low value property equals to low security level just like outdoor lock translates to high resistance and defense grade.

All locks reviewed above are top-notch and uncuttable with bolt cutters. However, our best pick is Abloy Protec2 PL 362 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock. It is all that one can hope for in a padlock. It is one of the largest locks in the industry and resistant to bashing, drilling, cutting, pulling and any other physical assault. The Master Lock Padlock comes at a pocket friendly price but is likely to succumb to heavy machinery attacks. If you believe that the security of keys plays a crucial role in the level of security of a padlock, then FJM Security Products SPSA80-CR-KD Padlock is your ideal choice.

All in all, the products above are made with customers satisfaction in mind. Remember that a padlock is just but an aspect in your entire security system. You can purchase these high security level locks at good prices from major online stores, hardware shops or directly from the manufacturers.