How to Install an Exterior Sliding Barn Door

Doors not only offer the privacy of an enclosed space but also come with great aesthetic value. Dumping the traditional switch door for the sliding barn door will be a great addition to your house. The good part is that you can do it yourself, here is how: Step by Step Process of Installing an … Read more

Door Handle Height. Standard Doorknob Height on a Door

Since their invention in 1878, doorknobs and handles are now a permanent feature on every door, both outdoors and indoors. However, when it comes to standard. Different countries have their standard on the height of placing the doorknob. Typical Door Handle Height The typical door handle height varies due to a lot of factors. These … Read more

What’s The Standard Ceiling Height?

What is the standard ceiling height? This is one smart question that you should ask when planning your home building project. People often think about the square footage but tend to forget that the ceiling also defines the spaciousness of a house. While the low ceiling gives a sense of coziness and calm, they can … Read more

Best Machinist Tool Box

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Best Welding Gloves in The Market

As a welder, the most essential factor to consider is your safety. When you spend a lot of your time welding, numerous risks come your way. For starters, your hands are always exposed to the UV radiation and up to 10,000 degrees of molten metal. As a result, burns are the most common injury among … Read more

Best Welding Pants

Welding is very fulfilling whether done as a job or even when practiced as a hobby, it involves creation. Bringing new structures into being Welding beginners and professionals sometimes go through a rough time trying to select a welding pant. One which is affordable, fashionable and of good quality. A pant that fits you, matches … Read more

Best Welding Shirts Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best Top Handle Chainsaw

Once upon a time chainsaws were reserved for lumberjacks. Unlike back then, today anyone can own and operate a chainsaw. Many wood workers like the flexibility that comes with top handle chainsaws. The fact that they have a handle at the top makes them easy to handle and control. If you want to climb a … Read more

Best Tile Saws

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Best Concrete Saw Reviews and Buyers Guide

Concrete saws come in handy for workmen working in the construction industry. They give higher performances and are tough hence it’s a priority when targeting accuracy. They equally are versatile. This makes it easy to cut through different materials of construction at the shortest time possible. The best concrete saws can work on bricks, tiles, … Read more