5 Best Table Saw Push Blocks Review

Statistics show that woodworking tools send approximately 400,000 people to the emergency room every year. The table saw is one of them. Although it is an excellent tool with speed and accuracy, its moving blade poses a great danger. However, with a table saw push block, you will reduce the chances of table saw accidents. When you are purchasing tools, you need to put safety first and consider acquiring such push devices. Not only will they keep you safe, but the device will allow you to make accurate cuts.

Push block comes in different varieties, models, and designs. And as such, you might get overwhelmed when choosing them. However, you need to understand that the push blocks do not offer the same level of safety. Therefore, when working with a power tool that can easily cut through your bones like butter, it is only crucial that you use the best table saw in the market. Not only will it prevent you from getting injuries while feeding the saw, but it will also prevent kickbacks that might damage your work.

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Top 5 Best WoodWorking Push Blocks Review

So how do you choose the best table saw push block? Here are our few compilations to help you choose the one suitable for your needs without compromising safety in the workshop.

Gripper(TM) 200 Advanced System

If you want the best comfortable experience, then this model is your best choice. However, it is worthy to note that it is on the pricier side, and if you are on a tight budget, then this is not for you. When choosing devices, it is best to get one that is compatible with other tools in your workshop. You will appreciate that you can use the block with various tools such as routers, jointers, band saws, among others.

The Gripper (TM) 200 provides you with quality cuts without risking your hand to injuries. It will impress you with its adjustable and detachable parts. The good news is that you will be able to control its functionality and uses. Furthermore, the push block features a 1/8 inch leg that guarantees your protection during the cutting process. It also allows you to make cuts that are 1/8 inch thin.

This device is designed for high-grade precision while ensuring your safety. It has non slip pads top give a firm grip to hold down your feeding material securely. Another impressive feature of this model is the adjustable spacer and a stabilizing plate. These features provide you with total control and versatility. Besides, they provide stability to achieve consistent cuts without endangering your fingers and hands.


  • The tool comes with detachable and adjustable parts to give comfort and different angles.
  • The non-slip pads provide excellent control and grip.
  • It features the stabilizing plate and an adjustable spacer for increased functionality and versatility.
  • With this block, you will make precision cuts by eliminating kickbacks.
  • It provides consistent ripping of 1/8 inch strips.


  • The push block is quite pricey


GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock

When it comes to comfort, safety, and premium experience, it is hard to beat this awesome model. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, using this model provides protection when working with a table saw. GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock is, no doubt, one of the best safety tools in the market.

One aspect that stands out is its three directions of force. This is your ticket to safety and provides you with maximum protection. While the downward force eliminates kickbacks, the inward direction force holds your material securely. Also, the forward force controls the feeding rate, hence ensuring quality cuts.

You can use this push block confidently since its made to achieve safety and maximum control. It features three legs and built-in balance support to provide the direction force for accurate cut and extra stability. Plus, you can make smaller cuts safely.

Using GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock gives you options to adjust it to various angles for comfort. Besides, it facilitates ripping ¼ inches cuts with accuracy without adjusting the fence. This is a versatile tool that you should definitely add to your workshop for safety and to improve your work quality. And just like other blocks, it has rubber handles for firm grip and good control. Besides, you can use the tool on different surfaces like wood, plastic, and aluminum. If you are looking to get a 3d push block that will give excellent service, then you should consider this model.


  • It provides for both quality and safety.
  • The push block is fully adjustable and versatile.
  • It has three directional forces.
  • With the moving blade guard, you can make ¼ inch thin cuts safely.
  • The model works with various types of power tools such as routers, band saws, jointers, and many more.
  • It eliminates kickbacks completely


  • It is expensive.


POWERTEC 71009 Safety Push Block and Stick Set

As a woodworker, you always need to protect your hand, and what better way than to use a push block. The POWERTEC 71009 is one of the best pushing blocks if you are on a budget. We were not only attracted by its affordable price, but also to all its features designed to provide protection and safety.

The block comes with five pieces that offer you versatility in their uses. It features one long push block, two shorter ones, a V-stick, and a push stick as a package. This feature makes it one of the most sorted push blocks on the market. Besides, the different options make it easy to get accurate cuts while enhancing safety.

Another plus of this device is its rubber handles. The ergonomic design offers you a comfortable and firm grip when feeding the saw. Besides, this design gives you good control to get precise results by preventing kickbacks and possible hand injuries. The orange color further enhances your visibility to see it at all times.


  • The package comes with five pieces
  • It is built to last with durable plastic.
  • The push block offers maximum protection and eliminates kickbacks
  • With its orange color, you can see it at all times.
  • This model features rubber handles that ensure a firm and safe grip when cutting.
  • You can use it for different applications and power tools like jointers and shapers.


  • Your grip might become loose

GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock

We all want excellent tools at lower prices. GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook does just that. It comes with some advanced features that ensure quality control and personal protection. With its affordable price, the device has retracting hooks, ergonomic grip, and not to mention it is from a reputable brand.

Not only is it compatible with different machines, but it also has a rubber handle to offer a firm grip while feeding wood to the saw blade. The block uses its hooks to attach and detach from the wood automatically. Meaning that you can easily use it to control the material without injuring your fingers or hands.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design provides stability and hold it securely against the fence. This ensures you achieve precision cuts and overall quality. It also provides the option of a connector shield plate for extra protection against chip waste. To get 3d push block without breaking the bank, you should consider this option.

Even though this product provides safety and improves quality production, it is not durable enough. Still, it is good for occasional use and suitable for a hobbyist.


  • You can use the block for vertical work thanks to its 90-degree flip guide.
  • It comes with hooks for good control and accurate cuts.
  • The green pads grip the wood firm and secure.
  • You can use it with the router, band saws, jointers, table saws, and others.
  • The push block offers maximum personal safety and comfort.


  • The green pads wear off quickly.
  • Unfortunately, the plastic construction is not durable enough.


MLCS 9167 Safety Push Block

Safety is the most essential aspect that you should never ignore as a woodworker. Besides, it is the best way to provide high-quality work without any risk of injuries. MLCS 9167 is the most effective way to address your safety concerns.

The package contains five pieces. Furthermore, it comes with a lightweight of 2.2 lbs., which makes it easy to handle. You will be able to guide your wood effectively with this model. In fact, the rubber pads design offers you a firm grip to control the feeding.

With the five pieces included in the package, this push block is quite versatile in its applications and compatibility with various saws. You are assured of protection whern using this model, and therefore, you can focus on the project at hand.

The price is not the only impressive part of this block.it also comes with a slender notch-stick to allow ripping of thin pieces of wood. Also, the block is constructed using strong and durable high-grade plastic material. Additionally, its shape allows you to hold your wood securely while keeping your hands at a safe distance


  • The rubber pads offer an amazing grip when cutting.
  • You can use it for various plications and different power tools.
  • It provides maximum hands protection
  • It is made from heavy-duty plastic for longevity.
  • The block is orange in color for visibility.
  • With its lightweight, it is portable and easy to use.


  • The push stick is weak.


Benefits of Using a Router Push Block

As a woodworker using power tools, safety should be your first consideration. It is not an option because it might just save your life. A push block is a must-have tool for any woodworker regardless of their skill level. Not only does it protect your hands and fingers, but it also improves your performance. It is important to know the benefits that you should expect when using the best push block.


Power tools like table saws are dangerous due to their moving parts. The blade can make you lose a finger, hand, or even kill you. With its fast speed, your eyes can not keep up with it, and the blade may injure you. A push block reduces these threats by keeping your hands away from the blade.

Besides, some blocks feature blade guard and are long enough to use without getting too close to the sharp areas. Another important feature that facilitates protection is the color of the push block. They are mainly bright colors for easy visibility.GRR-RIPPER Pushblock

Improving Quality

Since the push blocks protect your fingers and hands from possible injuries, you can finally focus on the work at hand. Not worrying about your safety while working improves your performance, which translates to quality work. The push blocks also eliminate kickbacks that can injure you or damage your material.

Good Control

Another impressive benefit is that the push blocks offers good control of the cutting process.  This is all thanks to their rubber handles that provide the firm and comfortable grip of the feeding material. Besides, the rubber pad under them allows you to hold it in place with minimal effort. This alone reduces the potential threat of injuring yourself.


The push block is one of the most versatile accessories in the market. You can use it in many applications, and it is compatible with various tools. With versatile push blocks, you can use them on routers, table saw, jointers, among others. Meaning that you won’t need to have several push sticks for each tool.

Quality Construction

The main reason for using push blocks is safety. As such, they are made from durable material to protect you from the sharp blades. Besides, the construction materials are durable to provide long service. Although the materials are sturdy and robust, they are lightweight to allow ease of use. When choosing this protection tool, consider the quality of the construction material to ensure it does not compromise your safety. The material should be strong enough to hold the wood down without damaging it.

Adjustable Parts

Many push blocks come with detachable and adjustable pieces. This feature allows you to control its functionality and versatility. Besides, you can adjust it to different angles for comfort and various cuts. With the flexible parts, you can hold it firmly against the fence to get accurate and precise cuts. This improves the quality of your work significantly. Furthermore, some tools with special designs can make clean, thin wood rips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it necessary to remove the blade guard to use the push blocks?

A: Yes, it is. To use the push blocks, you have to take off the blade guard. This provides space to hold your wood firmly while feeding it to the blade.

Q2: Do I need to buy a grab block separately?

A: This depends on the type of mode that you have. However, most push blocks come with their own grab block. In case it doesn’t, you can purchase one that fits with your push block.

Q3: Can I make my own push block?

A: It is best to use tested and approved tools for maximum protection.

Q4: If the rubber soles wear out, can I replace them?

A: Although it may take time for the rubber pads to wear out, they will eventually do depending on the frequency of use. However, you can change them easily by finding suitable ones for your tool.

Q5: Which is the best way to use the push blocks?

A: Most models come with the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the push blocks effectively. You can even be lucky enough to get video instructions. If you don’t know how to use the push blocks, do not attempt to do it.

Q6: Which is the recommended size of the push block legs?

A: This depends on your specific needs. When buying one, consider the size that will cover all your needs. The most common sizes of push blocks are ¼,1/2, and 1/8 inch. There are also advanced models with all three leg sizes.


Final Remarks

As a woodworker, your hands are the most important asset for working. Therefore, you need to protect them at all times. Push blocks are effective key accessories to have in your workshop. It will provide you with clean, accurate cuts, but importantly, it ensures your safety while working.

Its objective is to make your work easy without exposing your hands to potential injuries. We hope that our review has provided in-depth knowledge to help you choose the best push block for your needs. We have also provided various models with their strengths and weaknesses to show you what to consider while buying a push block.

Our best choice is GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock. Although it is on the pricier side, it is worth every coin with its protection and high-grade cuts. Besides, the package comes with five pieces.

However, if you are on a tight budget, GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock is an excellent option. It is affordable and will still get the job done effectively. You don’t have to break the bank to get the best push block in the market. Instead, you should consider construction material, compatibility, features, and design to determine the functionality of the push block.