Single Bevel Vs. Double Bevel Miter Saw: Which Is the Best Pick

The common goal of both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts is to achieve efficiency and accuracy of cuts. A bevel miter saw is the best way to achieve consistent angled cuts. With a miter saw, you can make cuts such as bevel cut, cross-cut, miter cut, and compound cut. Besides, it is applicable in detail work, cabinetry, and molding projects.

So, between single bevel miter and double bevel miter, which is the best for you? Shopping for a miter saw without knowing what to look for can be overwhelming. This is because they come in various designs for different functions. Therefore, to pick the ideal choice for your needs, you should understand their specific abilities and differences

Although a miter saw can make a bevel cut, you will encounter problems when working on large materials. Besides, it is impossible to use it for compound cuts.  This is a combination of bevel and miter cuts. This is where the single and dual miter saw comes in handy. In this guide, we will help you to make an informed choice by comparing the two power saws.

What Is a Single Bevel Miter Saw?

A single bevel miter saw has a pivoting function that allows it to make angled cuts in either left or right direction. This is where it derives its name. Most single bevel miter saws cut to the left for the convenience of right-handed workers. This design makes it impossible to make repeated cuts.

What does single bevel miter saw mean?

The single bevel miter saw can separately make miter and bevel cuts or even make them together. However, if you want to make the same cuts on both sides, you have to physically flip your work piece.

It is sufficient if you don’t have a lot of tasks at hand. This makes the saw ideal for beginners and is suitable for simple DIY projects that require cut angles in two lanes, such as crown molding and picture frames.

The single bevel miter saw can almost make all cuts that you can perform with double bevel one. However, it requires more effort and time.

Double Bevel Miter Saw

As a professional woodworker, sometimes, you have strict deadlines to meet. Therefore, you don’t want to waste time flipping the wood to make cuts. With a double bevel, miter saw, repositioning the work material will be an issue of the past. This is what makes it different from the single bevel miter saw.

What is a dual bevel saw used for?

It is an efficient and versatile tool, thanks to its ability to make cuts in both directions. This feature allows you to achieve uniform and repeated cuts. Thus, the saw offers higher precision and accuracy by reducing chances for human error. Also, it is ideal when working with longer materials and saves you time to complete your project.

Differences Between Single and Double Bevel Miter Saws

Although these two tools perform nearly the same functions, they have their own uses, pros, and cons. These particular aspects determine their suitability for specific projects.


The double bevel saw is faster than the single bevel miter saw.

The complexity and type of tasks determines the speed factor. You should consider it if your earning is based on time. regardless of your skill level, speed is an aspect have in mind to get projects done fast

When it comes to ease of use and finishing tasks more quickly, a double bevel miter saw is the way to go. It has a speed advantage over the single miter saw. You have to flip your work piece to make the same cuts when using the single saw. Meaning that you will take a considerable amount of time during the process, hence making it time-consuming

However, with the dual beveled miter saw, there is no need to reposition the material to get the desired results. This practicality makes it convenient when you have a busy schedule. It is no doubt the ideal option if you want to achieve your cuts quickly.

Accuracy and Precision

This aspect, to some degree, relies on the speed of the tool. With a single miter saw, you have to flip your material to get uniform cuts. Meaning that you will have to frequently adjust and reposition the work piece. Thus, you are likely to make mistakes and inaccuracies when making repeated cuts.

Dual beveled saws are superior when it comes to accuracy and precision. This is because they need little adjustments, thereby leaving no room for human error. If you are an expert or you aim to produce premium quality products, then a double bevel saw is the best option.


Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, the cost of the tools may be an area of concern. In case it is your primary issue, a single bevel miter saw is a suitable choice. It is quite affordable compared to the double miter saw, which makes them ideal for beginners. Depending on the model and size, you can get them as low as under $100.

However, the dual beveled miter saw is expensive and thus suitable for experts. If you want a high quality one, be ready to spend at least $200.


As a woodworker, you have to consider the portability of your tools, especially when you work from place to place. A single bevel saw boasts of lightweight, which make it easy to use, even with amateurs. On the other hand, the dual bevel miter saw is much heavier due to the additional mechanical parts. Meaning that you are likely to place it on a semi-permanent workbench. Therefore, if you want flexibility when working, a single bevel miter saw is an excellent choice.

Final Verdict

When it is all said and done, it all comes down to convenience and effectiveness.  Although the double bevel miter saw proves to be more beneficial than the single saw, the latter can still perform the tasks. All you need is a little more practice to sharpen your skills.

However, you cannot place the output of the two saws on the same level. The dual miter saw is efficient, fast, and precise in its operation. For these reasons, it is a worthy investment despite the high price.