How To Install Soft Close Hinges

Every homeowner will appreciate the addition of soft close hinges on their cabinet doors. We put up a guide that will help any DIYer learn how to install soft close hinges which stopped working or a totally new set. You will need anywhere between three hours to eight hours to complete this project depending on your experience.

Before we dive into the step by step guide, here is a list of the tools you will need.

  1. A power drill
  2. Best soft close hinges
  3. A drill bit
  4. A rubber mallet


6 Steps on How To Install Soft Close Hinges on Cabinet Doors

Step 1 : Dismantle The Old Cabinet Hinges

Identify all the hinges used on the door and the type of screws and nails used to fasten them. In most cases you will find the small wood screws. You can remove the screws using the convectional hand screw driver or the power drill.

Once you remove the screws, you can detach the old hinges from the door easily.


Step 2: Use the drill bit to Drill a 32mm Hole

Check carefully to ensure that there are no holes that had been drilled earlier. Drilling many holes on a single door will create weak points.

If the door had concealed hinges previously, there are chances that the holes had already been drilled hence you just need to drill slightly to the recommended depth

Step 3: Fix the soft close Cabinet Hinge on the Door

After removing the old hinges, ensure all the screws are detached and kept safely. Make sure all the holes are drilled to the right depth. The next thing is to install your new soft close hinges.

Drop the hinge in the hole, this should be pretty easy with a well drilled hole. The hinge will slide comfortably or with slight pressing by hand. For stubborn hinges, use a rubber mallet to tap it into place. If this doesn’t work then the hole is not drilled as per the hinge requirement.

Finally make sure the hinge fits and flushes with the cabinet door top and fasten it. Use the small wood screws provided with the hinges to fasten the hinge.

Step 4 : Fix the Mounting Plate Clip-On

This step involves installing a mounting plate directly on the cabinet. The mounting plate is fixed directly on the frames face.

The name “clip-on” mounting plate is derived from the fact that the cabinet door clips onto the mounting plate after its installation. It makes the job very easy compared to the traditional hinges where you hold the cabinet door in place for long as you fasten the hinge to the cabinet.

For the best results use the old hinges screw holes to get the right position for the mounting plate on the  cabinet frame. Guru Tip –“ Pre-drill the holes with a 5/64” or 3/32” drill bit before fastening the mounting plate”. This prevents cracking and breaking of the frames.


Step 5: Jerk the Clip Hinges In the Mounting Plates

Congratulations for coming this far! This is an exciting step and it very satisfying. Simply hold one of the soft close hinges with one hand and the cabinet door with the other. If the cabinet door is large, you can get another person to help you with the fixing. Once the soft close hinge gets on the mounting plate, slide it in then push it for a tight clip.

Ensure the hinges line up perfectly on the mounting plates. If there is a problem with the alignment, loosen the screws on one or both hinges and adjust to fit. For perfectly aligned hinges, clipping is very easy. It is also very easy to remove the doors for cleaning.

Step 6: Test the Cabinet Door

This is the final step. Test to make sure your new soft close cabinet doors are working perfectly. Now it’s time to enjoy your new found happiness.

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6 Expert Tips on How To Fix Soft Close Hinges.

  1. Buy high quality hinges to get a great user experience, cheap hinges might disappoint you in the long run.
  2. Ensure you wear your personal protective gear before you start working.
  3. Ensure you observe safe practices when handling the power tools.
  4. Be keen when buying your hinges to get the best style that is compatible with your cabinets.
  5. Invest in the right tools and get precise measurements. This will ensure your doors work perfectly and line up properly with the cabinets.
  6. Do not over-tighten the wood screws as it will give you a hard time as you deal with stripped screws.