Best Welding Gloves in The Market

As a welder, the most essential factor to consider is your safety. When you spend a lot of your time welding, numerous risks come your way. For starters, your hands are always exposed to the UV radiation and up to 10,000 degrees of molten metal. As a result, burns are the most common injury among welders. Therefore, as a safety precaution, you need to use welding gloves for protection against potential accidents. The gloves protect the welders from extreme heat, electrical shock, and radiation. Besides, it provides abrasion resistance and improves grip.

Choosing the perfect welding gloves is more than finding a comfortable fit. Instead, you must consider the type of welding that you would be engaging in. The common kind of welding includes MIG, TIG, and stick welding. In MIG welding, you are exposed to a higher heat intensity than in TIG welding. Therefore, the gloves you use must be dense and more extended to offer maximum security.

On the other hand, TIG welding requires precision. Therefore, the gloves have to offer more dexterity. For stick welding, the gloves have to be heavy-duty due to the extreme heat and spattering produced. With this kind of welding, protection is more important than the gloves’ ability. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled some cool selection that will prove to be a treasure.

5 Best Welding Gloves in The Market

US Forge 400;

These blue leather gloves are manufactured by the US Forge. They are one of the best gloves in the market for 3 reasons. First is comfort, the cotton lining in the gloves makes them comfortable to wear for long hours.US Forge 400 Second is when it comes to durability, the gloves do not disappoint. It is more durable and stronger as a result of its lock stitched. The strength is further reinforced by its premium leather quality. Thirdly, the top grain leather material improves the gloves’ agility with its suppleness and softness.

The frictional parts in the palms and fingers are well reinforced, which makes them practical and strengthens your grip. Another plus for the US Forge 400 gloves is its lightweight. With a weight of 11.2 ounces, the gloves still have their robust built. This enables it to give high protection levels from molten metals. It is an excellent option for metal inert gas(MIG) welders.


  • The cotton lining makes it durable and comfortable to wear for long.
  • With its heat resistance feature, the gloves protect your hands from heat.
  • The gloves are also tear and wear-resistant hence shielding you from materials that can pierce your skin.
  • Their lightweight enables you to wear them without feeling hand fatigue.
  • The gloves are reasonably priced, which makes them affordable.
  • The well-reinforced parts enhance a good grip when working.
  • The gloves are longer than the standard gloves, thereby offering more coverage.
  • They can also fit bigger hands.
  • With its dexterity, it enables you to produce accurate welds.


  • Its blue color is prone to fading.
  • The gloves are not suitable for a tungsten inert gas(TIG) welders as it lacks the best heat resistant properties.

Lincoln Electric MIG/Stick Welding Gloves;

These welding gloves are a great choice because they have the excellent qualities that make up suitable welding gloves. With it being constructed using a slit cowhide leather, it is flame and heat resistant. This makes it ideal for both MIG and sticks welding. Lincoln Electric MIG Stick Welding GlovesOne more impressive feature of the gloves is its full sock lining that provides you with a high level of comfort. Furthermore, you will be impressed with its strategically fitted pads and Kevlar stitching. These feature not forgetting the welted seams, makes the gloves more durable and effective.

The Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves built-in cuff design is useful in providing extra protection. Its high-quality leather and soft cotton lining enable it to withstand the high temperatures. Besides, the lined interior facilitates its ability to withstand long periods of exposure to flames, sparks, heat, and spatter.


  • It is suitable for both stick, welding and MIG.
  • With its heat and flame resistant features, the gloves provide high protection.
  • It is comfortable thanks to its full sock lining design.
  • The gloves are a long term investment because of the slit cowhide material used in the construction.
  • The welding gloves have a beautiful design with good stitches.
  • The brand is highly respected.
  • It is recommended for high-temperature applications.


  • It lacks straps to hold the gloves in place.
  • With all finger spaces the same size, it lacks dexterity.
  • The size is too big for some welders.
  • Some users complain that the liner comes out when they remove the gloves.

NKTM Heat/Wear-Resistant Welding Gloves;

These gloves are made with a grade quality cowhide leather that makes them heat resistant. Therefore, they give high protection against flames, sparks, hot metals, and sharp objects. The canvas cuff and cotton liner provides heat insulation and absorbs sweat, thereby adding comfort. NKTM Heat Wear-Resistant Welding Gloves

In whatever you do during the welding process, these gloves will be perfect with its features and durability. Its 16-inch size provides a balance between strength, protection, and comfort. The palms are also reinforced to cushion and protect against sharp objects and heavyweight. Also, the design provides flexibility to hold and operate smoothly. The gloves durable stitches provide for the durability of the heat resistant feature and ensure your safety.


  • The insulation in the gloves provides protection for your hands.
  • The cotton liners absorb moisture. Therefore, you can still work with it during hot seasons comfortably.
  • With its cotton liner feature, the gloves offer comfort because they are gentle on your hands.
  • The reinforced wing design on the thumb enhances flexibility. This allows you to pick small materials with little effort.
  • For maximum protection, the palms are also reinforced with leather.
  • It provides excellent coverage for your hands thanks to its 16-inch size.
  • It is versatile. The gloves are not only for welding but also for other tasks such as gardening, camping, and oven gloves.
  • Furthermore, it is affordable.


  • The gloves may retain heat when exposed to high heat conditions. You may need to wait a while for the heat to dissipate.

Steiner 21923-L;

Are you going for extra coverage? Then these 23-inch gloves are your best option. Although you may look like a Cinderella wearing them, the gloves make you feel like a soldier ready for battle. The full arm length protection provides maximum protection. They are made from cowhide leather material hence, providing the needed protection against heat and spatter. Miller 263343 Arc ArmorThe cotton lining also provides comfort and sweat absorption. They are insulated with foam at the back. With its lock style stitching design using the Kevlar thread, the gloves are durable and flame resistant.

The gloves are fully welted to protect the users from getting burnt. They can, therefore, be used for metalworking and MIG welding. Besides, welding gloves are durable and flexible. Moreover, its lightweight and softness make it comfortable.


  • It is designed with heavy and heat resistant materials.
  • The long sleeves provide protection all the way past elbows.
  • It has a reinforced thumb straps
  • It is soft and flexible.
  • The gloves are gentle on the skin hence making them comfortable.
  • The pricing is affordable.
  • It comes with reinforced thumb straps.
  • The gloves protect the user from flame because its material is flame resistant.
  • Its ability to withstand scratches makes it usable for other activities at home.


  • They are made for larger hands.
  • Even though the Kevlar thread has been used, the stitching quality is poor.
  • Its thickness may inhibit movement and better control.
  • The stiff canvas material inside may make it uncomfortable.
  • Some users complain of poor customer service.
  • They only come in orange color.

Miller 263343 Arc Armor;

Any professional welder who is looking for a quality product should definitely go for the Miller 26334 Arc Armor. Although they are expensive, they are totally worth it because of the specialized features. Furthermore, the gloves are made explicitly for stick and MIG welding. Miller 263343 Arc ArmorThe product is constructed using a cowhide split leather material and tough pigskin. For extra protection, the back and palm of the gloves are reinforced with double layer patches. Its impressive 100% wool lining provides heavy insulation that offers more security and durability. The insulation further makes it flame resistant. Other than its superb heat protection, its dexterity is excellent as well.

With a wing thumb design as well as pre-curved fingers, you experience great ergonomic comfort and flexibility while working. The resilient Kevlar thread used for stitching provides a great seam strength.


  • Thanks to the wing thumb design, it is flexible, and you can move your fingers quickly.
  • The woo lining offers comfort as well as heat protection.
  • The seams made by the Kevlar thread are flame resistant.
  • Its high-quality cow split leather material makes it a durable purchase.
  • It offers a high level of protection for users exposed to high temperatures like the MIG welder. This is thanks to the double insulated layers.
  • The product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Users find it of high quality, design, and fit.
  • With the 13 inches’ length, it offers superior protection.
  • The materials used for construction make them usable under any weather condition.
  • It has pre-curved fingers feature.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • A minority of users have experienced extreme wear after a short period.
  • They may not fit people with larger hands.

Benefits of Using Welding Gloves

As a welder, you cannot ignore taking safety precautions as they might just save your life. Protecting the whole body is a must when you are in the welding field because of its apparent dangerous nature. However, as a welder, your hands are your career. Furthermore, the hands are the most exposed to heat, radiation, and hot metals. For that reason, they need proper safety and care.


Welders are regularly exposed to dangerous conditions. The high temperatures and UV radiation may lead to long term effects such as skin cancer. The welding gloves are made from sturdy materials to shield your hands from burns and any possible injuries.

Flame protection

The welding gloves are impressive with the flame resistance ability. The gloves shield your hands from sparks produced when welding. There is always a risk of catching fire because welding involves the use of open flames. However, the welding gloves are made from materials that are flame resistant. This means that they can self -extinguish if exposed to fire.

Wear and tear resistance

The welding gloves are made from durable and robust materials. Furthermore, the stitches used are also tight and top quality. Therefore, the gloves can withstand the rough conditions they are exposed to. Another benefit is that the gloves can stop the flying hot metals from penetrating your skin. Thereby, it protects you from getting cuts, punctures, and bruises.


With the lining and extra padding, the gloves are comfortable to wear. Furthermore, for more convenience, the gloves are made from soft materials that can absorb sweat. The materials used make the gloves usable all year round, whether hot or cold seasons. Your comfort is guaranteed with their lightweight that allows you to work for an extended period without hand fatigue.


The straight thumb design and finger sensitivity make the gloves easy to use. Besides, it improves productivity as you can entirely focus on the task at hand without worrying about safety. The functional designs allow precision and enhance grip. You are also able to bend and pick objects without straining. This enables you to make high-quality products. Furthermore, the gloves provide perfect fit and dexterity for maximum performance.


Another benefit that you will like is that the gloves are not specified for welding only. Instead, the gloves can also be used for a wide range of work and home activities. The gloves may be used for gardening, camping, and for a fireplace.  The gloves are also versatile as different gloves can handle different kinds of welding, such as MIG, TIG, and stick welding.


The sturdy materials used to construct the gloves make them last long and withstand the abuses. The quality linings and seams not forgetting the stitching used determines the durability of the gloves. With the high-quality materials in use, you are assured of good service for a longer period. It also gives you quality over your money. Besides, the price of the gloves is determined by their durability. However, poor quality safety gear is not the best option when facing the dangers of welding.

Proper Care for The Welding Gloves

Cleaning and properly caring for the gloves improve your safety and the glove life. Moreover, the regular maintenance routine improves productivity by enhancing your comfort.

Cleaning and washing

Cleaning gloves regularly enable them to perform better and be more durable. Leather materials do not need a lot of water to clean, so it best to never soak them. Some materials can handle rigorous washing better than others. The manufactures guide states whether the gloves may be washed in a machine or hand washed.

However, you should use a mild detergent to avoid causing damage to your gloves. When handwashing the gloves, use a sponge that is tough enough to remove stains without ruining them. Do not squeeze the gloves after washing but rather spread them to air dry. This allows the gloves to dry without affecting the quality.


Be sure to inspect the gloves each time you want to use them. Look out for any significant damage inside or outside the gloves. Damages on the gloves may result in accidents and reduce performance.


You should keep your gloves under normal temperatures. Ensure to keep them away from direct sunlight, dampness, and wet areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions;

Q1: Why should I buy heat resistant gloves?

A: welding involves different processes that release different heat intensity. Some methods produce more heat than others. But all in all, heat is still released. Therefore, you need to protect your hands from extreme heat and sparks. This is where having gloves that have heat resistant properties come in.

Q2: How important is glove dexterity?

A: For comfort, your gloves must be able to provide skill. The level of support offered is equivalent to the quotient of dexterity. Supple material provides the maximum ability. The agility allows you to work with precision, thereby enabling you to produce high-quality products.

Q3: What is unique about Kevlar thread?

A: The Kevlar thread is popular for its heat resistant properties. It can withstand sparks and heat when exposed to harsh conditions. It also provides tight stitches and strengthens the seam. This ensures durability to the welding gloves.

Q4: What type of leather do I need?

A: The type of leather you need depends on the type of welding that you will be doing. Whether TIG OR MIG welding, we suggest goat grain material. It provides touch sensitivity and durability. It is just right, not too thick nor too thin. However, for TIG welding, go for a cow grain or split cowhide. You will not regret it.


Welding gloves are not like any other ordinary driving or gardening gloves. Different types of gloves are suitable for different needs. Therefore, before making a choice, you need to ensure that it meets your individual needs and specifications. It is important to note that not all gloves are of the same quality. Suitable welding gloves should be stable enough to take on heat and resist cuts. The gloves come in different materials, designs, flexibility, durability, as well as the level of heat resistance. All these aspects significantly contribute to providing a maximum level of protection.

Buying welding gloves does not mean that you have to break a bank. However, your safety must be your number one priority. The US Forge 400 welding gloves are the best for your money. They are a comfortable pick that offers proper protection for your hands. Besides, the gloves are incredibly affordable and durable. Another top pick without breaking the bank is the NKTM Heat/Wear-Resistant Welding Gloves. It proves to be the right choice for all welding kinds. They are protective, affordable, and comfortable. However, if you are willing to spend extra for superior quality, get the Miller Electric Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding gloves. They provide the best heat protection. All the best in your shopping.