Best Welding Shirts Reviews and Buying Guide

Choosing a shirt to wear maybe a simple day to day activity, but not for a welder. It is no brainer that welding is a dangerous activity. It not only involves harmful fumes from the materials welded, but also heat and sparks which can cause you injuries. Therefore, it is important that you do not … Read more

Best Top Handle Chainsaw

Once upon a time chainsaws were reserved for lumberjacks. Unlike back then, today anyone can own and operate a chainsaw. Many wood workers like the flexibility that comes with top handle chainsaws. The fact that they have a handle at the top makes them easy to handle and control. If you want to climb a … Read more

How to Dry Shoes Overnight: 7 Easy Hacks That Work.

how to dry shoes

How to dry shoes overnight is a common question asked by many. No one can deny that wearing wet shoes is unpleasant. Just the thought of it disgusts you, doesn’t it? While stepping in a muddy puddle or rain maybe a nightmare to you, wetness in the shoes may cause some adverse effects. The effects … Read more

Best Manual Pole Saws Reviews

What do an arborist and a bow hunter have in common? They are worlds apart; you might say. With nothing particular in common. However, the truth is; they both gravitate around trees at one point along their line of duty. This is what breeds the point of convergence as they both require a pole saw. … Read more

Best Tile Saws

Are you a  professional contractor or a novice tiler planning to remodel your backsplash, bathroom or kitchen? If you either of the two you will certainly require a tile saw and that is where we come in; to help you identify a tile saw that will precisely match your requirements and budget. While tiling, everyone … Read more

Best Concrete Saw Reviews and Buyers Guide

Concrete saws come in handy for workmen working in the construction industry. They give higher performances and are tough hence it’s a priority when targeting accuracy. They equally are versatile. This makes it easy to cut through different materials of construction at the shortest time possible. The best concrete saws can work on bricks, tiles, … Read more

Best Table Saw Fence Reviews

When woodworking whether professionally or as a homeowner, having an effective table saw is a must for a quality and accurate wood work. A good table saw should improve productivity and should also be safe to work with. It is annoying to feed a board through a table saw only for it to get off … Read more

Electric vs. Gas Chainsaws – Which is Best for Your Needs?

Introduction You may be pondering on buying your first chainsaw. Before you buy, it’s essential to have in mind the type of project you will be using it for and if you have experience in tool maintenance. There has been a lot of advancements in cutting tools, and the best tool is one that will … Read more

How to Make a Table Saw Fence

If your table saw requires a fence then it’s easy to construct one that will enable you to cut wood with efficiency. The best thing about this model is that there is no room for sawdust to wedge into and it occupies less space on the table. Most tables saw come with fences that do … Read more

How To Measure A Chainsaw Bar.

Oiling and cleaning your chainsaw bar will make it operate efficiently as long as all its parts are in line and properly fit. How long the chain of a chainsaw is, is determined by the measurement of the bar of the saw. It is important to note that a chain that is over- sized will … Read more