Best Top Handle Chainsaw

Once upon a time chainsaws were reserved for lumberjacks. Unlike back then, today anyone can own and operate a chainsaw.
Many wood workers like the flexibility that comes with top handle chainsaws. The fact that they have a handle at the top makes them easy to handle and control. If you want to climb a tree or use a ladder to cut off high branches and limbs then these arborist chainsaws will be the best companion. With this saw you can maneuver easily on top of trees and maintain your balance with one hand as you hold it with the other.
In most cases the top handle chainsaw comes with an attachment point where you can attach a safety rope, strap or carabiner. This fact coupled with their light weight makes them a favorite among arborists all over the world.
If you will be working from an elevated working platform (EWP), or from a ladder, a harness or from top of a tree, then you definitely need a top handed chain saw. Check out our reviews on the best to handle saws that your money can buy today.

Makita XCU02PT Top Handle Chainsaw

This weighs 10.1 lbs and it comes with a 12inch Bar. This cordless saw is powered by 2 batteries giving it a total of 36volts. This saw gives a motor speed of up-to 1650 FPM making it very efficient.
We rated this saw as the best top handle chainsaw for three reasons. The first reason is that it very ecofriendly as it has zero emissions. This is not only good for the environment but also for your pocket as it means that you have reduced maintenance costs. This saw is very silent too and it has zero noise pollution. With this saw you can actually use it without ear plugs though it is not recommended.Makita XCU02PT
The second reason is its high performance rating and ease of use. You require no tools to adjust the chain and the oil port. You do not have to stop cutting to adjust the chains. Everything with this saw is hassle free. The two batteries have a quick charging speed which gives you minimal down time, you can buy an extra set of batteries to get a smooth uninterrupted wood working.
Finally this is the ultimate saw because of its aesthetics. The Makita XCUO2PT is fitted with ultra-soft rubber grip on the handle for easy handling and improved grip making it immensely comfortable. You can work with this saw on one hand comfortably without having to worry about losing grip.
Extra comfortable due to rubber grip.
Simple oil monitoring.
Top speed and highly efficient.
Low noise level
Easy chain adjustment procedure.
You pay some extra coins to get the best.


With a weight of the Tanaka is a sturdy little top handled chainsaw that is well balanced for one hand use. This saw tops our list of gas powered top handle saws as it is fitted with a 33.2cc Pure Fire Engine. This engine is known for its high efficiency and great outputs for very low fuel consumption. With a translucent gas tank, you can easily monitor how your gas is being used.
Unlike other gas powered saws, the Tanaka is easy to start. It has very low emissions which makes it very ecofriendly.
On performance, this saw is great for light tasks like pruning and other DIY projects. It can however be troublesome when dealing with heavy duty applications. This is one of its disadvantages as you might need to have two chainsaws.
Operating the tanaka is very easy as it has an automatic oiling system that is gear driven. It comes with a side access where you can manage chain tensioning and any other chain adjustments making it less tedious to handle.
This saw is equipped with an anti-vibration system that enhances user comfort. It also comes with built in lanyard ring making it easy to climb and operate for longer hours.
With this saw you get excellent power to weight ratio and the manufacturer tops it up with a 7 year consumer warranty.
Quick start and warm up
Great control
Automatic oiler
Very efficient engine with minimal emissions

Does not handle heavy duty tasks