Best Welding Pants

Welding is very fulfilling whether done as a job or even when practiced as a hobby, it involves creation. Bringing new structures into being

Welding beginners and professionals sometimes go through a rough time trying to select a welding pant. One which is affordable, fashionable and of good quality. A pant that fits you, matches with your welding shirt and does the job.

Flame resistant pants are always the right ones for the job. However, it is important to note that they are resistant to fire and not flame-proof.

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Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Welding is one trade that relies on fire in servitude position. The arrangement has to be perpetually maintained as such and this is why welding pants come in. Your lower part of the body has to be protected from the hazards of welding which include heat and fire.

In our quest to know the best welding pant. We have identifies the five that lead the pack. Now it’s your duty to pick the one that suits you the most. As you select there are some important factors to take into consideration before buying any of the welding pants:



Caterpillar Men’s Flame Resistant Cargo Pant

This is a perfect mix of cotton and nylon with, 88% Cotton and 12% Nylon designed to keep you safe from flying sparks. It’s a stylish pant that looks more of a casual wear cargo pant than work wear. Its fire -resistant certified complying with NFPA 2112 and HRC2 standards.

It has sufficient leg opening to fit over your boots and generously fitted with cargo pockets for your phone, ruler, marking pen and tape measure. The back pockets have hook and loop closure to secure its contentsCat-Workwear-Flame-Resistant-Cargo-Pants-Navy-Front_2048x

This Caterpillar Flame-Resistant Cargo Pant is made of relatively thin material allowing air to freely flow while you work. It also gives you the flexibility to bend, move around, squat and even weld in an awkward addition, it has a diamond crotch gusset which allows you to move with ease.

It’s definitely a classic fit for bigger guys looking for heavy-duty pants. They are machine washable and they don’t shrink much after washing

This pants features anti-static shank closure zip fly and weighs only 9-ounce. It is also fitted with knee darts for articulation



  • They can be comfortable when the correct size is worn
  • They are good for an overall non-work wear look
  • The flared leg opening allows for fit over a work boot
  • Lots of useful pockets, very comfortable to wear and good protection.



  • Not that attractive for everyday use
  • The pocket set-up does not reflect a usual cargo pants style – unusually the pockets are only on one side of these trousers


JOB MAN Work Wear Welding Pants

Jobman Workwear pant is made from fine fabric with strong yarns and seam techniques. They have a stylish design that’s appealing to the eyes.

They are made of 100% cotton and can be comfortably worn the whole day. They are treated with pyrovatex making them resistant to flame protecting you from flying sparks and heat.

They are fitted with knee pads pockets to offer you comfort and protection. You can kneel and concentrate on finishing a task without fear of hurting your knees

JOB MAN Work Wear Welding Pants

JOB MAN Workwear Welding Pants pockets have double stitching around them to increase their life expectancy and comfort. They are designed to have a lightweight feel reducing the stress associated with welding heat.

The pants have a unique feature in that they are slightly stretchable to enable you to assume varying work postures. This ensures that  you comfortably and effortlessly maneuver while working

These welding pants comply with the EN11612 and EN11611 European standards and also meet NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E performance requirements and certification. You can, therefore, be sure that you are wearing pants that will give you adequate protection

Jobman Workwear pant is comfortable and easy to maintain they are machine washable and metal jeans buttons for closures


  • Dense and thinner material
  • Many pockets
  • Very durable
  • stretchable


  • Shrink after washing
  • Pockets are not removable

MCR Safety 38600MW 38 by 24-Inch Memphis Split Cow Leather Welding Chaps


The split-cow leather welding chaps are designed for you if you will be exposed to welding heat and flying sparks for a considerable amount of time. Very ideal for professional welders.

The side split cow leather is heavy-duty is meant to protect you from shock, cuts and slag.the slag cannot reach your skin and you are able to focus on finishing your project.

MCR Safety 38600MW 38 by 24-Inch Memphis Split Cow Leather Welding Chaps

Keen attention was given to all the stress points and they are adequately riveted ruling out any possibility of sparks finding their way in.

These welding trousers are clearly designed to last for long evidenced by the rivets which are so strategically placed on all the stressed points. The pants are also stitched with double-locked Kevlar thread to reinforce their strength.

split-cow leather welding chaps have quick-release buckles and straps making them a good fit for all sizes of people. This feature makes it comfortable as you will just adjust to your size

Even though they only come in gray color, the material is easy to clean and maintain.

From the appearance, they may look bulky and heavy. However, they are lightweight. They only weigh 0.16 ounces

They also feature heavy-duty zippers. However, the lower straps are too long and may make one trip over. After purchasing this welding pants alteration should be done


  • They are very comfortable
  • Ideal for extended, heavy welding
  • They are adjustable to fit an individual
  • They are durable


  • The lower leather straps are a tripping hazard
  • They don’t have pockets

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Relaxed Fit Jean, Medium Fade

These good looking work pants are made of 100% cotton and come with features to offer you sufficient protection from all the welding hazards. They would be a strong choice for anyone looking for a combination of style and performance. Designed with the professional welder in mind

The sturdy cotton material cannot be penetrated by sharp objects like metal edges. You will use it for a long time before it starts to wear out,

These Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR welding pants are NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70 E rated. They have a fire-resistant feature that insulates you from welding heat and any possibility of catching fire.

The zipper tape is also flame-resistant adding to the overall safety of this welding pant

Wrangler RIGGS pants have adequate leg and knee opening this makes it comfortable to wear and remove the pants. It also allows a sufficient flow of air keeping your skin dry while you work.

This jean-style pant has Nomex thread on all seams and leg opening to enhance durability

They also feature an inner tack in the waistband closure and arc-resistant button to reduce heat conductivity

These pants are also fully machine washable and therefore easy to maintain. They are also fitted with five functional pockets


  • Looks stylish
  • Good quality
  • Multiple pockets
  • strong stitching


  • Plastic button fastening is not a good addition
  • There could be a lack of comfort until worn in or washed



Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant

Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant is machine washable and comprises of 65% polyester and 35%. They are Hardwear and easy care and very suitable for hobbyist welders. These welding pants have a long life expectancy, with a classic style that is a source of comfort for the users.


These work pants require little maintenance as they are crease-free and don’t require any effort to keep them tip-top. You still look decent when the client makes a visit to your workshop to check on the progress of his work.

Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pants come with a heavy-duty brass zipper with a hook and eye closure that doesn’t catch or rip


These welding pants are designed with pockets that have a lining that is resistant to tears and holes.

They are made to withstand all the harassment that comes from a welding environment they have sturdy lock-stitched and reinforced with serged seams for ultimate strength

The back pockets are buttoned to secure the content of the pockets and the waistband is non-rolling with tunnel belt loops.

Another interesting feature of these work pants is that they are resistant to fading, wrinkles, and stain. They are also machine         washable and therefore easy to maintain

However, Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pants have to be used with fire-resistant clothing on top as they are not very resistant to heat


  • Durable pocket lining
  • Sturdy lock-stitched hem
  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • Buttoned back pocket


  • Not durable when used for welding work
  • They are used with other clothing on top

Why You Need Welding Pants?

Welding pants are Personal protective equipment. All construction occupations carry some level of risk. But welding is among the most dangerous of them all. A welder is exposed to so many injuries. Such as burns, rays, and fumes.

Wearing welding pants allows the welder to be flexible and at the same time protecting himself from the intense heat and flame produced when welding.


Benefits of using welding pants


Protects you from heat

Welding activity produces a lot of heat. This is a result of the welding arcs which are quite intense.that is why a welding pant is required to insulate you from such

Protect you from burns

Burns are the most common occupation hazard suffered by welders due to sparks or hot slag landing on the skin. A welding pant provides a barrier to protect your skin. However, you must ensure that your pant has its fire-resistance ability at all times. This ability wanes as due to regular washing

Protect you from electric shock

A welding pant insulates you from both primary and secondary electric shock. However, your clothing must be maintained dry

They are good looking

Some work pants like Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant and Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Relaxed Fit Jean look so good to the extent of making office guys envious. This pants can be worn  outside a welding environment

They are easy to clean

Most welding pants are machine washable while some like Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant is stain resistant. Welding pants do not require frequent cleaning to keep them looking clean. At most washing twice a week will do.

They are durable

Welding pants are made to withstand a rough working environment and several wash cycles. some like Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Relaxed Fit Jean is very durable and can serve a welder for a very long time

Protects you from being cut

Welding pants protect you from injuries that arise from cuts. Welders are exposed to dangers of being cut by sharp edges of metal which are left precariously protruding after being cut.

Buyer’s guide

Durability – Take a look at the seams, they ensure that your pants stay together after repeated wash and straining

Reinforcement – Some of the welding pants have stitches to reinforce them

Re-usability – after how many washes will the pants stop being fire resistant?

Weight – Take note of the weight so that it is not too heavy to hinder your mobility.

Fabric: is it 100% cotton or is it blended with polyester or is it denim

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Frequently asked questions

What are FR pants?

FR is an acronym for Fire Resistance. From that, you can derive that FR rated pants are able to resist fire. However FR pants are fireproof. That is not the case. This is only to say that the gear ca withstand high temperatures and fire to some extent. At some point, everything burns or vaporizes. That said, FR pants are a very important part of Personal Protective Equipment for welders.

What are the best welding pants?

This depends on an individual. Some people go for the price others durability, quality conformability, etc. Therefore everyone picks what suits whatever they are looking for

How many times can a welding pant be washed?

It depends on the way you wash your pants and also the material it is made of. However, always follow the laundry instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Is 100% cotton resistant to fire?

No, it is not. 100% cotton is not resistant to fire but it is better than polyester. The cotton has to be treated with some special chemicals

What is the NFPA rating?

NFPA is an acronym for National Fire Protection Association. The levels of protection rating are the following:
·         Level 4 – Materials that completely vaporize at normal pressure and temperature and burn readily.
·         Level 3 – Liquids and solids that can be ignited under the most ambient conditions
·         Level 2 – Materials that must be moderately heated before ignition can occur
·         Level 1 – Materials that must be strongly heated before ignition will occur
·         Level 0 – Materials that will not burn.

What is the most common injury suffered by welders?

Burns are the most common occupation hazard suffered by welders due to sparks or hot slag landing on the skin

What fabrics are recommended for welding clothing?

Wool is recommended because it is durable and resistant to fire. Synthetics melt when exposed to extreme heat. Cotton treated with fire-resistant chemicals will also work as well.

How can hot sparks be prevented from getting stuck in clothing

Avoid rolling your pants cuffs because hot sparks could be deposited in the folds ensure that your welding pants cover the boots and not tucked inside the boots

Can rings and jewelry be worn during welding

No rings and jewelry shouldn’t be worn during welding

Final Words

In conclusion, the pants you pick on what excites you the most. From the five welding pants we have reviewed each of the will work just fine for you.

MCR Safety 38600MW 38 by 24-Inch Memphis Split Cow Leather Welding Chaps is one size fits all. It can be easily be adjusted to the size of the user, it is durable and comfortable for the user.

Dickie’s make very fashionable and durable welding pants. Their work pants are also resistant to fading, wrinkles, and stain. Machine washable and therefore easy to maintain. With JOB MAN offering 100% cotton relaxed fitness coupled with many pockets.

Caterpillar Men’s Flame Resistant Cargo Pant are a mix of cotton and nylon and has sufficient leg opening to fit over your boots and generously fitted with cargo pockets .it is made of relatively thin material allowing air to freely flow while you work. All these welding pants have their own key strong point on why you should choose any of them.

After reviewing the five welding pants, Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men’s Flame Resistant Relaxed Fit Jean’s stood out in all aspects. Wrangler has been in the game for so long with many years of experience in the industry.

With this, they have perfected the art of making welding pants. They are seamed with NOMEX making them very flame resistant.However, their pricing is on the higher side

If you are welding as a hobby or operating on a budget you can settle for Dickies Men’s Original 874 Pant

Which is an equally good welding pant but cheaper as compared to Wrangler RIGGS. Whichever pant you pick. Be keen with your safety.