Best Manual Pole Saws Reviews

What do an arborist and a bow hunter have in common? They are worlds apart; you might say. With nothing particular in common. However, the truth is; they both gravitate around trees at one point along their line of duty. This is what breeds the point of convergence as they both require a pole saw.

You might not be either of the two but, an avid gardener only interested to clean your garden or backyard. To have your lawn neat and beautiful.

With that, you join arborists who cut branches for studies and bow hunters who cut branches to have a clear shot during hunting.

All of you will require a manual pole saw, which will come in handy when the time comes to bring those branches down. Manual pole saw are more preferred as you won’t require a ladder at any point or suffer the inconvenience that comes with using a gas, battery, and electricity-powered pole saws.

We have reviewed five top-selling manual pole saws to make your journey of acquiring one pain and hassle-free. Here are some few factors to consider before settling for any manual pole saw.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Manual Pole Saw

  1. Pole length

How high the branches that you want to are cut or trim? If the branches you are targeting are very high. You will need a long pole, 19-24 feet. For low branches shorter poles are ideal. However, an extendable pole is ideal if you will be cutting branches varying heights

  1. Material

Some poles are made of fiberglass material which is lightweight and durable while others are made of aluminum and very firm.

  1. Blade

Blade length and is very important when choosing your pole saw. This determines the quality of your cuts.


Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

Hooyman extendable tree saw is a result of several years of extensive research. It’s a high quality, dependable tree saw. Engineered to last through many cutting cycles. Each of its components is designed with a touch of ingenuity .it has a compact design that is lightweight and durable.

Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

It can extend up to 10feet and be collapsed into a portable 28 inches. It has a perfect lock system for the blade and the folding saw can be disconnected and used as a hand-held saw. Here are some of its great features;

First, the pole is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum which gives the saw durability giving you service for many years. The I-beam design and technology delivers on performance and strength. This technology ensures that it functions without bending and slipping while in use

Another great feature is the positive lock system. This ensures you are safe by preventing the extension from slipping while you are cutting. The lock latches onto special slot making the extension super firm

Thirdly, the blade is made of high-carbon SK5 steel which can cut even the most stubborn of branches. The blade has a 4-edge MegaBite XP design that cuts branches and limbs in the target location.

Additionally, it has a sling and wrist lanyard that comes in handy during camping and trimming hunting.



  • 12-inch curved blade
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Extremely sharp blade


  • the blade is short
  • the handle is not very durable


DOCAZOO DocaPole Extension Pole and Go Saw

This is a perfect combination of a high pole and a powerful comes fully assemble and is ready to use out of the box. This makes it very ideal for first-timers. It prides itself as the longest, at 24feet and the lightest pruning saw in the market.DOCAZOO DocaPole Extension Pole and Go Saw

It is a dual-purpose saw in that it can be used as a pole saw for the high branches or a hand-held saw for the low branches. It’s an effective saw for any kind of sawing job with a rubber handle that absorbs vibrations as you work.

Here it’s why it is loved;

To begin with, it can extend up to 24 feet, combined with your standing height it can reach as high as 30 feet. This makes it suitable to cut the top branches. However, it’s recommended that you use 4/5(or less) for optimal performance.Use the lower, thicker segment if not using the full extension


Secondly, it has a razor-sharp 13-inch bi-directional cut with 3x teeth design. This feature makes it effective to saw any wood. Giving it the ability to prune awkward spots. The blade is electroplated with chromium which makes it rust-free and durable

Another great feature is that the telescoping pole is made of aluminum which makes it light, easing usage.

DocaPole Extension Pole tip also threaded with ACME standard making it compatible with a variety of attachments.

Another useful feature is the plastic hinge tip. This can rotate up to 180 degrees and can be locked at the desired angle. Combined with other attachments; it can accomplish a wide range of tasks that are high up to reach.




  • Great lengthy reach
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to handle
  • Made from aluminum


  • Flimsy to use
  • Locks don’t secure extended pole

 Fiskars, 393951-1001 Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

This is a high quality saw that is built with unique technology. While most of the poles are built of aluminum Fiskars, 393951 boasts of a very strong fiberglass pole.

The pole can extend up to 12 feet and is fitted with an advanced double-locking system. It is also equipped with two versatile cutting systems one suited for thicker branches while the other devours the larger branches

Let’s delve more in its features;

First, Fiskars 393951 pole is made from fiberglass materials. This ensures that it is lightweight weighing only 4.3 pounds and very strong.

Another unique feature of this pole saw & pruner has an advanced double-locking system that is a combination of spring lock and flips lock. This ensures r safety while sawing at the maximum extension of 12 feet.

It might be windy while you are sawing or place the pole loosely. This safety feature ensures the pole remains extended throughout.

Third, the cutting performance of this saw is excellent, with 2 versatile cutting systems. This comprises of a precision-ground steel pruner for removing smaller branches (below 1 inch) and a 12-inch double-grind saw for cutting larger branches

Another important feature of Fiskars 393951 is the high quality; durable saw blade. It is sharp and can last up to 2 years while still cutting as new. The blade is still useful after 2 years. However, you can purchase a new one to start all over again.

And now this, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty and great after-sale service. This is very favorable to act as insurance, at any point if there is something wrong with the saw .you take it to any Fiskars stores. They have experts to attend to your case




  • lightweight fiberglass pole
  • a double-locking mechanism
  • Features 2 cutting options
  • Offers lifetime warranty



  • Produces slanted cuts
  • Difficult to grasp the handle

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Manual Pole Saw

Jameson manual saw is an excellent tool for land scraping and gardening. It has a versatile 3 pole system. Each pole measuring 6feet and therefore it can extend up to 18 feet in total and reach high branches and limbs. The pole saw is heavyweight making it suitable for heavy-duty pruning

It comes with a 16″ barracuda tri-cut saw blade which can be replaced with another 13-inch Jameson blade. It also features aluminum ferrules with an external leaf spring locking button for more convenience.

However, even with the many attractive features. Many users complain that this pole saw doesn’t have a satisfactory grip and therefore not ergonomic. Sometimes it lacks comfort, efficiency, and the stability required.

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Manual Pole Saw

Jameson manual saw is durable and very easy to use. Let us have an in-depth look of its features

This pole saw comprises 3 poles each measuring 6feet; this feature allows trimming at various heights. It gives you the options of 3, 6 or 18 feet depending on your requirements. You can clear taller branches in your garden or backyard with ease

Second, Jameson manual saw comprises of aircraft-grade Aluminum ferrules with an external leaf spring locking button. This is for your safety and comfort as the user

Another important feature is a 16-inch barracuda tri-cut saw blade with impulse-hardened teeth, this is powerful enough to give clean, quality cuts. This blade can seamlessly be replaced with another 13-inch Jameson blade. This makes it versatile and multi-purpose for various types of cutting


  • Extendable Pole with high reach
  • Versatile with changeable blade
  • Strong and durable
  • Blade cuts fast


  • Heavy than other options
  • Handle lacks rubber grip


HAYAUCHI 3-Ext. Pole saw 6.3m (21′)

HAYAUCHI is the finest telescoping pole saw available on the market today. Preferred by professionals and homeowners. Ideal for the toughest pruning jobs and is used for; pruning, trimming, arborist, forestry, lawn & garden.


This telescoping pole saw model can extend from 8 feet to 21-feet and it can reach up to 25 feet while working. It has a 90mm length sharpenable blade and 6.5 teeth per 30mm. The saw is a combination of powerful features that delivers a perfect cutting experience. Here are the main features;


For starters, it has an oval-shaped aluminum alloy extension pole that provides absolute control of the blade direction. This gives the pole strength and rigidity. This is important to reduce the bending of the pole to the minimum.


Secondly, it has a soft rubber grip ensuring good hold and control by absorbing is also fitted with a shock absorber at the pole end.


HAYAUCHI’s 15-2/5-inch curved blade uses Silky 4-RETSUME Technology. Teeth are set in what appears to be 4 rows. Making them ideal for tough pruning jobs.


Another important feature is that the blade is fitted with two sickles. The upper and lower sickles. The blade can be tilted at two different angles to use either of the sickles. The upper sickle is for cutting vines and preventing the blade from slipping during cutting. The lower sickle undercuts the bark and delivers a clean cut with no damage to the tree.


The HAYAUCHI poles saws are incorporated with two locking systems to give the extended pole structural rigidity. The primary lock mechanism comprises locking pins and the secondary lock mechanism which comprises friction clamps.

This dual locking system transmits 100% of the effort applied at the handle up to the blade.


  • The blade is chrome plated to prevent corrosion
  • a double-locking mechanism
  • cuts clean without damaging the bark
  • a very sharp and powerful blade


  • the pole is wobbly
  • expensive

Benefits of A Manual Pole Saw

·         Very Lightweight

Manual pole saw do not have any type of motors for power. They depend on manual force to work. Comprising only of a stick and a saw. This makes the manual tree pruners very light in weight.


·         Cheap Price

Manual saws are very affordable as they don’t require any complex or extra tools such as gas cylinders in a gas pole. A battery or cord such as is required by electric pole saw.

This is just a traditional saw, optimized for tall pruning with even no chainsaw. Greatly reducing the production cost.

·         The Length of Pole:

If you intend to cut very tall branches. A manual pole saw will be your best bet. They have very long poles that can extend up to 24 feet.there are no motor-powered pole saw that can reach that high.

·         Easy Maintenance

Once you make a purchase, you don’t have to worry about future expenses associated with motor-powered saws. This is because they don’t have gas cylinders, batteries or chainsaw.

The moving parts are also very few. Hence minimal wear and tear. Just maintain the blade sharp, and you are good to go.

·         Product Warranty:

Most manual pole saws manufacturers offer a very decent warranty with some brands even offering a lifetime warranty

·         Health Benefits:

Manual pruning a physical exercise that requires a lot of energy and with it, a lot of calories. It is a great way to exercise as you decorate your backyard.

·         Inexpensive

Compared to electric or gas variants, they are inexpensive as there are no motor, engines, battery or power outlet involved.

·         Quiet

Manual poles saw are free of the noisy engines as they do not require any to function

·         Portable

Manual pole pruners can easily be carried from one point to another his because they don’t have any power cord, battery or gas cylinder

·         Environmentally friendly

Manual saws are very friendly to the environment unlike Gas powered pole saws produce greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment and also disposal of the defective batteries poses a very great threat to the environment

·         Safe to use

Manual pole pruners have no whirring chains or engines that can fall on your head to worry about.

·         All-weather

Manual pole saws performance is not affected by weather conditions. You cannot use an electric power saw during rainy conditions as this will be endangering your life and that of your saw too. Manual pole saw can be used in all weather conditions.

·         Cuts cost, saves money

The major reason why people opt to do their home improvement project is that hiring a professional landscaper is very expensive. With your manual pole saw you can make your lawn beautiful without breaking the bank

·         Easy to Use

Manual pole saws are very easy to use, with no buttons to press or cords to connect. Just a stick with a saw head. They are designed to be very user-friendly and even first-timers will be very comfortable using them.

·         Perks of ownership

There is a joy that comes with owning something. You have the space to be as creative as you can get. You also prune at your own time and convenience.

How to Use Pole Saw and Safety Tips

After purchasing the manual pole saw. There are a few things you need to know before you start using it. We have some guidelines for you. So that you are safe and efficient you use the tool


Manual Pole Saw Step By Step Users Guide

  1. Clear working area: cordon off the area. Ensure there is no one in your working area. Mark it as a safety zone. Clear any tripping hazards, things that can’t be moved such as protruding roots should
  2. Determine where cutting is needed: The target branch may be heavy and big and you are therefore required to make many initial cuts. With these, make cuts along the horizontal surface of the branch to reduce the length and weight of the branch first. This method maximizes cutting efficiency.
  3. Position the saw: use both hands to lift the saw. Bring the saw to a vertical position and pause to ensure that you are in full control of the pole saw. Place it on the cutting spot ensuring that the full weight rests on the vine or branch.
  4. Position yourself: You should stand on the side of the branch with the end of the pole resting on your chest. Ensure that the pole is at an angle. Never stand below the branch you are cutting
  5. Cut a starting grove: Start by cutting slowly and in controlled motion biting in with the first stroke .the blade should be perpendicular to the branch. This ensures that you get deep cut into the branch.
  6. Finish cutting: After securing your saw on the groove, you can increase your stroking speeds. Place more emphasis on the pull stroke, it is the most effective since it’s aided by gravity. Make the most out of it.
  7. Clean up the area: clear your working is after you finish, leave it clean. Remove any branch and debris before going to the next branch
  8. Tighten all nuts: Ensure that you check the pole saw for any loose nut, bolts or screws. If there is, tighten them to ensure no part falls off during sawing
  9. Check the locking system: Ensure that the locking system is functioning properly
  10. Be alert: Be alert and retreat immediately the branch you are cutting shows signs of falling off
  11. Clean your tool: After you finish, clean the outer parts of your tool as well as the parts under the protective cover
  12. Safe storage: Return the pole saw in its bag after you finish
  13. Inspect your pole saw: keep on checking your pole saw after a few cutting jobs to ensure everything is in order

 Safety tip: Put on protective gear such as gloves and goggles. Never attempt to cut branches close to or above power lines. Manual poles can be heavy and it is okay to pause and to take breaks in between.

Lastly, cutting of thick branches can be risky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of a pole saw?

A: To cut or trim a branch that is high on the tree without using a ladder


Q: Can a pole saw to trim hedges?

A: A pole saw is not designed to trim hedges, use a saw a trimmer instead


Q: Can you use a pole saw on a ladder?

A: Yes you can but you will be a bit unstable.

Q: Can a pole saw bade be sharpened?

A: yes you can by use of a sharpening file.


We have sampled for you the top 5 bestselling pole saws in the market. We hope now you have a clear picture of the saw you want to purchase. A manual pole saw that precisely meets your needs. A pole saw eliminates the use of a ladder and so the longer the pole, the better.


All the saws we have reviewed will be a very great addition to your tools. If you are an avid gardener who loves a beautiful landscape for their homes. Any of the above will be a great pick.


While selecting a pole saw the quality of the pole and blade is very important. Based on our review; HAYAUCHI 3-Ext will be the best pick for buyers with no budget constraints while a Fiskars 393951-1001  will be perfect for buyers on a budget

Friskar is  a good pole saw very suited for homeowners. The pole is small, with only a 12-foot reach It also has a fiberglass pole. With the advantage of a lifetime warranty