Best Brake Flaring Tool To Buy

Piping is the backbone of any assembling project. It holds parts together and provides a stable foundation for a more massive structure. Without a concrete foundation, the entire construction is likely to crumble. Therefore, the pipes need to fit together.

Using certain tools such as flaring tools help to adjust and make the tubes more pliable. The machine is useful for both professional and personal purposes in automotive applications such as fitting transmission cooling systems, brakes, fuel lines, among others.

The flaring tools are a worthy investment that makes a significant difference when dealing with automotive. It is an effective solution to damaged fuel and brake lines of cars. While some come with simple mechanisms, others have really complex systems.

Before purchasing the tool, consider your needs and how the tool can fix the issue. The best flaring tools should be durable, efficient, and functional. Here are some of the top flaring tools that money can buy.

Top 5 Brake Line Flaring Tools

MASTERCOOL 72475-PRC Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool

The manufacturer meant business when they made MASTERCOOL 72475. This tool is loaded with various features and adjustments, which makes it versatile. It features different sizes of brake lines, metric flares, the push connect, and GM line flare.  Besides, the device works efficiently on dead soft annealed steel.

This flaring toolset is the top choice for professionals due to its elegant ergonomic design and portability. The parts in the package are made from rugged, robust materials hence ensuring their durability. Thanks to the mini cutter included in the box, you will have precision in your work. This is because you can utilize it for sizes ranging from 1/8 to 5/8 inches.

Another remarkable feature is the magnetic adapter that keeps the tool in position when you are working. You will also love the device’s large die set compression area, which offers an excellent grip. Meaning that you can easily hold it while working in tight spaces. What is more, is the die stabilizing arm that facilitates smooth and leak-free flares. With so many practical features, The MASTERCOOL kit is perfect for both professionals and hobbyists.


  • You can use the set for both single and double flaring.
  • It features an enlarged die set compression area.
  • The tool comes with a magnetic adapter to prevent it from falling out of place.
  • The package includes a mini cutter.
  • The set works well on soft and annealed steel.
  • It is easy to make flare with no leaks.


  • Due to the length of the tool, you may find it challenging to use in a small space.
  • It is on the pricey side
  • It is not ideal for push connections.


TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool

With this tool, there will be no more wasting time and making lousy flares. It is robust and well built to last long. You will get a satisfactory single, bubble, and double flares within the shortest time possible. This device is a worthy investment and is two in one with both 37 and 45-degree flare. Meaning that you can use it to rebuild your whole car.

The set includes dies tubing of sizes 3/16″, ¼”,5/16″ and 3/8″ which makes the tool versatile in its applications. This makes it perfect for achieving excellent flares on steel, soft metal, and stainless steel when you are working on fuel lines, brake lines, and transmission cooler lines. Furthermore, the machine is quick and easy to use, thus saving you time.

The package comes in a large protective casing. You can add more dies in, though I am not sure what you can add because the kit has everything you may need.

You will also love its long handle that requires minimum effort to use. Besides, the company has excellent customer service in case you encounter any problem.


  • It produces flares fast and easy
  • The tool creates a perfect single, bubble, and double flares at 37 and 45 degrees.
  • You can use it for multiple applications.
  • It works on steel, soft metal, and stainless steel.
  • The device is constructed with robust materials to last long.
  • The kit comes in a storage case.


  • It is quite pricey.
  • You will need an excellent vise to secure it well.


ARES 18012 – Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool

This brand is worthy of recognition due to its efficient flaring tools. The ARES 18012 comes with varying sizes of dies, which provides maximum versatility. With this tool, you are assured of working with different tubing and high-quality results. Furthermore, you can use it for various applications since it can provide both single and double flares. You can also use this flaring tool in copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and soft steel tubing.

The set boasts of storage case that offers you a way to organize and keep your tools safe. With the design, the machine can be mounted in a vise. You will also not worry about the device moving while you are working.

This is due to the T-handle screw lamps, which secures the die firmly in place. More so, these features facilitate fast and easy creation of flares.

The ARES tool is valid and reliable for personal and professional use. The company also offers excellent customer service if you need help, replacement, or refund. You can also download the manual for free from the manufacturer’s website. Whether you are working on the fuel line, brake line, transmission cooling lines, this flaring kit has you covered.


  • It can create a single, bubble, or double flares.
  • You can use it on aluminum, copper, soft and stainless steel.
  • The set is versatile in its application.
  • The tool is easy to use due to the vise and T-handle screw clamp that holds it in place while you work.
  • The storage case provides convenience
  • It allows you to create flares fast and easy.


  • It does not come with instructions.


KTI 70081 Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool

If you want quality brake flares and peace of mind, then this model is your ideal choice. The design allows you to mount it on the vise when creating a 45-degree single, bubble, and double flares. It is also versatile in its uses as it can produce flares in soft metal, stainless steel, and OE steel. The kit features four sizes of tubes dies.

Another impressive feature is the turret-style design that facilitates fast precision flares. With this design you there is no need to worry about losing small parts. Furthermore, the tool includes a T-screw clamp that securely keeps it in line when you are forming the flares. It is worthy of its price and further comes in a remarkable blow molded case to keep the contents safe. This also provides a professional appearance and ensures portability.


  • The dies are mounted on the turret; therefore, you won’t fumble for small parts.
  • The kit comes in a blow-molded case.
  • It creates a bubble, double and single flares.
  • The T-screw clamp secures the tool in place.
  • It is versatile in its applications
  • The tool is simple to use and provides excellent results.
  • It made from heavy, durable materials.
  • The design allows you to mount it on the vise.


  • You need to apply more force to the lever to flare stainless steel
  • The lever is short but not impossible to use.


TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool

This practical package contains all the tools you need as a hobbyist or professional to do flaring jobs. It features dies tubing of different sizes for 3/16″, ¼”,5/16″ and 3/8″ hence making it suitable for various uses. You can easily create bubble flares, single flares, and double flares at 45-degrees. This not only saves you time but also money.

Another excellent feature is that its design allows you to mount it in a vise while working on a project. Through this, the tool is stable, and you can make perfect flares on brake lines, fuel lines, and transmission cooler lines.

You can use this flaring tool on stainless steel, soft metal, and steel tubing. The company guarantees the high quality of this product by pre-testing in the factory.

The turret design ensures that you don’t lose the small parts of the tool. Furthermore, this design allows you to use the same machine for different flares.

The device comes with a T-handle screw clamp to secure the die and tube for smooth operation. With just a little practice, the tool makes you look like a pro.


  • It comes with a variety of die tubing.
  • You can also create double flares, single flares, and bubble flares.
  • The tool is easy to operate.
  • It features a T- handle screw clamp to securely hold it while working.
  • You can mount it in a vise.


  • It is not suitable for using underneath a car.
  • The pricing is quite high


Top 5 Brake Pipe Flaring Tools

Rothenberger 222402 Professional Flaring Tool

With this product, you can quickly produce ideal flares on copper pipes. Thanks to the clutch mechanism, you can create smooth and uniform 45degrees single flares. It is also approved for R410A. With its sturdy construction of forged steel, the tool is extremely durable.

Another interesting feature is the spring slide coupling that allows you to work on tubing without reducing the tube thickness. You will also work with confidence without worrying about the pipe sliding and messing your work.

The tool also controls the expansion and shaping of your project without damaging or tearing the tube. This is as a result of the flare cone rotating off-center in needle bearings.

You should also know that the die is available in imperial and metric sizes. What is more is that you can use a drill to drive. This is very useful when dealing with many projects.


  • It controls the expansion and shaping of the tubing by ensuring that it doesn’t tear.
  • You will not have to worry about a reduction in the thickness of the tubes.
  • It prevents slipping of the pipe.
  • The construction material is sturdy and will last for many years.
  • The dies come in 1/8″ to ¾” sizes.
  • It is drill driven


  • It is an expensive choice
  • It is not ideal for stainless steel and does not produce bubble flares or double flares.

Titan 51535 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool

When it comes to repairing brake lines in vehicles, the titan tool is an ideal choice. It has an effective and user-friendly design that makes it stand out. The set also comes with an instruction manual to help you produce a perfect 45-degree flare quickly with less effort.

Another fantastic aspect is the compact design that allows you to use it in tight spaces. With this device, you can fix the brake pipe underneath without having to remove it. This makes the entire process fast and straightforward. The kit comes with other apparatus such as positioning bolt, die lubricant, and double-ended 0P1 or 0P2 Punch.

A unique feature in this tool is the removable handle. You can remove the handle when you want to use the device in a bench vise. The Titan Flaring Tool can be used in almost all vehicles due to its 3/16″ tubing. This is the standard size of brake lines of nearly all cars; hence you can use it to repair brake pipes with ease. furthermore, the device features long clamps to hold the line without leaving dents or marks on the tube

Although the model creates perfect flares with nickel and copper, it is not suitable for stainless steel. The tool’s design is simple and leaves no room for error. It provides impressive quality results.


  • It creates perfect leak-free flares.
  • You can use the device on the brake line without removing it from the car.
  • With a 3/16″ dies, it works on almost all vehicles.
  • The removable handle allows you to use it in a bench vise.
  • It comes with extra tools.
  • The detailed instructions manual is helpful to both newbies and experts.


  • It is not ideal for use on stainless steel tubing.
  • The tool is heavy and does not come in a protective case.
  • It is challenging to transport.


Hilmor Orbital Flare HVAC & Refrigeration Flaring Tool

With a dimension of 8.5″ length, 4.6″ width, 5.3″ height, the device weighs 3.8 lbs. This tool is one of a kind with picture-perfect flares. You can create 45-degree flares from aluminum, copper, soft metal, and brass tubing. The model also comes with one arm design. This feature is very user friendly, and even amateurs can use it to create perfect flares repeatedly. This kit is excellent when working on refrigeration and HVAC units.

One impressive aspect of the flaring tool is that it is easy to operate. First, the spring clothespin block helps to quickly open the flaring bar, while the tubing stop allows you to adjust the flare height. Furthermore, the device features a screw bar and detents along the bar, which ensures its alignment and stability. This allows you to precisely and correctly repair the tubing.

The tool is also impressive with its clutch mechanism. You can tighten yolk and produce flare by turning the handle. You know when to stop when you hear a click, and the handle stops turning. This prevents you from over flaring and cracking the tubes. The tubes are also of different sizes, including 3/16″,5/16″,1/4″,3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and ¾” which makes it versatile.


  • It is easy to use thanks to the clutch mechanism that allows you to stop compressing when the flare is complete.
  • It creates perfect flare on refrigeration and HVAC tubing.
  • The flares are leak-proof.
  • You can also adjust the height to your desired level.
  • It comes with different tubing sizes.
  • The tool is user-friendly and versatile in its uses.


  • It is cumbersome and tight.
  • The instructions on the manual are minimal.
  • It doesn’t come in a plastic carry case.
  • It doesn’t create double flares.


Yellow Jacket 60278 Flaring Tool

With the modern HVAC units that require a deeper flaring mechanism, you need the Yellow Jacket Flaring Tool to meet these needs. If you are using r-410 refrigerant, then you are in luck. This tool works extraordinarily well for r-410a with a range of 1/8″ to ¾” tubes. Furthermore, it contains a built-in height gauge that allows you to adjust it for larger projects.

Moreover, the device offers 45-degree flares for aluminum, copper, and brass tubing. The 45-degree flare grip is facilitated by the self-centering yoke. The machine is made in the United States and comes four in the package. It is impressive with its reliability and will pay for itself after a few usages.


  • It caters to modern HVAC units.
  • It comes with a range of 1/8″ to ¾” tubing
  • The device produces perfect flares from brass, copper, and aluminum materials.
  • Thanks to self-centering yoke, you can easily make 45-degree yoke without damaging the tube.
  • You can adjust the tube height to accommodate larger tubing through the automatic height gauge.
  • It is easy and smooth to operate.
  • The tool is robust and sturdy to last many years.


  • It does not create double flares.
  • You cannot use it on stainless steel.
  • It lacks a clutch. Therefore, you may overtighten and cause bumps on the flare.

RIDGID 83037 Model 458R Precision Ratcheting Flaring Tool

Are you looking for a tool that is more customized and exceptional? Then this model might be perfect for your needs. One of the most outstanding features is its compact design that facilitates creating three different types of flares. It can produce 45-degree flares in 1/8″ to ¾” sizes tubing. Besides, you can use it for various applications on brass, steel, hard copper, and stainless steel.

Another prominent aspect is that the kit comes completely assembled. Meaning that you won’t need to put effort into the process. Upon receiving it, you are good to use it.

The RIDGID Flaring Tool boasts of a ratcheting handle that makes it quite interesting. With this unique feature, you can work without straining, thanks to its excellent grip quality. The ratcheting handle further allows you to work in tight spaces without having to move much.

What is more, is the handle clutch aspect of the tool that makes working simple and easy. You will also be able to iron and smoothen your flares. You can rely on the hardened steel flaring cone for a perfect, uniform flare that does not leak.


  • It is packed with amazing features to make work easier.
  • The tool creates flares that are uniform and does not leak.
  • The ratcheting handle increases grip quality.
  • It is suitable for small spaces.
  • The kit comes fully installed.
  • The design makes it versatile.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty against defects on workmanship and material of the device.


  • It is packed in a small dimension that can get lost.
  • The tool is costly.


Why Do You Need a Flaring Tool?

Ease of use

With the flaring tool at hand, you can fix your own vehicle with ease. It works through a simple mechanism that anyone can follow. Furthermore, most flaring tools come with instruction manuals to guide you on how to assemble and use them.

The tool also creates different types of flares on various sizes of tubing. The process is simple and fast, thereby saving you time and money.


The faring tools range in prices, which allows you to stick to your budget. You can get efficient tools below $100 to make your life easier. However, single flare tools are cheaper than double devices. You will also get several adapters to increase the uses of the machine.


The flaring tools are made with robust construction materials to make them durable. This improves their efficiency and ensures that they last long to give their value. The devices can withstand extreme abuse and test of time.


Whether you are a professional or any other person, portability is one crucial factor you want in a tool. Although the flaring tools are made from durable materials, they are not burdensome. They have a compact design, and some come in a plastic carry case. This allows you to travel with ease.


When it comes to efficiency, the flaring tools have made the process pretty straightforward. All you need is to ensure that your machine matches the tubing you are working on. The tools create ideal flares that do not have cracks. They facilitate making leak-proof flares.


What to Look Out for Before Buying a Brake Line Flaring Tool

With the various available flaring tools in market, there are a few aspects to consider before purchasing the ideal choice for your needs.

Tool price

This is one obvious factor to keep in mind. The tools range in prices, and setting a budget goes a long way. While there are cheap products in the market, they might be of poor quality and inefficient. Go for pricier ones because they may have practical features that you require.

The type you need

There are various types available in the markets such as hydraulic, conventional, and vice mounted flaring tools. With the conventional apparatus, you can make single, bubble, and double flares. On the other hand, the vise makes it easy to use. Besides, with the hydraulic tool, you can create metric or standard lines.


A durable device does not need to be massive. Just ensure that the tool is made from durable material like nickel alloy, copper, among others. You should also keep an eye on the type of threading of the machines. A thick thread provides more strength and sturdiness.


The portability of a tool kit is determined by its weight and storage case. Having a portable toolset is beneficial when you are traveling. Furthermore, the construction material determines the weight of the device. Regardless of your level of skill, portability is an essential factor for comfort. Ensure to get a robust, long-lasting tool that comes in a durable case.

Leak-free finish

The aim of flaring tools is to provide uniform, smooth leak-free flares. This depends on the durability of the construction materials. Also, ensure that your instrument is compatible with your vehicle, especially brake lines.


The flaring tools come with one or more adapters of different sizes. They help in connecting piping parts. You should get a device that comes with adapters rather than buying them separately because they may not be compatible. Buy a tool with different adaptors to increase its versatility.


Efficiency is one of the essential aspects to consider before buying a flaring tool. It should be able to create precise flare as well as secure and tight fittings. For maximum efficiency, the flaring device should have three main components, including the metal piece, the crew, and the metal bar.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the difference between double and single flare?

A: A single flare is a conical shaped line at one end of a plug to prevent it from sliding in and out. the single flare is not recommended for high-pressure brake systems because it is likely to crack and leak.

With the double flares, you form the conical-shaped line twice by folding over the lip of the single flare. It is commonly found in vehicles and is highly acceptable for brake systems.

Q2: How do you use the harbor freight flaring tool?

A: First, slide the flare nut on the tube and turn the handle to open the tool. Insert the end of the corresponding tube size into the hole. Ensure that you place the flare is correctly against the fitting, then fit the flare nut over it. Next, tighten the die handle to secure the tubing. Go ahead and set the tool on the tube to lock it on the die block. Turn the handle until you achieve the flare that you desire.

Q3: How do you use a double flaring tool?

A: Cut the tubing to your desired length and remove any burrs on its cut end. Fit the nut on to the pipe, hex end first.

Loosen the wing nuts, then put your tube into the correct opening of the clamp with the end extending to match the thickness of the adapter. Tighten the nuts firmly while keeping the tool halves parallel.

Turn over the adapter and apply little brake fluid before inserting it into the tube.

Put the flaring tool on the clamp and lock it securely. Go ahead and turn the screw clockwise to ensure that the adapter bottoms out of the clamp.

Remove the screw and take out the adapter. At this point, your tubing will likely have a bubble look.

Place the tubing back as before, with the end protruding up to the shoulder height of your adaptor. Clamp the tubing firmly with the adaptor face down. Turn the screws clockwise until the cone bottoms out entirely.

Remove the tool and inspect your tube end.  There should not be any cracks or gaps. Take the tubing off the appliance.

Q4: How do I discard any loose pipes?

A: Snap off the loose pipes by using a ring spanner.

Q5: Are brake line compression fittings safe?

A: While the compression fittings are more reliable than threaded fittings, they also come with disadvantages. The compression fittings are not vibration-resistant. They also tend to lose hold of the tube after repeated bending.

Q6: How much pressure can a brake line handle?

A: The bake lines can take as much as 5000 psi tests. However, most brakes burst at 15,000 psi.

Q7: How do I flare fittings seal?

A: Use oil on the thread to avoid friction. It allows the nut to turn smoothly and seal with the flare. The thread will tighten down with the nuts without sealing.


Final Remarks

Safety comes first when it comes to driving. Therefore, to ensure you are safe, it is vital to get the best flaring tool with practical features to help in maintaining your car. Choosing a flaring tool does not have to be an overwhelming task. This review provides you with the aspects of the top flaring tools, their benefits and disadvantages as well. Therefore, you can make an informed choice that meets your needs and preference. The good news is that they are ideal for both personal and professional purposes.

It is much better to buy a double flare set since you can still use it to make single or bubble flaring. Besides, keep in mind the material on which you intend to use the tool. For brake lines in vehicles, consider buying stainless steel tool. Also, when you are handling projects related to automotive, be sure that you know how to use the flaring device.