5 Best Pancake Welding Hood

So, what comes in your mind when you hear pancake hood? Maybe you think about your favorite breakfast food or a snack you eat while welding. However, we are sorry to disappoint you because it has nothing to do with meals. In fact, the pancake welding hood is personal protective equipment that protects the face and eyes of welders. It is an essential gear just like welding gloves and aprons that protects you from dangers associated with welding.

So, what exactly is a pancake welding hood?  The term pancake comes from its shape and design that is relatively thin and round like a pancake. They are a specific type of welding helmets that are entirely round to cover the whole face. Also, the helmets thin, hence weigh less. While all welders can use them, they are commonly used by pipeline welders.

The pancake hood stands out from the rest due to its shield side that protects one side of the face from the radiation rays and sparks while welding. Furthermore, they come with the balsa box that surrounds and offers protection to your eyes.  The balsa box holds the lens stable and is designed to fit the user without causing any discomfort or visibility issues. Therefore, if you are looking for convenient gear to ease your outdoor welding experience, then pancake welding hood is the ideal solution for your needs. We review five of the best pancake hood and highlight the benefits that come with using them.

Top 5 Best Pancake Welding Helmet Hood

Sarge’s Pancake Black Welding Hood Helmet

If you are looking for a pancake hood that can be used by both left and right-handed people, then this is the ideal choice. For the left-handed users, go for a pancake helmet with the right side shield and vice versa.

With a face dimension of 10.5 inches and side shield measuring 5.8 by 8 inches, the welding helmet weighs 12.5 ounces. With this lightweight, you will not feel like you are wearing a helmet at all. The shield dimensions also ensure that your entire face and side face is completely covered from potential injuries. Additionally, the hood comes with an adjustable headband measuring 1.5 inches. This allows you to easily adjust the helmet for a perfect fit for accuracy when working.

Furthermore, the package includes100cm piece of sandpaper if you need to adjust your balsa box. It supports the auto-darkening lens, thereby ensuring visual precision. Besides, it is made from lightweight balsa wood, and the helmet is constructed of phenolic Formica. When you try this particular pancake hood, you will not go back to the ordinary helmet. It is an excellent combination of quality, durability and comfort.


  • It is lightweight, which makes it easy to use without feeling fatigued.
  • You can easily customize the balsa box.
  • Through little adjustments, the balsa box fits any type of eyeglasses.
  • It comes with headband straps and sandpaper for adjustments.
  • The balsa box contains a standard lens that offers precision and accuracy.
  • It is OSHA approved.


  • The straps may come off occasionally.

Wendy’s Pancake Welding Hood Helmet w/Strap – Right Handed – White

Do you want a high-quality pancake welding hood that provides maximum protection? You will be better off with Wendy’s pancake hood. Wendy is a famous brand among pipeline welders due to its wide range of products that covers different purposes and needs.

Just like any other pancake helmet, this particular brand is designed with a lightweight balsa wood box. This right-handed hood has both face and side shields that are constructed of plastic material. Besides, the balsa box holds the cheater and standard lens. Plus, it also supports the miller fixed shade electronic lens. This hood is reasonably priced, considering all that it includes.

Furthermore, the lens holder pocket depth measures 5/8 inch. The helmet further contains an elastic band and sandpaper piece that allows you to adjust it for a customized fit. These modifications offer you maximum protection and precision in your work. Plus, the white color gives it an elegant look.


  • It comes with an adjustable elastic head strap.
  • The balsa box accommodates the standard lens and cheater.
  • The hood is lightweight
  • It offers excellent coverage of the entire face.
  • It is very well built and blocks out light.


  • Some uses have complained of product damage upon delivery.
  • The round part covers the auto-darkening lens sensors, thereby keeping it from darkening.

The Original Pancake Welding Hood Helmet

This company has built a reputation in the welding industry for the past three decades. Their first-class products speak for them and are widely used worldwide. The handcrafted hood is made from phenolic, balsa, and pine woods. This particular model is right-handed, and you can easily modify the contoured balsa box for a custom fit.

The hood comes with one lens cover, one adjustable elastic headband, and a piece of sandpaper for a custom fitting. It also holds cheater lenses and has a folded ear guard design. Besides, this model is ANSI approved, and OSHA accepted.


  • It accepts the cheater lenses.
  • The helmet comes with an adjustable elastic headband.
  • It is also extremely light in weight.
  • It is ANSI approved, and OSHA accepted.
  • The side shield has a folded ear guard design.


  • The balsa box does not fit the miller lens without modification.
  • Its unfinished look might bother you.
  • Some users find it a bit expensive

Wendy’s Pancake Welding Hood Helmet w/Strap – Right Handed – Black FLIP UP lens

When it comes to covering different customer base with varying specifications on the same product, then we give it to Wendy. This company has got you covered in all your needs without sacrificing functionality.

This right-handed welding helmet is black in color and is lightweight.  It also comes with an adjustable head headband and a backflip UP lens.

Furthermore, the balsa hood includes both the face and side shields for maximum protection. What is more, is that it supports miller fixed shade electronic lens and the standard lens.

You will also appreciate the head straps and sandpaper included in the package that allows you to customize the balsa box for a comfortable fit. So far, it is definitely one of the top pancake welding hoods in the market.


  • The helmet meets the requirements of ANSI
  • It is lightweight, which makes it comfortable to use.
  • Not only does it come with adjustable headband, but it also includes free sandpaper for easy custom fitting.
  • It contains a backflip UP lens
  • This hood is relatively cheaper and readily available in local stores.
  • It is stable and built to last.


  • You might find it difficult to insert the lens.
  • It lacks instructions.

Pancake Welding Hood

If you want maximum protection and excellent experience while working, then acquiring this particular model is a necessity. The pancake welding hood by Sarge provides the safety of your face and eyes. It boasts of 5.8 inches by 8 inches on the side shield and 10.5 inches on the face shield.

With a weight of 12.5 ounces, you can use this helmet for long hours without feeling fatigue. Besides, it is available for both right and left-handed users. This pancake welding hood is composed of balsa wood box and phenolic side and face shield. When speaking of looks, the hood is handcrafted with special attention to details and quality.

Another added advantage is that it accommodates the electronic lens and cheater, which provides a high-quality optical view while offering maximum protection. You will further appreciate its effectiveness regardless of the type of welding you do. Thanks to the quality construction material and design, this product is very flexible. It is built to last long; thereby, it provides a great value for your money.


  • It is available for both right and left-handed users.
  • The helmet is lightweight
  • It meets the standard requirements of ANSI
  • It comes in black or tan colors.
  • The unit is handcrafted with particular attention to details and quality.
  • It supports the standard lens and cheater.
  • Its composition is of lightweight balsa wood.
  • The PPE protects the entire face and side completely.
  • It is durable, thereby making it a worthy investment.
  • This model is very flexible and comfortable to use.

Benefits of Pancake Welding Hoods


The primary purpose of using the pancake welding hood is to shield your entire face and side from the hazardous nature of the welding field. It offers you protection form hot flying metals, splatters, and harmful rays produced under high temperatures. Furthermore, the balsa box is painted black on the inside. This color enables it to absorb all light hence protecting your eyes. Besides, it fits properly and ensures the closure of all access areas. This design guarantees that no sparks or rays get inside the hood. You can, therefore, focus on the job at hand without the constant worry of getting hurt.


Apart from providing protection to the eyes, the balsa box also supports and holds the lens in the welding hood. This lens is vital in ensuring visual accuracy and precision when working. The electronic lens allows you to see objects in dark areas clearly. Besides, the balsa box eliminates any light reflection, thereby giving an anti-glare vision to the user. This design makes it ideal for outdoor use. The pancake hood is popular among pipeline workers who usually work under direct sunlight that might blur one’s vision.

Custom fitting

A significant advantage of the pancake hood is its custom made design. This specification allows it to be modified to fit individual welders. Also, the design allows it to adapt to the shape of the face of the user. The helmet includes an adjustable elastic headband and a piece of sandpaper to enable you to customize it for a perfect fit without affecting its functionality.


The pancake welding hoods are made from lightweight balsa wood, which makes them comfortable to wear for long hours. besides. The balsa wood is very soft on the skin and makes it easy to be contoured. Not only do the adjustable strap secure the helmet on your head, but it also allows air circulation in the helmet. This element will enable you to work comfortably in hot conditions. With your comfort taken care of, it improves your productivity hence the production of high-quality products.Best Pancake Welding Hood


Even though the pancake welding hoods are light in weight, their construction materials like the balsa wood and pine wood are robust and sturdy. This assures protection and long life service, which makes them a worthy investment. More so, the materials provide them with flexibility, which allows modifications for custom fitting. The lightweight materials also make them easily portable.


When it comes to pricing, the pancake welding hood is cheaper compared to other types of helmet. They vary in prices and are readily available in markets. Furthermore, pancake helmets are convenient and effective for all types of welding. With all these benefits and affordable prices, the pancake welding hood is definitely the ideal gear for eyes and face protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are all pancake welding hoods OSHA approved?

A: Even though it is essential for all pancake hoods to be OSHA approved, not all are. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing an ideal one. Purchase a helmet from a reputable brand to avoid any quality issues.

Q2: Is there a difference between a pancake hood and a pipeliner?

A: Yes, there are differences between the two. While many welders prefer using the pipeliners indoors, they use pancake hoods for outdoor welding activities. Besides, the pipeliners lean on the heavier side and offer more coverage. The pancake helmet, on the other hand, is light in weight and reduces glare from external lighting. All in all, it all comes down to personal preference.

Q3: What is the function of a balsa box?

A: The main purpose of the balsa box in pancake hood is to hold and support the lens for accuracy and precision. This ensures that the lens stays in one position during the entire welding process for quality products. Besides, the balsa box protects the eyes of the welder from the high-intensity light and light reflection from natural light.

Q4: What are the materials for the construction of pancake welding hoods?

A: It is mainly made of balsa wood where it derives its name. However, the parts that need reinforcements are made from pine wood. The balsa wood is perfect due to its lightweight and soft nature. These qualities allow you to modify it quickly to get the perfect fit, and they ensure that you don’t tire easily.

The pancake hoods also come with an adjustable headband that secures the balsa box in place. The elastic band also distributes the weight evenly, which makes it more comfortable to use for long hours. Furthermore, the phenolic material used on the exterior shield is secured in place by brackets and metal or wooden screws.

Q5: What are the advantages of using pancake hoods?

A: In the welding field, weight matters because it can cause discomfort, back pain and neck pain. The good news is, with these helmets, you don’t have to worry about such issues. Thanks to the lightweight construction materials. Besides, the balsa and pine wood are flexible and are easily adaptable for a custom fit.  The elements also allow for protection of the eyes and face of the user without causing any discomfort. With the balsa box, you have accurate and precise vision under natural lighting.

Final Remarks

From the numerous benefits we have discussed, it is evident that the pancake welding hood is the best type of helmet, for outdoor activities. The helmets are a vital protective gear for all welders, especially the pipeline welders, because of their functionality and comfort in awkward welding positions. They come in different varieties with some supporting electronic darkening lens and flip-up lens that facilitate a clear view of your project. Furthermore, they have reasonable prices in comparison to their wide range of advantages.

As you may have noticed, finding a welding hood is not a problem. However, the issue is getting a standard helmet. It is challenging because too many brands exist, some of which produce substandard helmets. Therefore, be sure that you purchase one that meets the standard requirements of quality control bodies. Also, be sure to choose the left or right-handed model that suits you.

We hope that our detailed review has helped you in choosing an ideal pancake welding hood that fits your metal table legs welding needs. Remember that the crucial aspects to consider when picking a welding hood is the material quality, the balsa box, the customizability, and whether you are left or right-handed.

With all these said, our ideal choice is the Sarge’s Pancake Black Welding Hood Helmet. This hood is not only affordable, but it also checks out other essential aspects that make it the best pancake welding hood. It offers maximum protection with its full coverage on the face and side face. Most importantly, it is lightweight, which makes it comfortable to use in hot weather without feeling fatigue. Having effective protective equipment is not a choice. Instead, it is an essential gear for any welder.