The Best Machinist Squares for Woodworking

If you are a metalworker, then you should be aware that getting the best machinist squares is the key to producing better results from your work. Although there are a variety of tools that can see you through, getting those proper tools could be hectic; especially with the many advertisements that may sound too good to trust. That is why I have prepared this proven review to show you the recommended tools appropriate for all your projects.

They are of different sizes to give you the freedom and accuracy for working on a variety of projects. A small machinist square fits small projects while a big one is suitable for working on large metal frames. These tools never throw off measurements because they have s small notch at the base that prevents the accumulation of debris during work.

They have several pins that hold the blade on hence they cannot be easily strained to change their shape which can alter accuracy. They are made of non-corrosive metals; therefore, they can be used in different environments. These are durable tools that guarantee you years of use, and outlined here are the five top-rated ones with more details that you will appreciate.

Best precision square Comparison Table

Top 5 Machinist Squares Review

Wezu 100mm (4″) Precision Wide Base Machinist Engineer Square

Invented by Wezu in Germany, this precision square is made to the stringent DIN 875/2 German Standard. It is made of carbon steel that protects it from rust. On the inside faces, it has a wide base that measures 70mm (2 3/4″) X 106mm (4 3/16″) and  has weight of 13.9 ounces.

The small notch at the corner enables dirt to collects during use so that it does not alter with measurements.  It is a perfect tool that gives you an accurate 90 degrees layout. Its ruler is long enough to give you the ability to work on big metals.

It is made of a hard tool making it hard to break or strain to lose its shape and throw measurements. Therefore, it guarantees you long-lasting value. It has a smooth flat surface and a wide base that makes it easy to work with. It is the recommended machinist engineer square that works accurately and it`s affordable price reflects its value.


  • It lasts long.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is a comfortable tool to work with due to its smooth surface and a wide base.
  • It is accurate.
  • It works nicely on large metal projects.
  • It has a warrant.


  • It is a bit too big to work on small jobs.
  • It has no markings.

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Fast Cap MAGMICROSQUAR Precision Machinist Style Magnetic Micro Square

It is a 6 x 3.5 x 1-inch machinist square that makes squaring work effortless! It is made of aluminum and a steel bottom. It has a rare magnet at its base for a stronger pull which allows it to stick firmly to the cast iron or the base of your tabletop. This gives you a hands-free adjustment to make sure that your blade is square before you cut. It is a tool that features both metric and imperial markings.

Its markings are easy to read and durable since they are etched and not painted. Its outside scale is helpful for blade height and the inside scale is ideal for layout. Safety for your money is considered since it has a one year warranty; in case it breaks or happens to be inaccurate, you can get it back and seek a replacement.


  • It is a long-lasting tool.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has only 5.6 ounces hence making it easy to carry.
  • It has readable etched markings.
  • It is an accurate tool.


  • It is not perfect for working on large metals.
  • It sometimes has small chips and scratches.
  • Product 2.

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SE 3″ Steel Machinist Square – TS3

Made in The U.S, the SE TS3 3″ Steel Machinist Square is a new tool milled to perfection. It measures accurately, and it is perfect for tight spaces and a lot of other different uses. It weighs 6.7 ounces; therefore making it not cumbersome to work with.

It has imprinted markings that are easy to see and cannot fade. This steel square is fitting for designers, engineers, machinists or model makers who want the appropriate tool for small scale projects. It is a quality product that makes it easier for marking lines, jointer fences and table saw blades.

It is the best for marking sharp corners for design projects, and it will help you make a perfect 90 degrees right angle. It is a trusted tool since SE is a registered trademark protected by US law. Its price reflects its value, and its durability guarantees many years of use.

It has a full year warranty that assures safety. When your product fails to work as required, you can return it to them for replacement, and they pay for shipping.


  • It is durable.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is accurate.
  • It is reliable.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It`s size don`t fit for larger projects.
  • It sometimes has burrs which make it unable to sit properly on the surface.
  • It is prone to corrosion.

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100mm/4 inch Engineers Square- Moore and Wright

As its name goes, Moore and Wright engineer square founded by Frank Moore and Wright in The U.K. is a blind riveted construction tool made from tempered and hardened blades. It is an accurate tool designed to give you a correct 90-degree measurement. It has a precision ground blade of 100mm/ 4inch and 56mm/ 2 13/64 inch of stock. It has a hard blade that can`t be broken; therefore, enhancing its durability.

The B.S. 939 and DIN 875 standard tool has a smooth surface, free from burrs making you work comfortable. It is of a big size, although it weighs  8.8 ounces thus easy to work with for long hours and can be carried around with easily. It is the right tool for big projects.

Unlike any other tool, this one doesn`t corrode, so you won`t have to incur the cost of buying oil to protect it. Its price is also affordable even for small scale farmers, and it comes with a warrant.


  • It is made of hardened and tempered rules; therefore it assures long-lasting value.
  • It is the most precise tool.
  • It is comfortable to use due to its smooth surface.
  • It is tightly joined and cannot lose its angles due to restrains.
  • It is rust-proof.


  • It can`t perform well on small metal works.
  • You may need another square to work alongside it since this tool has no measurement marks.

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Steelex D3383 Precision Square, 4-Inch

This is a 4 inch China made square right fit for machine set up and 90 degrees precision lay out. This hardened and tempered polished steel has a strong blade that measures 4 inches and a beam of 3 inches. This makes it perfect to deal with big projects.

It has a heavy base that enhances stability and precision. It is in a compact size, hence making storage easy. Its solid construction and tight tolerance is an assurance that you can depend on it for years.

You can use it to check if surfaces are flat. It is an-all time metalwork solution; its beam faces and the edges of its blade measures to within ± 0.0006 accurate. It also has an inside notch that collects any dirt to prevent it from tampering with its accuracy. It is an easy to use durable tool that is well fit for machinists and also cabinet makers.


  • It is durable.
  • It is accurate.
  • It is a stable tool due to its heavy base.
  • It is easy to store.


  • It is not suitable for small projects.
  • It has no measurement markings, so you`ll have to use it alongside another marked tool.

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Top 5 Engineer Square Sets Comparison Table


Benefits of machinist squares

They give you the value for your money

Their durability eliminates the worry of ever buying a new tool every year, and their effectiveness gives you the comfort to work on any kind of project. Their sizes give you the freedom to choose your favorite tool for your intended project.

Unlike the other tools in the market, you won`t have to spend money to buy oil to keep your square from rusting. They are smooth tools made of aluminum which makes them rustproof.  With their nice bases that can relax nice on surface to give you the precise measurements.

They are Easy to work with

The problem of having to mark the rulers with measurements is dealt with in these tools since they mostly have imprinted markings. With them, you won`t have to bother holding on to them to make them sit firmly on your working surfaces as you work since most of them have magnets that make them strongly attached to metal surfaces.

They are kind of tools that are easy to store and carry around with due to their size and weight.

They are accessible

These machinist squares are found even in online stores making them easy to find. You can always order a tool that fits your needs on Amazon which is one of the trusted sites.

They are Reliable tools

These are tools you can rely on without worries of being conned because the companies that make them are registered under the laws hence trustworthy. They are sold with a one year warrant, so when your product breaks or it happens not to work as expected, you can ship it back to them. They will pay for shipping fees and send back to you a better replacement or repair your tool.

Accuracy grades and standards

There are various national and international standards by which squares are manufactured. The main ones are BS 939. (British Standards) and the DIN 875-1 (German/Euro standards). There are some grades of accuracy followed in making these squares.

These grades determine whether the tool is to be used in the workshops for general use or in the tool room for measuring other tools for square or making fixtures and jigs where a higher grade of accuracy is needed. Consideration of these rules in making of these machinist squares outlined in this review is the reason for their perfection.

Increased workflow

When looking for ways to control opportunity cost, time and skills must be utilized. However, when the tools you are using cannot be trusted, you will have poor results which in most cases lead to the reduction of the number of customers. With the best machinist squares as the ones above, you will make perfect jobs that you will be proud of and attract more clients.

Reduction of turnaround time

When you are working with a tool that you doubt, you will end up with errors that might slow your job, and fail to get it to the client on time. However, with the right types of equipments that you can trust, you will do your projects with no worries of mistakes, finish your job on time and satisfy your clients` needs.

The ultimate marketing Tools

These squares build confidence and courage in metalworkers. With them, you are guaranteed perfectly accurate products. You can even make products and keep on display and draw even more customers.

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Frequently asked questions:

How to use machinist square

If you want to know the measurements of angles by using a machinist square, align its body against one edge of the object and present the blade to the end or body of the object. During this measurement, there shouldn’t be any mismatch between the blade of the square and the object. That`s how simple you get the accurate results.

How to test machinist squares for accuracy

When testing the accuracy of machinist squares, there variety of ways to use. They involve simple recommended procedures as follows:

Using a combination square to test for machinist squares accuracy

First, what is this tool called a combination square? It is a multipurpose measuring instrument that is mainly used for making sure that the truthfulness of the 90 degrees angle, measuring 45 degrees angle, finding depths, measuring the center of circular objects, and simple distance measurements.

By the use of its spirit level vial, it also helps to determine the level and plumb. Its flexibility makes it outdo all the other tools in its standard.

Test for combination square accuracy

If you want to get better out of combinations squares, it is required of you that you test its efficiency before use. To accomplish this task, tap a white piece of paper to aboard with a perfect straight edge. Keep the anvil of the square against the edge and draw a straight line on the outside border of the blade.

After completing this, turn over the square and draw another line which is at least 1/32 inch far from the first line. If the lines are parallel to each other, then that`s an affirmation that the square is accurate.

To test the accuracy of its shoulder, one can just determine the angle it shows against a 45 degrees drafting triangle. If the angle between the blade and the angle marries with that of the triangle, then it means that the square is accurate.

Steps to using a combination square to test for machinist square accuracy

  1. Loosen the combination square`s adjusted knob.
  2. Remove the handle from its blade.
  • Use the handle as an ordinary level and place the anvil side of the handle on the base surface of the machinist square exactly at the corner on the inner surface.
  1. If the 90 degrees measurement of your square agrees with the combination square, then you have an accurate tool.

Checking for machinist square accuracy by using lines

This is the simplest method of checking squares for accuracy. It involves placing the square on a flat surface object with a straight edge. Then draw a line across the object. After that, turn the square over 180 degrees and see if the blade is aligned with the line drawn. If it does, your tool is accurate and if it`s not, you have an inaccurate square.


It is better you now have a great knowledge about these tools; you can use it to select the tool that fits your needs. They are the kind of tools that will save you time and increase your productivity, due to their accuracy. Machinist squares last for years to give you the real value for your money.

For they are made with materials that protect them from rust, machinist squares can be used in any environment. Their size and weight fit to walk with incase you have to go and work away from the workshop, and they don`t take much space in your store.

They are tools that are made by registered companies under the required standard guidelines of making tools. To let your work stress-free, they have warrants to eliminate any fears if inconveniences happen and the tool happens not to function as required.

If there are no shops that sell these products where you live, don`t be bothered. There online reliable sites like the Amazon where you can place orders at your own comfort (from anywhere in the world), and the items will be delivered to you within some days. The choice is now in your hands.